Truthfully chastity is never something I nor my partner ever thought of doing. I myself have none about it. I was just never curious enough to take action and try it.

We had ordered a bunch of sex toys from an online shop. Upon receiving our new toys, we realized there was a free gift. It was a free cock cage because we spent quite a bit on all our new things.

After doing some research. Reading some blogs and a book or two. We decided “what the hell.” Why not go for it.

I must say it adds an interesting dynamic to our relationship since I am the dominant one and she is the more submissive. The role reversal is a nice change of pace.

I noticed the devilish sparkle in her eyes. She liked the idea of controlling my man hood. Not just that but she needed to be in control of something.
Whereas I realized. I need the discipline.The torture. I am too used to getting what I want when I want.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve been masturbating 3/4 times a day for the last ten years regardless of how many times I’ve had sex in a day. I have become so desensitized.

So we agreed that we would give this a shot.