School is in session. The long tight black skirt, glasses, hair in a messy bun is coming out to play.

Apparently tomorrow night is a night to learn a lesson, maybe even two. All I know is I want to be a good student, a perfect little slut for my master. 

Please her every demand; satisfy every inch of her beautiful skin. Paying close attention to detail. Normally you would hope for an A, in this case im looking for a big giant O. Orgasm after orgasm, only the best for my love.

I want to be used…. No I need to be used like. good little fuck toy. I want to fuck My mistress until the bed is drenched in her happiness. Hoping that she will deny my orgasm. As much as I need to let loose, I need to be refused. I feel as if my ego is still too high. My confidence in my ability to sway is still great. I need to be put in my place, shown who is boss. 

I am not yet fully complacent, the training continues……

Please Mistress, please, please. I beg of you, teach me the lesson I so desperately need.