I don’t know why, but I felt nervous walking to the bathroom. I mean I just slept with my closest friend and her boyfriend so why on earth would I feel nervous?

Then again I’ve never been told by any girl to go fuck her boyfriend that’s in the shower while she masterbated. So all norm’s are pretty much out the window now.
I opened the door and took my first step in. Even the air in here felt cold enough that you know he was in here for along time.
I see him through the sliding glass door clear as day. Leaning up against the wall and back to the gentle mist of water. He didn’t even hear me come in.

So I stood here for a minute taking in the sight. I had always thought he was handsome, and now he’s standaning name and wet.

It’s the first time I have ever noticed he has a very wide back with a thick neck between his shoulders. Very toned and thick thighs with powerful calves to match. And his ass! He has such a nice masculine ass which is probably where all that pounding force comes from. She always told me how nice his ass was. Now I see it for myself.

Jesus Christ I’m wet again. I bit my bottom lip a little too hard in excitement. I took the few steps to the door and slid it open as quietly as possible then closing it.
“Zenith?” He called out.
“Are you in here?” He asked even louder.

I walked right in to the cold water. Holy fuck did that wake me up. I turned the hot water nob about halfway.

And put my hands on his back. I’ve never seen a man jump like that before. It took only a few seconds for it to get warm and steam to fill around us.
“It’s Katie.” I tried to say it as sweet and seductively as I could.

“I was sent in her to wash you and rub you down. And have you fuck me until I have had enough. Then I have to bring you back to your master. There is no cumming inside me.”
“Okay.” He said with exhaustion.

I stepped closer and rubbed my hands on his back. Trailing off to his side’s and working my way back up to the back of his neck. Thomas let out a very cute man moan.  I kind of awkwardly giggled.
“So do you like that?”
“Yes of course I do, why wouldn’t I?”
“Just making sure.” I giggled again.
I trailed my hands slowly down his back again to his sore painfully red ass. He gasped and jumped again.

“I’m so sorry does that hurt?”
“Yes it does but it feels good please don’t stop.”
“It’s funny how it it stings more after the fact than it does when it’s being done. But she must be happy with me. She sent her in here alone. What a woman I’ve got.”
I did what he asked. There was something about the way he asked me that made me even more wet. Something about a man begging for a woman’s touch.

I bent over and picked up a body-wash that was on one of the shelves. I just squeezed a hell of a lot on him. And I got to washing his arms, mmh his arms. His neck and back.

I spent a little more time on his thighs and butt. Massaging as I rub, he sounded like a happy bear. It really got my going to feel his legs and then the way he moaned out of pleasure just set me off.
I pushed myself close to him. My tits stuck between his back. I started to wash his chest and stomach. He tilted his head back and let out another sigh.

My hand just kept working their way down, my hand engrossed the thickness of his dick. I just held it, squeezed it, took the time to appreciate the size. The I place on hand on his big balls that were full of cum, just waiting to be released. Stroking him very slowly with the other. Listening to his man moans, it was nice because a lot of guys are to afraid to many noise.  I can’t wait to let him fuck me again and   that thing Zenith said about. “Just wait until he fills you up.” Had me even hornier.
I turned him around and got on my knees. Taking him into my mouth. Fuck he’s a lot of man. My hair was wet and I’m pretty sure my mascara was running. I went as deep as I could get him. I kept my eyes open, I needed to look up at him to make sure I was making him feel good. I guess I’m doing a good job because his eyes are closed and he’s bracing himself against the door.
I saw him look down at me with nothing but pleasure in his eyes. Watching the water roll down my neck and between my tits.

I stoop up and shoved his head right between them. He let out another sigh.

“Suck on them, I heard this was your favorite thing to do.”
I was trying to sound as strict and demanding as Zenith. My eyes rolled in the back of my head. I’ve never had a man suck on them like this. Like an over-sized hungry infant. Taking as much as he can into his mouth. Like he’s trying to get out every last drop of milk.
I turned around and bent over. As I did I caught a glimpse of Zenith through the foggy door. She gave me a nod and started rubbing herself. Thomas was way too excited to notice.
“Give it to me.”
“Come on big boy give it to me.” There’s just something about calling a man ( big boy ) that just brings out the animal in him.
“Please put it inside me.”
My eyes rolled in the back of my head again. It took him less than a second to find the hole and jam all his thickness inside me with one hard thrust.

He placed his arms around my stomach, I guess for a better grip. After l we were all set and soapy. He gave me every thing he had. Power, force, hunger with no signs of slowing down.
“Fuck you feel so good.”
“That’s right big boy give it to me.”
“Give me everything you have.”
His bear like groans were so fucking hot.

The sound of our wet bodies slapping together.  Oh god I’m going to cum again.
“Please big boy don’t stop, I’m going to cum.”
“Don’t disappoint me.” He didn’t say anything, he just kept fucking.
Once again I let loose all over him.
And he just went faster and harder. Then all of a sudden he stopped for a second. And I felt his dick pulsing. And there it was, filling me up with two weeks if denied orgasms. It felt like a lot. The way he moaned when he let it all out inside me made me cum again.
Then the shower door opened.

“I was watching the whole time Thomas.”
“Did you just cum inside her?”
“Yes Zenith I am so sorry I will take whatever punishments you decide to give me.”
“There is no punishment, I knew you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself. Do you think I would have sent her in there if you could?
“No this was your treat for being such a good boy to me the last little while.”
“Thank you Zenith.”
Zenith looked at me bent over, her man still inside me. I’m weak in the face.
“So what did I tell you? How good did it feel to have him fill you up?.”
“It was as amazing as you said.”

She reached over and turned the water.
“Thomas pull yourself out of her now, you are done.”
“Yes Zenith.”
“Katie do you feel I leaking out of you now.”
“Yes I do.” She said with the tone of a satisfied woman.
“That’s what little sluts feel like after they’ve been used.”
“Now Thomas you are going to lick up every drop that leaks out of that dirty little slut pussy.”
“Anything you wish Zenith.”
“And when your both done meet me back in the bedroom.” Zenith walked away.

Thomas got to work licking his cum that dripped out of me. Flicking his tongue on my sensitive clit. He did that until I had another orgasm.
“Let’s go, Zenith is waiting for us. I don’t think we should keep her waiting.”

We both stepped out and reached for a towel.