Time for more conditioning.

After a debaucherous monday night with the Miss, I am now back in my cage. I had bought a new vibrater, one powerful wand to give more leg shaking orgasms. We played with that all night, I fucked her until her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. Now im locked up again, well drained I might add.

 Meeting new people.

This friday coming up we will be meeting a couple. We have been talking to this couple in a swingers chat group for a while now. We thought we would make a night of it and invite them over to our place, have a few drinks and get to know them better. I dont think anything will transpire that night. But you never know. 

And if all goes well they will the first couple that we play with. There have been other couples willing. However we rather like this pair. They are very similar to us, enjoy many of the things we enjoy or look to try. They just have alot more experience than us when it comes to being with other couples. It’s nerving but comforting at the same time.

We made sure to take our time in getting to know people. I know that alot of people have some bad experiences at some point or another. I figured that we could avoid that as much as possible by being dilligent and not rushing into anything. Even though we are eager as we are shy.

Atleast one week please!

I am hoping that this week I will be able to enjoy the nice spring air, amidst the teasing. I wish that Mistress will do everything in her power to make my mind even more of a mess than it was last week, That we can last keeping me in my cage for atleast for a full week.