It has been long day. I am really tired, I can barely keep my eyes open and for some reason my body was restless with desire. Just an hour left until I am finished and I can go home.

The way he kissed me when I left this morning was like he needed me, no. He wanted me, he didn’t want me to leave. I knew that look he wanted to stay in and have a day to ourselves, and maybe we should have.

Right now all I know is that I need him right now, I need too feel his big body towering over me, filling all the space around me. I need to be taken, overpowered right now, like we’re wild teenagers trying it for the first time. My legs shutter.

Just an hour, my skin was begging to be touched, its not like I’ve been starved. But there’s little passion left for us between our busy lives. It’s all so vague and redundant, still my lips tingled with loneliness, I feel imprints of his hands all over my body in all the places I want to be touched right now. I just need to feel like a woman tonight.

I’m slightly out of breath, I squeeze my legs together hoping it will ease the frustration in any way, all it does is make me want to move more. No matter how tired I am tonight is for us, no one is going to sleep until we are both numbed from the brain down.

Just an hour left…

As I’m parking I feel my hands shaking, just little tremors as I turn the steering wheel, pulling in backwards. He’s not even home yet. Why am I such a mess? Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve barely touched one another in the last four months. All work no play. Sometimes being an adult sucks, and not in the way that I like to.

I make my way upstairs to the shower, it’s funny how fast clothes can fly off. Making light thuds as the hit the floor. Office clothes are so boring.

I slam the glass door shut really hard with over anticipation. The lazy pipes screech as I turn on the hot water all the way, just a little cold. Tilting my head back, as I let the water saturate my long brown hair, making it heavy, falling to the side. The first few droplets make their way down my neck. Beading down. Making its way down my chest to my wide hips. It’s always been his favorite part of my body. My hands are against the wall and I’m just standing there in fascination as the water streams down every curve following it perfectly. I’ve never understood his obsession with me, I mean I have a pretty face but I’ve never cared for being chubby or plus size whatever the hell people would call me. Yet he loves my thickness and matches it perfectly with his muscularity. He loves it when I’m wet and there’s so much soap on me that one wrong move and we’re slipping all over the place. He’d love to be in here with me right now.

I was rubbing the body wash all over, my hands cup my soapy breasts, pushing them up and letting them fall, the palms of my hands sliding over my nipples. I just made my own legs weak for a second, I forgot what it was like to explore yourself, be in charge of your own pleasure. I played with them for a few more minutes, I get why guys would find this fun. I felt the urge to do something that I haven’t done in a really long time. My left hand braced the shower wall. My right hand made its way down to the curve of my lips spreading them apart. Oh he’s all mine tonight I said out loud. My hips jumped with shock, back slightly arching at the same time. A sigh of relief left my mouth followed by an aggressive moan. I don’t ever remember being this sensitive.

My hips meet my hand with every slide. Between the steam and the unexpected intensity I gasp for air, my head drops, resting it on the wall next to my other hand. I’m so loud, my voice shutters as I speed up, I’m almost there, and I’m almost there. I dive my two fingers inside my aching pussy letting out a whimpering wale, falling against the wall for a few seconds. I am shaking so much, trying to catch my breath. Almost there… My warm hot cum floods my cupped hand, oh he’s mine tonight…

I stare at myself in the mirror for a few minutes. Noticing every wrinkle and mark, looking at myself in a full 360. I grab my eyeliner out of my makeup bag because tonight I’m dressing myself up for him, fuck what feminists say he’s my husband and I will be his little sex doll tonight. What’s wrong with being an object of sexual desire? Catching a glimpse of my own emerald eyes, they really pop with the darkness of the eyeliner and the creamy milk color of my skin “I’ve still got it” I grab my favorite dark purple lipstick, oh yeah this is my color. I’m feeling dark and dangerous tonight, my lips looking like fresh ripe plums as I purse them, they are waiting to be bitten and savored like the fruit that I am.

I open my drawer reaching underneath a pile of shirts, I kept this hidden for a special occasion. I pull out the plum purple lace corset with garter belt and knee high socks to match my sugarplum colored lipstick of course.

I lay on my back lifting my legs up in the air all lady like and elegant taking my time to glide the nylons down, the garter belt following suit. I have to arch my back and suck in my stomach to try and hook this corset up and it isn’t easy. It hugs my wide hips perfectly, my breasts barely fit inside the cups but they’re firmly squished into place exposing a mountain of cleavage. My nipple’s just a peek a boo away. This will set him over the edge its always made him cum uncontrollably when I hold his head down right in between them. He likes feeling them bounce and jiggle against his head, loves to smell my perfume mixed in with sweat of sex.

I stood there and posed, saying sexy things out loud. I feel strong and confidently young, I know I’m sexy. I take a picture of just my lips with my tongue sticking out and text it him “Oh baby I think I need you to hold my hair back for me, my mouth is waiting for you and I’m already drooling so I’m begging you, please hurry up and get home” This will throw him off, we never really sent one another sexy text messages either wow we are boring. I need to be punished really badly tonight but first I’m going to tease the hell out of him.

I spray his favorite perfume on my neck; it has a very sweet smell like cotton candy. Time to straighten my hair now.

I hear the front door open. From the bottom of the stairs he calls out my name “Zenith?” I said nothing, making my way to the first step I put my foot down loud enough for him to hear the clang of the heel on the wood. I walk down step by step with one leg in front of the other slowly, letting my hand loosely grip the rail. Stopping, halfway to let him take in the view.

He said nothing as I made my way down the other half. He just clenched his big jaw and stared at me like he was hungry. He was already really hard, it’s impossible to hide with thin dress pants. He was hard since he left work.

I stand in front of him, his breathing is already heavy. This was the reaction that I wanted. I bite my bottom lip and give him the “Innocent eyes,” then grabbed his red silk tie and slung it over my shoulder as I turned around and tugged on it gently “Follow me Mr. Thomas. There is no touching until I say, there is no speaking until I say” I wanted to give him the pleasure of watching my ass as I led him across the house into the living room.

Leading him right in front of the living room chair. I watched his muscular neck swallow a breath of air. He’s not use to commands like this. I brought my self as close to him as possible without touch him, my breath was in his ear, “remember what I said, no touching or speaking until I tell you to.” He nods his head.

I kiss the side of his face as I undo the first button, I kiss around his lips barely touching them. I give him that “Innocent, what did I do?” Stare as I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt making sure I tickle him in the way down. He’s trying so hard not to move.

I unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to his ankles. “Take them off and your shoes to,” he does as I say, kicking them aside. I rub his abs all the way up to his chest before slipping off his shirt. I lick him from the nape of his neck to his ear while tugging at his boxer line. “Take those off to” and once again he obeys. I can get use to this.

Grabbing his dick with my both hands giving it a nice hard squeeze. I got on my knees and slid it all the way in my mouth down my throat, my lips touching his balls, he lets out manly grunt then I pull it out, “not right now. You will have to be a good boy and wait, now sit down.”

I lay down and the living room coffee table facing the chair. Arching my back and crossing my legs together, watching him watch me as I start to rub my legs, opening them wide, bringing the heels to my butt “I know this is what you want to see.”

His eyes grew wide as I rubbed the inside of my thighs. “You like this don’t you Mr. Thomas” Letting out a loud moan, for effect, when my hand moves over my wet hole sliding two fingers in, my hips met the movement of my fingers, my other hand rubbing my clit forcefully. I moan louder, I keep going keeping his gaze. I moan louder “Mr. Thomas, oh Mr. Thomas tell me not to stop, tell me that you want me to cum right now.”  He doesn’t say a word and just sits there watching my legs shutter and my eyes stay focused on his toned muscular body. “Oh ya there it is baby, I tighten around my fingers as warm honey drips from me, he’s so damn hard it must hurt.

I stand up, tell him to stand up and get on his knees. I put my right leg over his shoulder holding my self up with my left. I grab a handful of his brown curly hair and tell him to “lick this pussy like a real man” and I forced his head into right into my wetness burying his lips and nose. The scruff of his face tingles the inside of my lips as he take the first taste, so drenched you can hear him squishing around his tongue under muffled breaths.

I’m holding his hair really hard, he just started and my legs started to shake in uncontrollable tremors, flooding his face with rewards of exquisite tongue play, drowning his mouth

Moaning and howling a multitude of noises that I’ve never heard myself make before. “That’s is Mr. Thomas, don’t stop until I tell you to, my lungs panic for air, not sure whether to stop or slow down, trying to control myself which I do none of.

No! I’m hungry, selfish in this moment. I’m still coming. Grabbing on to the scruff of his hair even harder in a violent fit of overwhelming ecstasy. My leg tightens around his broad shoulder, pushing his beautiful head into my deepening thrusts, pushing into warm breaths.

This is my pleasure, and I’m taking it for myself, his face hot and sticky with me. I’m not stopping instead I’m growing wild, dropping myself forward still attached to his has. I’m weak but drunk with lust.

My moaning turns into almost yelling. “That’s it don’t stop, please don’t stop” my voice whimpered as it begged. My whole body is going weak; I can barely mumble anything audible. “I’m right there” my leg tightened around his big sexy shoulder again. My face is contorted in pure pleasure; I cry out his name, I push into him so desperately. Feeling my warm secretions of a happy woman, dripping down his strong jaw line to the nape his neck and down his chest. I am panting and unable to move.

He looked up at me and said “I know exactly what you need now.” Picking me up in his arms, he walks me up the stairs, my weak body cradled in his. He lays me down on my stomach.