This image is basically the type of chastity cage I first bought.
Mind you there are more reputable brands. But for my first one I decided to go with a knockoff verion and save myself about 140$. I just wnated to make sure that I was into it before investing good money.

Although this one is a little snug. And I could probably use a bigger one.
When I took it off I had read marks where the rbetahing holes where.
It is possible that had I went with the name brand one the size may not have been off.
Sinc I am uncut, If I was really hard my foreksin would protrude out and feel a little uncomfortable. Now its normal that these devices can cause some discomfort but they should never cause you pain. But keeping it clean and sanitary was a breeze.+

And I did happen to pinch myself with the spacer rings, all the more reason  to make sure you are buying the right size. So for now I have discontinued wearing this one and have since ordered more which I am thoroughlly excited to try out!

And I guess this is why you should invest in good one. Mine just broke after I decided to give it a second shot. It’s still locked but the ring that goes around the testicles broke. And unlike the other device this one was an adjustment one.