I am so intimidated yet enamored with her.

My boyfriend’s best friend. A wild one who never apologizes for being who she is. A style all her own. She frightens me but I want to be like her, I want to be under her and please her in the most unimaginable ways. Sparking a fire inside me that feels so right and shameful at the same time.

When she is around I watch her speak. Stare at her pretty mouth. Hoping that he doesn’t notice. Oh my! What would he said, what would he do if he knew I was here drooling over her.  Sometimes I like to feel that she is flirting with me. It feels like there is a lot of hidden sexual innuendo in our conversations, hidden by  vague sarcasm and compliments. I haven’t known her for long. But we can go on about anything; our talks hold no bounds we get lost in the thick of it all.

Now I know that most women would have a hard time dealing with this. Such a gorgeous girl best-friends with your man. Even if they have been friends forever, deep down it would still bug them on the inside. Jealousy fills and consumes so easily, just as easily as it is to conceal. Truthfully I don’t care. I mean I did at first but after getting to know her well. I would trust her in a room butt-naked with my man. Haha, but I wouldn’t trust myself though. She has class, which within my generation is fading and fading fast.

I was lying around bored at home so I decided to crack open a bottle of wine, by the end of the bottle I was even lonelier. It’s Friday night and I’m all alone and in need of desperate release. Thomas was texting me dirty things all night, doing everything thing in his power to drive me crazy. And guess what? It was working. I have nothing else to do, I guess I’ll just open up the second bottle. I had two glasses from the second bottle, light-headed but still coherent I text Ashley.

“Hey beautiful, what are you and your gorgeous lips up to tonight?” We always speak like this to one another.
“Not much. You want to come over?”
“Yes I do! I’ll hop in a taxi and be on my way.”
“Umm Ashley, I know this is an odd question, and this is probably the wine talking but can I kiss you?”
“I knew all that talk about my lips was not platonic. I’m joking just get here.”

“Hey Thomas it’s Ashley!”
“To what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call. No one calls me, neither do you. We always text, what’s up?”
“Remember what we were talking about a few weeks back about how I told you that Zenith had told me she wanted to have her first lesbian experience?”
“How can I forget something like that?”
“Well she has had about two bottles of wine and asked me if she could come over and kiss me.”
“Haha yes I know how much wine she had. I was the one that bought it.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Take it wherever you need it go. Give her that fantasy. I don’t mind.”
“I’ll leave the back door open. I’ll text you when to come, your my best-friend if I’m going to please your woman, the least I can do is make sure you’re there to watch.
“The best is right!”
“Alright talk to you soon!”

“Hey girl!”
I shouted as she opened the door. Immediately I hugged her, shamefully I inhale whatever scent she is wearing that pairs so well with her skin. And inhale even more as she turns around and walks into the living room, expecting me to follow.
I take a seat on the chocolate-brown couch. I hear her in the kitchen getting wine glasses, I heard them clink together, a bottle out of the fridge. Ashley hold up both as she enters the room and grins.

“You want some more?” She said teasingly as if I would refuse a good Pinot. She set both the glasses down and poured, looked at me and smiled while placing her hair behind her ear. A shutter went through my chest. I oddly feel nervous and a bit aroused. Normally I am but the vibe just felt different tonight.

“So about what you said earlier.”
“What did I say?”
“That you wanted to kiss me, why?”
I swallowed with embarrassment.
“I don’t…. I don’t know it’s just something I’ve always wanted to experience. And I just trust you, and I just think…. You’re gorgeous.”
“Thank you!” She laughed and blushed making me feel even more embarrassed.  She reaches over to hand me a glass.
“Drink up.”

Little did she know Thomas was already here. The way the living room is, you can see everything from my room. And without the light on you would never know that he’s in there watching her every move.  I have to say I am quite excited myself, I love the idea of being watched. Even if it’s by my best-friend.  I glance over to the dark room, giving him a devious grin. The kind that says “watch this.”

Ashley gently took the wine glass out of my hand. I saw her face coming towards me. I just wasn’t expecting it. Her lips touched mine, sucking on my bottom lip. My hands flailed a bit, unsure what to do with them.  I was awestruck. My body tingled everywhere, kind of like when you sit on your leg to long and then get up and all the blood comes rushing back. That’s what it felt like in every part of me.
I barely had any time to get used to this feeling, within seconds her tongue was massaging mine. Every possible thought of Thomas was far away. Sometimes you just need a woman’s touch right?


I can’t believe I am doing this.
Sucking and nibbling on my tongue, such a simple thing had my legs quivering and I know that I am so wet that I’ve soaked through my jeans.  In an instant I went from sinfully sedated to sexually aggressive, pulling her on top of me. Kissing her back as hard as she’s kissing me.
We are now fighting for each others tongue. The full weight of her pressed up against me.
I am in heaven…

The sound of our lips sliding off each others echoed through the room or at least I felt like it  was. My attention is completely on her.  When she made her way down to my neck my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I swear they almost got stuck. She makes me feel sexy and unstoppable, if both Thomas and Ashley want me I must be sexy.  Call me crazy but I think this was the confidence boost I needed.
I ripped off her shirt faster than I ever even tore my own off. Buried my head in between her small perky breasts. Inhaling once again a sweet perfume that hits the brain like a snort of cocaine. I can feel my eyes widening and my heart racing.

I rub my hands all over her back as I kiss around the edges of her satin black bra. Simultaneously she’s gripping the back of my head, making a mess of my straight hair. Her heavy breathing is waking something animalistic in me.  I didn’t bother with undoing the strap in back.
I slipped my hands underneath, grazing her nipples as I just forced it upwards. I felt like I had broken it. I didn’t care enough to stop and take a look. I savagely took her nipples in my mouth, sucking, biting, tonguing the barbell of her piercings, moving them side to side. I didn’t know she had these but man are they sexy.

Ashley tore my shirt off and threw in behind the couch. I feel like we were having this little “who’s the alpha female” bout. She seemed to match my roughness.  Then again maybe girls really aren’t all that gentler than men.
She ripped off each strap with both of her hands. I know she saw the clip in the front. She could have easily unhooked it. Instead she pulled it apart roughly, bending the golden little book beyond repair. Alright then,message received! She’s wins, she takes charge, I’m just a little reckless virgin lesbian.

And she didn’t stop, she unbuttoned my jeans and started to yank them off my full hips. With even more fierceness. They make such a distinct sound when they hit the floor.  I didn’t even get the chance to tears hers off, before she started doing it herself. Jumping back on top of me, forcing that soft velvet tongue as far as she can get it to go.

I was hoping that she would suck on my tits too. Instead she pushed me over until I was completely lying down. Without warning shoving her freshly manicured nails right in my tight pussy. It was a combination of pain and pleasure I screamed out in her ear. The taboo of it all was exhilarating.

She was kissing me and fingering me, I wanted it to go on forever. I’ve been thinking of this so much that I was pretty much already there, ready to come all over her hand. And without much warning that’s exactly what I did.  She sported a cocky look on her face as if she knew that she was good at what she was doing.

“There, now you are broken in.”
I just lied there lifeless for a moment, trying to soak it all in.
“So I heard that you want to please me, taste me, be the cause of some leg shaking orgasms?”
“How did you….Thomas of course.”
“Well pretty little muffin that is my best-friend.  You think he doesn’t know every little Fantasy that’s in your head? Who do you think set this up, who do you think planted all those ideas in your head?”

Before I could even begin to coherently comprehend or reply to what had just been said.  Her mouth mounted over the top of my lips. Hot breath sending tingles up my spine, face flushed. Oh god does it feel good to be fucked by a girl.  This wasn’t how I expected this to happen. I was expecting lip stick stains trailed by soft sensual kisses, passionate and engaging. This was way better. She knows what she wants and she fucking takes it.

Like a magician between my legs, is sleight of tongue such a thing? I feel myself getting louder and louder. I’m moving into her as much as I can. Give me it, give me it all pleeeeease! The room is fading in and out, head is swinging in every direction with no control, my moan is heavy and rapid to match my breathing; each body part trying to move in a different direction. A mind of their own.

Normally I know when I am about go.
This time it came with no warning once again, there was no long build up. My brain exploded just like my pussy. Drowning her in a sweet nectar of my own.
My head is spinning, there’s no strength left in me to move. I compose my self and look down at her. She know what she has just done, every ounce of sin inside her escapes her eyes. Lord knows I’m bad too.

Between both of our lack of breaths.  I hear a voice call out.
“Now do the same thing to her.”
My body shuddered once again.

Ashley gets up pulling me with her.
“Come on this way.”
She said raising an eyebrow at me. I was lead in to the room it was dark. Not a shadow to be seen. I felt the bed against my legs, then a small lamp turned on.
There Thomas was sitting in a chair in the corner.

“Do not look at me again, do not even acknowledge me. And don’t answer me back either. Turn around and fuck her.” That tone. That fierceness. The absolutely certainty Thomas has when it comes to what he wants to see. It always makes me weak and at this point I didn’t think it was possible for my legs to go even more numb.”

Ashley stood up on the queen-sized facing the wall, bending herself over. Using the headboard for balance. Spacing her thick legs widely apart, spread open enough to see her tight asshole and wet pussy that I am about to bury my face in
“Well what are you waiting for? You heard the man, get up here!”

I crawled up and got right in there. Shaking my head like a dog with a chew toy. Holding on to her ass,  shoving my tongue inside her hole. Her back arched when I did that. Licking her faster, I turned my tongue into a little fleshy vibrator. Dragging my nails down her lower back to her legs.
She smells so good, tastes even better. I understand now why men want their big strong jaws on a wet and moist set of lips. It’s easily addicting; tasting your own saliva mixed in with a sweet unique nectar.  It’s insatiable, a thirst that I never knew I was depriving myself of.  I can’t breathe, I have been going at her with full force. Giving her the equivalent to a sloppy deep-throating blow job. I was trained for this. All the times Thomas gagged me with all his manliness.

I always knew I was good with my tongue and often thought that I could make another woman happy.  I feel her legs shake against my shoulder going from completely still grinding her pussy against my face.
“Yes that’s it sweetheart be a good little kitten, don’t stop.”
“Your doing such a good job! I’m impressed, I may even let you taste my cum if you don’t stop.”
She moaned in uneven tones of pleasure. I felt cocky in that moment because I knew I was doing a good job, and lucky her that I was.
“Fuck yes baby I am almost there.”
“Put three fingers inside me to please, I promise you it will be worth it.”
It made me even more conceited to hear such a rough and tough bad ass bitch beg for something from a little amateur submissive such as myself. With absolutely no warning I forced my three fingers inside her so rough and aggressive that it probably hurt. She gave a wailing cry
“Please give it to me.” And that’s exactly what it did.

Had she not of had something to brace herself against. She would have fell flat in her damn face, that’s how hard I finger fucked her, my tongue did not leave her alone not even for a second.
“Get ready for it!”
There it was like a fresh drink of water. Her cum in my mouth. Dripping down my chin to the nape of my neck. I sucked it all off of her while listening to her trying to catch her breath.
“Not bad for fresh meat.” She muttered.

Ashley turned around and grabbed me by the throat to kiss me, to taste herself mixed in with my sweet saliva. Pushing me over with no gentleness whatsoever, forcing herself on me, sitting on my face, she gave me one lick while I was suffocated between her lips.  Then the lifted herself up and started swaying, her hands wrapped around my neck once again.

Keeping a really tight grip using it as you would a set of love handles; as a pulling force, an anchor to put power into every single thrusts. To send a message, a message of dominance of who’s really in charge. An alpha female.
I just stuck my tongue out and didn’t move it. I didn’t need to she was riding against it so hard that it was being squished between my bottom lip and chin, rocking herself back and forth. My head sunk in to the mattress. I could barely hear her moan over the sound of myself trying to breathe or that swishing, splashing bath water sound a wet pussy makes as it gyrates against you.

I knew she was about to blow because she went from  fast marathon thrusts, to slow but extremely hard thrusts and tightening the grip around my neck. Like a warm shower that hit my face, I drink her in once again. I can do this all night. I could sedate myself with all she has to give me. She didn’t stop. Three more times she drowned me in warm sweet stickiness.

She dropped herself off of me with piercing stare. I stared back with my “Innocence,” my hair is damp and all-over the place, face shiny and glistening with her scent. I pulled her down to kiss her again.
Jesus Christ do I love kissing her, fuck me I hope Thomas will want this to happen more often because I am an addict now. I need more of her, I want to be her little pet. His little pet. Two best friends taking charge, dominating one little slut. Can a girl dare dream so big?

I broke off from her kiss and looked toward Thomas. I knew I wasn’t supposed to. That I would be punished for the disobedience but I really needed to see his face…. His big brown eyes watching attentively, even through all the seriousness there was no hiding the pleasure and excitement in his eyes, he looked like a teenage boy who just discovered porn. I made that face I know always gets to him, opened my stupid little mouth.
“Please fuck her Master Thomas, it’s only fair.”

He just sat there and stared. I don’t give a fuck about the punishment. If I’m breaking rules mind as well break all of them.

“No.” He said firmly.
“Not now, this is a separate experience. You are to enjoy every moment of it. You wish me to fuck her? Then this will happen another time.”
“I am leaving now. You are to sleep here. Cater to her every need. You are to be her slut for the night. Her slave. Please her, worship her, beg her. Whatever it is she asks.”
“I will come back tomorrow to watch you make sweet sensual love to her, once you do this I will give you what you want. I will fuck her. Give her the multiple orgasms I give you on a regular basis.”
“I left my credit card on the table. You are to go out shopping and buy something to wear for both of you tomorrow night. Something suiting for the occasion.”

Thomas got up and walked away.