Life; It never stops.

Hello there friends. 

Ah what a busy life it is! I haven’t been in my cage since I last wrote.

It seems we are still both too infatuated with one another for the self-control and restraint needed to make chastity sucessful.

Who am I to deny a woman in need?

She loves touching me while she is bound.

“The meeting”

We had also met our first couple a while back as I wrote that we would. It was just casual, drinks at my place. Just to talk and get to know one a other, no expectations.

It was a mixture of emotions. It is really different speaking with people who are completely open about sex and lifestyle. No holds barred. I can say that at first it was intimidating, but after about twenty minutes or so. Zenith and I were completely comfortable speaking to this lovely couple, whom have had way more play experience than us.

It was during our talks about “Submission.” The woman of the duo was talking about how she is also a switch like me, how her partner was the submissive one. 

She had said that she loves to be dominated. But it isn’t the same if her partner does it, since she has become accustomed to seeing him in a submissive nature. 

It had me thinking. Will chastity ever work on us? Knowing that my partner seems yo have a more “Submissive” nature. I can always get her pretend, play the part. But would that have the same effect on her as it would if she had wanted to do it on her own accord. As it was said in the conversation with the couple.

“Being dominant or submission is not just playing a part. Within one or the other we have specific needs. And it is amazing if our needs are being met, it doesn’t mean the same if the other is doing it just for your own satisfaction. If I am feeling like being submission and my partner does it just for my benefit, I am not getting the same experience. What’s missing is the arousal, the fire and passion burning in the other person’s eyes. The genuine arousal they feel from commiting the act.”

That is a factor that we will have to fifure out ourselves. Of course through more trial and error.