Day four:

We woke up about two hours after we had fallen asleep on the couch. Our numb bodies making their way upstairs, slipping under the covers in a sex-filled daze. Pulling her soft warm body against me with a crushing grip. I felt myself getting hard again….  Sleep won this round. My heavy eyes gave in to its sleepy demands.

I jumped in panic as I felt something land on me. Opening my eyes to a room full of sunshine and big gorgeous smile drawn across her face.

“Good morning sweetness.”
Zenith cooed with enthusiasm, bouncing playfully on my chest.
“We kind of got carried away last night, didn’t we?” Biting her lip with a half grin.

I chuckled back. “No more than usual.” I sarcastically add.
“You usually are the one to give in first.” It was always true. Zenith loved sex so much that I barely ever had to beg for any sort or release or pleasure. She would take hers, no matter what. Often she said I had no choice in the matter, that she would take her orgasms anyway. You can say she is a little bit of a nymphomaniac.

“Shut up! I cant help it if you fuck me so good all the time….”
“I am a bit of an addict now, it is hard to be cut off.”
“Maybe I need you locked up just as much, maybe this teach me a little self control too.” Chuckling while she was bending over to give me a good morning kiss. No dancing lips, just a warm soft tongue forced deep in my mouth. Sweet too, tasted like juice (berry-pomegranate).

I loved it to be honest. Her constant need and willingness made me feel so good about myself. It fueled the ego, the more she screamed and whaled my name in leg shaking euphoria. The more manly, sexy and confident I felt. Which in turn made me fuck her harder and faster; until a numbness graced her swollen, freshly fucked lips. Begging me to finish with her. Not to mention the bragging rights it gave for her to make her girlfriends jealous.

“What do you say we start over today?”
“Your cage is on the living-room table still.”

I laughed at her. “Try and control yourself this time Miss!” As I tried to lift myself up, her small feminine hands push my chest back down; glaring at me with a stern look.

“I think you are forgetting something here.” She swings her waist around. Grabbing my dick with a grip that was less than pleasurable. Turning herself back around in amusement. Most likely at the fact that I was hard again, at full attention. Every vein a mind of its own. “That is my dick and I will use it when I please.

“It would be wise to watch your attitude with me.” Laying a firm smack on my right cheek. My dick jumped in surprise, it felt so good. Then the left, oh god what is wrong with me? She watches me closely, pleased with herself.
“You enjoyed that…. Yes I bet you did, you like being slapped like a little slut.

“Yes Mistress Zenith.”
“Yes what slut?”
“Yes Mistress Zenith I love being slapped like a little slut!” I said with a pathetic whimper.

Zenith turned her body around. Straddling my torso, facing my big swollen cock. Left with the sight of her round plump ass. The arch of her back mesmerizing and swaying to the conscious with each movement.

I felt her hand aggressively grip the base of my cock, as if she was trying to prove a point. Pulling down the little bit of skin still covering my soft silky head. Her other hand formed a tight fist, twisting and pulling, every nerve stroked. Only lube on me was the insane amount of pre-cum that was trapped between my sensitive head and her closed palm.

I hear her chuckle some more between my leg jerks and uncontrollable grunts. She always loved it when I moaned for her. I feel the wetness seeping out of her beautiful pussy pressed up against my body.

“Shit…. Shit….” Was all I could manage to say, it was building up quick. Her hand glided faster and faster, right over that sweet spot. I don’t think I can hold this one back. I felt the first two contractions before the took her hands off me and stood up.
“No…. No baby please…. That felt so intense.”
“Please finish for me…. Please Mistress Zenith.”

Zenith was pleased with herself. You could see how much she loved to see me desperate for a change. There was no response to my begging. Zenith reached over to give my cock a few smacked. “Down boy,” she uttered with each tap, “Down boy.”

“Follow me.” Zenith looked at me with seriousness. I rose and followed her plump voluptuous ass and wide hips down the stairs, into the living room. Zenith took a seat, crossing her thick delicious thighs.

“Put it back on.” Zenith demanded, placing it in my hands. I fit the cold base are my sore, full balls. The shaft part was even colder for some reason, I joined the two halves. Zenith watched my eyes intently, deciding to take her time putting the lock back on.

We went on with our day. While we were enjoying our supper, she was teasing me under the table with her feet.
“Take off your pants Thomas.” Off they went, resting on my ankles. Using her toes to massage my sore cum sack. I almost choked on my food.

“Darling do me a favor, go upstairs and draw me a nice bubble bath.” “Yes Mistress Zenith.” “I will be up in a moment.”

By the time Zenith came into the bathroom, her warm bubble filled bath was ready. She let herself slide in. I sat on the edge with my feet in the blistering hot water.

After a few minutes of relaxation, Zenith handed me a razor (my razor) to be exact. I think she noticed my confusion and said. “I want you to shave me love, make me all nice and soft. Just how you like it.”

She got up, water splashed on to the floor. “Get in and sit down.” Instructing me like she owns me. Oh wait…. She does!

Standing over me, legs spread wide open. I started on her puffy closed lips, its like there is a surprise hidden in the middle. Gently dragging the blades across. Taking my time, I wouldn’t want to cut her. After I was done and rinsed her off, Zenith swung her leg over my left shoulder, the back of her knee resting on it. Using my body for support

“Now you are going to eat your desert big boy.”
Being called “Big boy,” made me crazy for some reason.
“Start eating now.”

I wasted no time. My wide and ready tongue forced through. Using its full length. Like a dog trying to drink water. Sucking her pulsing clit after each lick; drenched in her juices. Burying my face, leaving little air for myself to breathe.

Her hips worked with me head, thrusting into each one of my movements. Zenith grabbed a handful of my curly dark brown hair. Pushing my head into her thrusts.

“Yes baby!” Zenith screamed
“Yes…. God yes!” Zenith screamed again, panting heavily
“Ye…. Plea…. FUCK!” She yelled even louder. Trying to get a grip on her breathing.

“Oh baby, do you want it?” Zenith asked while in the heat of the moment, held my head so tight, I was no longer doing the work.
“Yes love I want it.” I muffled to the best of my ability.

Her leg became heavy on my shoulder. Gripping on to the shower rod, which I reinforced from prior experiences. Without my usual warning. Zenith’s orgasms busted out of her as if she had just sprung a leak. Her hot and sticky cum just came oozing out of her. Drenching my face, swallowing whatever bit landed in my mouth. I could suck  her all day.

“Good boy.” She mouthed frantically.
“Now go get me a towel so I can dry off.”

I spent the night tossing and turning, desperate to be free; to savagely fulfill her every aching need. Being locked up, I realized I am just as much of a fiend.