Last night I had an accident. I dissapointed my Mistress.

I was ordered to watch certain porn videos that appease my senses ( Femdom handjobs ) while stroking myself inside my cage.  

To my demise I was able to edge myself two times. I felt a few drops spurt out the third time. I was able to control it and hold it in. In a sense I ruined my own orgamsn, oh the irony.

But my beautiful Mistress Zenith was still unhappy. Even though ruining mt orgasm was torture enough. Her response was. 

“I was going to let you out tonight possibly after a nice amount teasing. You will still be teased however you are not coming out of your cage until friday and I am going to use your face as a pillow. And if I do let you out friday, you are going to cum in the palm of my hand and lick it all off.”

To which I replied.

 “I am sorry for dissapointing you Mistress Zenith. Thank you for the punishment.”

However when it came time to recieve my discipline. My Mistress’s needs were to great and she could not hold true; unlocking the cage from around my swollen manhood. She needed to be taken right there and now. 

I was dissapointed only because I looked forward to the slow and strenuous denial. This is how we find ourselves, getting lost in ectasy. Keeping our game faces, forfeiting into one another but we do not lose. We are only reassured of our fragility and weakness for flesh. This is all part of the discovery, you need to find yourself in your domination/submission.