I leaned against the shower wall for a few moments before turning it on. I don’t know what it worse, being so numb and and shocked with pain that you have no feeling. Or having all of your extremities screaming, pulsing. Hurting to open air. Then again I did asked for this, I didn’t have to fuck Katie but I knew Zenith really wanted me to.

I turned the cold water on. The nob was always tight. The lazy pipe screeched open, it took avoid twenty seconds for the water to come out. And fuck was it cold, dripping down my tender skin and freshly beaten bottom.

I leaned on the cold tiles. The hurt is so good, cold numbing my body. And I’ll stay in here until Zenith comes as get me as she’s said.

“Did you have fun?”
“Did you enjoy fucking my man?”
“Don’t forget that you are my little fuck toy tonight just as much as he was. So answer me!”
“Yes Zenith I did.”
“And how was it?”
“It was amazing. He is so big and thick, you are lucky to have such a man.”

Zenith giggled out of cockiness.

“I know. Maybe after I’m done with you I’ll let him cum inside you. He has been a really good boy. He deserves a treat”

I watched her lay in the bed with her legs spread open still weak from cumming.

“Plus if you think he felt good now wait until he fills you up.”

“What are you going to do to me.” Katie asked with wonder and excitement.
“Well I know he’s a good man and a really good fuck but sometimes it takes a woman to make you feel like a real woman again.”

She looked so helpless laying there with her legs still shaking, panting so pitifully and lust drunk. Seeing anyone in such a vulnerable state really makes me wet.
Her plump lips flushed with blood, oh what a little beautiful kitten she is. Soft and needy and ready to be pet by anyone. At this point I was still dressed in my simple skirt and heels.

“Do you have much experience with girls?”

“No Zenith I don’t. There was this one time but there wasn’t really much that happened.”

I walked over to her and crawled on the bed. I was holding myself over her right between her legs. I watched her begging pleading face, her cheeks flushed aswell with big brown eyes that begged me. Honestly I think she just wants as much as she can get now. You know that point where you’re so sedated with pleasure that you become selfish and take as much as you can get. That was her now.

I leaned in close to her ear and I whispered. “Don’t worry little kitten I’ll play nice with you.”

“For the first time anyway!”
Then I plunged my tongue deep In her mouth.

In surprise Katie’s whole body jerked followed by a little moan of approval. Is it normal that someone’s saliva is this sweet? Every part of her body tried to twitch in a different direction as I sucked on her tongue. She was loving every second of this. For about ten minutes we made out like high-school girls experiencing our first girl on girl experience.

Katie broke the hold of her hands on my face. And for someone who isn’t too experienced she sure managed to find the little zipper on the back of my skirt. Ripping it down and yanking my skirt of my hips with an almost man-like aggression. Taking it down as far as she could, me kicking off the rest.

Then my shirt and bra, I don’t think Thomas has ever even undressed me this fast. What a dirty little lesbian slut she is.
Katie pulled me down to her so that we were close enough that our tits were squished against each-others. I must say it’s nice to feel a full breasted woman squished against me. I bet this is how Thomas feels when he asks me to smother him with them. Oh he would be so hard right now. The thought of the excitement in his eyes just made me even more wet. Which I didn’t think was possible.
She kept kissing me aggressively. The way I was positioned on top of her was perfect. Both of our swollen clits were touching. All that was needed was a light little thrust to send the sensation all through my body. It was so intense, I don’t know if It’s because I’ve had a deeper sexual attraction to her than I thought or maybe it’s the taboo of it all. Maybe it’s because this is what my man has been begging me for.

Katie’s moans made my ears ring a little. She had her nails digging into my round plump ass, her legs wrapped around the back of my thighs. Pushing me onto her, harder and faster.

One of my hands holding the back of her head the other on her waist.
“Zenith this feels so fucking good!”
She moaned while trying to catch her breath.
“I want to be a good little kitten for you.”
“Oh please, can cum now?” She asked in whiny tone.
“You don’t have to ask me to cum. You just go when you need to sexy.”
“Thank you Zenith!!”
“Ohhhhh I’m going to cum for you Zenith!”
“Then stop talking about it and give it to me you fucking slut.”

And did she ever. The eagerness and force that her juices mingled with my own. Made me feel so powerful and alive, more so than usual. So I started thrust just as aggressively. She was so overly sensitive she started screaming. It was a lot of pleasure to take at once. Sensory overload.

Then I came. And I am a heavy squirter. Marking my territory on my new play thing.Not one of us stopped. There was so much fluid between our pelvises and stomachs that had she not had her legs wrapped around me. We probably would have slipped off one another. And we continued until we had a few good orgasms between us.

I let myself fall on her. Giving her a nice passionate kiss, our chest pounding together. I caught my breath faster than Katie did. After a few minutes of taking a breather and caressing each-other lightly I asked her.
“Have you ever tasted a woman before.” Katie just shook her head no.
“Well take a good breath now because I’m going to sit on your face. You’re going to taste my cum.”

I got up and over her face. I want to see her eyes as I hump the shit out of her head. I placed myself down on her mouth. Wiggling myself, making circles with my hips. I want to get my juices all over her face. She darted her rosy tongue out between my closed shaved lips. I heard a muffled “mmmh” come from her.

And I just started moving my hips back and forth using the beds headboard for balance.

“It feels like I’ve been standing under this cold water for quite a while now. I’m kinda sleepy too.  I guess I should attempt to wash myself. Everything still burn. This was the most intensive spanking I have ever received. Yet with all this pain I am still hard as hell it seems nothing gets him down.”

Fuck this feels amazing. It funny how an amateur who is inexperienced can tango with the best. The headboard made a loud crashing sound with each thrust on her slutty little face.
But I can’t take it anymore I want to taste her too.

I turn around and shoved my face right in her pussy. Sucking on her clit, she cried out loud, she cried out loud for me.

“Oh fuck Zenith.”
“Oh fuck.”
“Please don’t stop.”
I felt Katie tongue back between my lips.
Doing the length of my pussy, even touching my asshole. I had told her to come have a girls night with me. That we would have a lot of fun tonight.

After several more orgasms I lied myself down next to Katie. I started to pet her pretty little head.
“I am not finished with you. You are not done giving me all your orgasms.”
“What I want you to do right now kitten. Is to go join Thomas in the shower. Make the water nice and hot and kiss him. Let him taste me in your mouth.”
“You are going to suck his dick, then you are going to let him fuck you. But don’t let him cum inside you. When you feel you’ve had as much as you can take. Bring him back in here.
“Yes Zenith.”
I want her cute little ass walk away. Her legs were wobbling she could barely stand up. I heard her open the door to the bathroom and shut it.And I started to finger myself.

This room smells like candy perfume, spilled wine and pussy now.