This was in the book I was reading. I try to read as much as possible to keep the mind fresh, new writing ideas. New ideas to implement into our whole “Switch” dynamic.

​“C’mon, Mike, jerk that cock for me.” Crack! “Show me how you wanted to jerk off in the shower.” Crack! “Show me that huge load of cum you’re going to lick off my hand.” Crack! Mike was torn between his consuming desire to have his orgasm and bring his whipping to an end and the dread of being made to lick his own cum off Vicki’s hand. The orgasm, of course, won. As he bucked and flailed in the last throes before ejaculating, Vicki dropped the tawse and cupped her hand in front of his throbbing cock. The hot cum sprayed into her hand repeatedly while Mike screamed out and collapsed. She quickly moved her hand to his gasping mouth. “Lick it up! All of it! And remember what this feels like next time you even think about touching the cock I own.”

I was amused by the idea of having to clean up my own mess. Finishing in her hand, having to lick it all off. Maybe have her rub it all over my face and tell me how much of a little slut I am. Especially after being caged and denied a few orgasms for the the last few days, there should be a nice big load for me to experiment with.  What a disturbed perverted world we live in. And I love every part of it. And I love to share this all with yiu like minded people.

I asked my Mistress Zenith if this is something we can do and she said “If you are a good boy I dont see why not.”