So lately Zenith and I have been talking quite a lot about threesomes.
While we were fucking we would often pick a friend of mine or hers
. And talk about how we would ravage that person in front of the other. How we would ruin them for other people.

Giving our friends the best orgasm of the life, and then never doing them again.
The ultimate memory, am I right?

The fantasy was one would watch the other, but the other was not allowed to join in.
It was strictly a voyeur experience. We would have to sit there watching in jealousy, burning with passion.
I feel like every one can feel jealousy at some point or another. But it all depends on what you do with it that counts.

One night I get home to find Zenith sitting on the sectional sofa with Katie. We had not seen her in a while and often when Zenith told me to tell her how I would fuck her friend. It was her I would describe all my fantasies about.

Katie was wearing a nice purple low-cut top. It was the first thing I noticed, after her tits of course.
Then the glasses of wine on the table. They must have been about two or three glasses in already.
By the shy look on her face I felt like I had just walk in when the conversation was getting really heated.
I know Zenith shares every detail of our sex life. And I truly did not mind, I am a Beast in the bedroom.

I got an innocent.
“Hey you, where have you been. We have been drinking all alone this whole time”
“Sorry” I said sarcastically.
“It must be hard drinking all that wine to yourself!”
“That’s right! We need a big boy to help us”

She giggled like a little girl. As she was laughing her tits bounced, the crest of her cleavage was glowing.
That’s the sight of a woman who had showered not too long ago. All clean and fresh, possibly ripe for the taking.
Then I caught Zenith’s glance. She had could me staring, I thought for sure she would have been mad.
But no she gave a little nibble to her lower lip. And kept my stare for a few seconds.

I felt my dick jump a bit to the left.  Is she planning something?
I mean I’ve always been down for it, and we’ve only talked about it while we were fucking.
Never anything serious, no I thought. She would have told me if she had any ideas.

I sit in between my gorgeous busty wife and her top heavy friend.
Grab an empty glass that was on the living room table, pour myself some of this good Savignon Blanc.
I watch it make waves as I fill it up to a little more than half.

As the night goes on. The air in the room is swirls of wine mixed with intoxicating perfume.
Two different sets that were equally seductive.

Since the way we were sitting on the L-shaped sofa, every time Katie would laugh my eyes wondered to her tits.
I couldn’t help myself. The drunker I got, the more I drooled over them.

Zenith places her hand on my thigh and gives it a nice squeeze and says out loud.
“you’re looking at her tits again why don’t you just touch them.”
Katie’s face went red. But not of shyness, more like a siren call, as in yes please, touch me.
I was shocked at the moment so I said.
“I wasn’t looking. “

“You are lying” Zenith said.
“Is she not pretty? Does she not have suckable tits? Dick sucking lips?”
At this point had I of said no I wouldn’t only be lying but I may also make her feel insecure.
“You cannot lie. You have been looking at her. You want to fuck her, hell the other night I made you whisper in my ear how you would make her feel like a woman again.”
“So do you want to try that again?”
“Do you want to touch her tits”

“Yes I do”
“I think you have made a mistake. Its Yes Queen”
“Yes my Queen I said cowardly”
I’m used to calling her thought but not in front of others,
I burned with embarrassment and excitement.
“Yes my Queen. I would like to play with her tits”
“No, no, no you idiot do not look at me. Look her in the eyes while you say it. Go on I will wait”

I stood there and looked Katie dead in her eyes.
“Yes my Queen, I would like to play with her tits. I would like to suck them as I do to yours”
Katie blushed and squished her thighs together.
“You see that you little man slut. That wasn’t so hard, by the looks of this slut I think she liked your compliment.”

“Keep looking into her eyes”
“Tell her man slut, what is the thing you are most looking forward to doing with her.”
“Wait don’t tell me you sick fuck, you probably want her on top of you.”
“And while she is riding you to smother you with those tits, just like I do.”
“You want to have them force fed to you so squished up against your face you cannot breathe. Like a giant breastfeeding fucking baby.”

“Yes my Queen.”

“you know what? Get naked right now! And don’t lose her stare.”
So I did as I was told. I stripped naked.

Zenith grabbed a glass of wine and threw it at her. Within seconds the fruity wine attacked her shirt. It just draped over her tits so perfectly.

 “Go over there and suck it all off of her”

I did not disobey because I truthfully wanted this. I got on my knees, I placed my hand on her thighs and I went in. Aggressively putting my face in between. Her tits were sopping wet with wine. I made sure that I licked it dry. Zenith told Katie to get up.

I watched impatiently as she lifted up her now defiled shirt ever so slowly. Lifting up the bits clinging to her skin. She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to her ankles and kicked them to the side.

She pinched her cheeks and licked her face. As to say you are my bitch too.

Zenith looks at me and says.
“You want to fuck her, I know you do. And I really want to see this happen.”
“But as much as I would find this pleasing, I am also a jealous girl.”
“So if you’re going to please me and fuck her like I tell you to, like I know you want to.”
“Then you will have to face the punishment of being whipped. I will whip you constantly on each side of your ass for as long as you are fucking her.”
“The harder and faster you go, the louder she moans and screams. The harder I whip you.”
“Does that all sound worth it to you, does fucking this busty little seductress make up for all that pain? And keep in mind that if you do not fuck her like I ask instead I will fuck her. And you can just have the punishment and pain.”

“I will fuck her Mistress Zenith. I will take all the pain.” I said in excitement and fear.

“Good because you didn’t really have a say in the matter, now follow us to the bedroom on all fours.”

And like a good little slave boy I got on all fours. Zenith leading and Katie’s ass just a kiss away.
They stopped at the edge of the bed and I did just that I kissed her ass.
Zenith smacked me in the face.
“None of that, I didn’t tell you to do that. This is strictly business, in and out. Trading pain for pleasure.”
“Do you understand me?”
“Yes Mistress Zenith I do.” But fuck I just wanted to kiss it again.

There was complete silence as Zenith walked to our drawer to take out our little whip.
She looked at me with fire in her eyes and then just asked.

She had Katie lay in the middle of the bed. She stacked up a bunch of pillows for her so she was at a bit of an angle.
She spread her legs for her, exposing her bare shaved pussy to me.  It looks so juicy, like I could wet my whole face with it and splash around all night in. I look up pitifully at Zenith and ask.
“May I taste it please?”
She Smacked me on the left side of my face this time.

“No you may not taste her. Not today, maybe some other time. Just get on the bed now! Put her legs over your shoulders and just slide yourself in. But don’t you fucking dare move! Until I say otherwise.”

“Yes Mistress Zenith.”
So I did just that. I crawled in between her legs putting her legs of my shoulders.
I grabbed her hips and I slid myself inside. I’ve fucked Zenith enough that I can get myself in with no hands.
She let out a gasp, my eyes rolled in the back of my head as her tight pussy encased my cock.  That moment of joy after it first slides in, there is nothing comparable. She feels good and I fill her up nicely, but there is only one Zenith.
Since I was told that I wasn’t allowed to move until permitted. I just stared into Katie’s eyes which were displaying the same emotions. Lust, hunger, shame, fear, excitement and for fuck sakes just wanting to cum all ready.

I hear Zenith take a step.
Normally I am too drunk with her perfume and the desire to please her that almost everything in the background just fades away. But there is something about being watched, put on display. Having to put on a show for your lover while giving this woman she is letting me sample, the orgasms she was promised. Something about all of that, that makes you aware of every little sound, noise and breath.

I heard the sound of the tassel whip cutting through the air followed by the loud smacking sound it made when it came into contact with my left ass-cheek. My dick jumped, my face tingled. This was the first strike and she did not hold back, I am in for a world of hurting tonight.

“Now start moving in and out slowly, while keeping eye contact. ”
She was very adamant about making us feel as shameful and vulnerable as possible.
I must have teased Katie like this for about fifteen minutes. Her favorite thing is to see the desperation in my eyes, I guess with her it is no different.
And for each gentle stroke I gave Katie I received gentled alternating swats on my bottom, as she let out whimpering little moans. The kind that your woman usually makes when she’s at that point where she’s fed up of being teased and ready to be taken. The “Please baby can I have it now moans, I can’t wait anymore”

This continued for a good twenty minutes more. This was the worst torture I have ever endured, luckily Zenith trained me well so I only cum on her command. And her command alone.

“I think you have been edged enough.”
“Treat her like she is me.”
“Mmm yes give her the five-star treatment.”

I tightened my grip on her hips. And gave her slow but really hard thrusts.
I watched her tits bounce and fall to the side. And with every aggressive hump I gave Katie my ass got the same type oh whipping. But she was loving this. Having my thick cock stretch her tight hole. She has came on my twice already, her warm pussy juice dripping down my balls.

“Harder please.” Katie screamed.

So I fucked her harder. But then the whips became harder. I was starting to feel the pain now, it was almost unbearable but
It’s a strange feeling. Both pain and pleasure at the same time. How you cant get enough of either. I was almost about to ask to stop, but when I saw her face and how much in awe she was. I got my second wind. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman being pleased. And I would have never stopped until Zenith was fully satisfied, until my balls were so sore from smacking against her at a force greater than they can take, almost on the cusp of passing out. No, I am a real man.

“As hard as you can please.”

She cried out. And I gave in to the demands.
By now I was being whipped fiercely and mercilessly. With each strike it caused me to plunge deeper into her busty friend.
“Please don’t stop.” Her voice was shaky and barely audible.
“Please big boy don’t stop.” Her legs were making tremors over my shoulders.
“Please don’t stop.” She cried out loud.

“Don’t you fucking stop. She looks like she is about to have the biggest orgasm of her life.” Zenith said with the most fiercest tone I have ever heard her use. As if I did stop and ruin this for her she would punishment worse than I have ever been before.

Katie grabbed my hair full force with both hands. Pulled on it with a force that could rival most men.
Her legs clamped shut around my neck. Holy fuck am I being used tonight!
And then it came. After she belted out some unholy noise. she had let out everything she had on me.
I was cover in another woman’s juices. This was worth every bit of pain.

I got off of Katie and she rolled on her side. Still panting and moaning, often after a a really good round Zenith would shake and shiver for up to a good ten minutes after. Because I am a good slave, not to mention that I am a pathological pleaser so I am only finished when she is.

Foolish me, I though I was going to be able to cum too. Boy was I wrong.

“Look at me!” Zenith said.
“You are not getting your release right now.”
“You are going to take a cold shower to calm down, because it looked like you were having too much fun.”
“And you want to cool the burning on your wittle bottom don’t you?” she said mockingly.
“While you are in the shower I am going to fuck Katie in everyway possible.”
“And once I feel like you’ve been in there long enough I will come get you and then you may watch, you have pleased me well today.”

“Yes goddess Zenith, thank you for your compliments.”
So without further instruction I went and hopped in the shower.