Mistakes, mistakes:

Last night Mistress said that she would be dressing up to play with me tonight. Who doesn’t love a sexy teacher?
I remember in highschool there was this really gorgeous teacher. A Tall greek lady, amazionian in stature with wild hair, a fierce no bullshit attitude that put the fear of god in all the students.… Her fiery attitude didn’t scare me, it only strengthened what I knew back then. I love strong women, I was turned on by them.

We spent the night at her parents place in the country. Technically this was my fifth official day of lock up, at bed time I had asked if I could sleep with my cage off for the night. Zenith happily agreed. Once we laid down, she decides teasing would be in order. I was ordered to kneel in front of her as she caressed her throbbing clit with my swollen head, making it hard to keep my balance. I was told to enter inside of her and give her ten slow strokes, multiple times.

After that I was told to get off and lay next to her, suckling her nipples and she stroked my sensitive head with her hands. I had another accident. I did not feel my release coming, no build up, no warning. Mistress immediately smacked my cock for the misdeed. I was forced to clean up my mess that dribbled between her fingers and down her fore arm, licking up every last drop.

Now I am to be punished tonight when we arrive back home. I guess it will be cruel and grueling detention for me. I robbed Mistress of the chance to “make me explode.” 
I will without a doubt get on my knees and beg for forgiveness. This whole new dynamic has given me a loss of control. Maybe that is what this slave needs. A good hard lesson in control.