My best friend and I were walking through the park. It is mid November, the temperature has started dropping. The light fluffy snow flakes filling up a dimly lit blue sky. We catch the eyes of a girl walking towards us. She was definitely a plus size girl, possibly a model?

We just look at each-other. This is our type of girl. I mean I have nothing against skinny, for or slim girls. And yes there are many pretty ones but that’s not what gets me off. And we have been looking for a gorgeous little number to have our first “best-friend tag team with.”

This is what I call a real woman. Wide hips to hold on to dear life for while she has wave after wave of orgasms. Thick thighs to take every bit of roughness they can. After all we are two boys at the peak of our sexuality, we are over zealous and rough, we lose ourselves sometimes.

So I say “hi” as she walks by. She stops and turns around to us. Flashes us a big smile and gives us a cute girly “hello there!” I gave my friend another glance. He knew what I was thinking.

“Look at those big innocent green eyes. They would look so good staring up at us while she’s being choked with our dicks.”
There was an awkward moment of silence. Then I spoke. With a little chuckle.
“Sorry we didn’t really think past saying hi.”
“We?” She said looking perplexed.”
“You guys pick up girls together?” She said almost tauntingly.

She looked us up and down.” Is this where I have to come against my will?”
“Heaven’s no.” Hoping that was reassuring enough. I hope she’s not thinking that we wish to do her harm.
“That’s too bad. You are both handsome I may not have fought back much.” She looked aroused by the thought.
“Or maybe not at all. I mean if two strong men such as yourself were to take me right here, right now, well there wouldn’t be much I could do now is there?”

“Listen we have to get going but how about if you give me your number we can set something up? Maybe have a few drinks and talk about kidnapping you then?”
With an almost disappointing look she said no. We watched her hips sway as she walked away.

My friend looks at me.
“Was she suggesting  what I think she was?”
“Yes she was, it was a clear open invitation.”
“So fuck calling her he said.”
“Ya I guess you’re right, she was giving us the please fuck me now look.” And you can tell that she was okay with it.

Her pupils were hugely dilated. This girl needed to be ravaged and taken. I could not call myself a gentleman if I let this perfect strangers wish go burn. She just wanted us to fuck her. She wanted to be fucked by random people.

“Let’s hurry before she’s out of sight.”

We both run to her. I stop in front of her, my friend behind. I grabbed her cute face and kissed her. I felt her knees buckle. She was instantly turned on. That’s the sign I wanted.
He grabbed her and did the same thing.
Once again her knees buckled. I pushed her up against a tree. Marc unzipped her coat.
I kissed her again. Marc bit her neck. Standing there letting out sighs of relief.
She was wearing a purple button up shirt. I ripped it open. As Marc shoved his hands down her hip hugging jeans.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt a girl this damn wet! Thomas get your hand in there and check it out.”
So I do the same. I shove me hand down her jeans. She was so wet it was surreal, it had felt like she just came a few times already.
“Fuck.” I’ve never felt that before. She let out a crying moan.

“That’s all for you perfect strangers.”
“That’s all for you beautiful boys.”
“And I’ll give you more.”

I took off her jacket and top throwing it on the damp floor. At the same time Marc undid the buckle to her jeans, pulled her pants down. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.
Bare ass and pussy to the wind. Her hair stood on end from the coldness. Nipples swollen and hard. She had big breasts, that took up my whole hand as I cupped them. Spilling out the sides a little bit.

I decided that I would just strip completely naked too. Marc followed. This is a public park and by now someone must have seen us and possibly called the police.

I push her back against the tree. And grab her by her throat. Her eyes roll in the back of her head.

“Marc why don’t you spread her legs and take the first taste. Tell me what I’m in for.”
I kept a firm grip on her neck.

She let out a howl like she hasn’t been pleased in years. There we are with a random woman. Held up against a tree, bucking her hips to meet Marc’s tongue. I’m pinching her nipples and pulling on them hard.  It doesn’t take long before she cums on him I see cum dripping form his chin. Steam coming from it since it’s quite cold outside.

“Thomas your turn! This is the sweetest wettest pussy I have ever had!”

So I assume the position. The first tongue I gave made her shiver. She is really wet. It’s like she’s a broken fountain cum pooling between her lips, thick warm delicious cum. I barely even move I just keep my tongue in place.

She’s doing all the work. Again it was no less than a few minutes. And I was caught off guard. Her cum came rushing out so fast. It got in my mouth and I chocked a bit.

I didn’t give it much time. I stood up and turned her around and bent her over. Making her stabilize herself with the tree. Kicker her legs even wider open. Her thick thighs and full rounded bottom all out in the open for the taking.

I slid my dick inside.
“Fuck it’s so big.” she yelled.

Marc grabbed her nice little ponytail and yanked her head back. We’re best friends we are always in sync like that.

She was insatiable. Her hips were to die for, like perfect handles to hold onto. Because the way she’s about to get fucked. She needs something to help keep her in place. There was no waiting here. No sensuality it was purely animalistic. And I wasted no time giving her hard rough strokes. The kind that little sluts who like to fuck I’m public parks need to take.

Her pale ass was bouncing off my dick. My ass definitely felt the cold. But a warm tight pussy was a nice contrast. I pulled out to give my best friend a turn. We both kept taking turns fucking her from behind. Until she begged for us to cum in her mouth.

So she turned around and jacked us both off at the same time. I managed to get it most of it in her mouth, Marc hit her face. She kept jerking us wanting to squeeze every last drop out. She smiled and kind of laughed. You know that post sex laugh of delusion your girl might have after a dizzying round of sex?

“Go get your phone.” She said to me with her cum covered face.
“I’ll put my number in.” So that’s what I did.
“You didn’t put your name in here, just your number.”
She looked up at us again and smiled.
“No names, get dressed please and just go. I want to watch you guys walk away without saying a word. Leaving me here all used up and cum covered like a whore. And I’ll call guys soon. With another time and place.”

So that’s what we did. And as we were walking away. I heard her SHOUT.