Day Three:

“I woke up before Thomas, I stared at his naked body. Looking at his caged cock made my clit throb. I love this more than he knows. Something about him groveling and falling apart under my control that fires up my engine. Today he is expecting some kind of mean and cruel punishment. So instead I will not give him any, I was reading about how this is all about me. His submission doesn’t mean I have to even lift a finger or exhaust my energy thinking of ways to discipline him. I can have him tend to me, pleasure me, administer his own spankings if I so wished. I can leave him fester in his arousal.
I watched his chest fall up and down with his light breathing. I was too excited, I had to rub one out. So I played with myself, inserting three fingers inside my moist hot hole, rubbing my aching clit. One orgasm…. Two orgasms…. Three orgasms, I kind of yelled out to loud on that last one and Thomas woke up.”

“Good morning love, where you just touching yourself?” Grinning from ear to ear, Zenith just got up and walked around the bed. Putting her hands on my face giving me a nice deep kiss. Running off to the shower without saying a word.

I followed her into the bathroom, “can I join you?” I screamed over the sound of the of the high-pressure shower head. Zenith poked her head out from the sliding door. “Come in you smelly boy.”
As soon as I stepped in another passionate kiss was laid on me. “Well you are in a good mood this morning.” “Of course I am, I just gave myself three lovely orgasms.” Of course she did, the only girl I know that masturbates as much as a man does.

“So I know you’re probably expecting some crazy kind of teasing today but that’s not going to happen. No…. I feel like being pampered today, first you can start by washing my body and hair and tonight when we get home, I would like a pedicure and a foot massage. Maybe if I am feeling generous I will take you out and I’ll stroke your big cock, but I’ll stop once you’re about to come. That’s all you will get today.”

“Yes Zenith, anything for you.” She hands me the shampoo and turns around. As soon as I started to massage her soapy scalp, I could feel her getting week, falling into me; using my body as support, my hands are big but they are soft and subtle to the touch. I always know the right spots to make her legs buckle.

“Thank you, now my body.” I grabbed the pomegranate scented body-wash and started from her ankles, slowly working my way up. Massaging her calves and back of her legs. Spending more time paying with her ass.  I wrapped my arms around her, massaging her slippery soapy breasts, I could do this for hours. Feeling the weight of them drop down into my palms. A nice C-cup perfect in size to fondle and to watch bounce up and down as your we fuck mercilessly. Now I’m just teasing myself.

“Alright that’s enough. I wouldn’t want you getting too worked up now.”

Before she even got home, I had everything prepare on the living room table. Nail polish (a nice shade of mauve), nail file. Machine that takes off all the dead skin, massage oils. And when she walked in I got to work.

We sat at oppisite ends of the couch. Her feet resting on my thighs. Working one foot at time. Her face contorts as my thumbs firmly trails the ball of her heel down her arch to the begging of her toes. Massing each to individually, her legs kicks from the over sensitive nerves. Not to brag but I give massages that would make your head spin.

“That’s a good boy, that felt amazing.” I know it did. Usually a good foot massage will get her all worked up. That is the reason I learned how to be so good with my hands.
“How about you get undressed and come put your head in my lap?” And I did exaclty that, Zenith stood up and undress too. When she sat back down I put my head in her lap and she played with my hair, tickled my chest and stomach by lighlty dragging her soft nails across. 

I noticed the key in her hand, she was unlocking me. When she pulled off both parts of the cage, I dont think it even took two seconds before I was as hard as can be.
“I bet that feels good doesn’t it little slave boy.”
“Yes Mistress Zenith it does.”
“Free at last, well for now anyway.” Her undertone shot right through me, making my hair stand on end. I made the most unsightly sound when she wrapped her beautiful fingers around my cock. Stroking it with long slow movements, it had me grunting like a bear. 

“Look at all that pre-cum dripping out of you. You must really be backed up already, my poor baby hasnt touched himself in a few days.” It wasnt long befor I could feel the build up starting, I cant tell you the last time I came that fast or almost came that fast. Sometimes she complained that I lasted to long.

I felt it, It was close. I was almost there, when stood up and climbed on top of me. Sliding on to my hard dick. Her pussy was so wet I could almost splash around in it. 

“I’m sorry she moaned, I can’t help it right now I need you.” With a few thrusts of her hips I exploded everything I was holding, filling her up in frantic bursts. It was such an intense climax that I was trembling. Extremey senstive from the aftermath. Zenith kept riding me. It always made her come even more after feeling me fill her up.

“Yes baby, I am almost there.” And with that she let go, her come seeping between both of our sensitive bodies. We just laid there lifeless for the next twenty minutes.