Day two: 

I woke up alone. Zenith had already left for work, I get to laze around in bed all day. We don’t always have the same days off. I let out a sigh as I stretched out my tense body, dragging my hand over to what was supposed to be my morning wood; feeling the coolness of the metal.  

“Well doesn’t this fuck up the morning routine.” Speaking into the air. 

This will take some getting use to. For the last 15 years I’ve gotten off three times a day regardless of having sex or not. I am a hungry boy with a big appetite, if it wasn’t for her insane sex drive, I would have lost my mind years ago. There’s just something about a women who loves, wants and needs sex just as much as you do.  


My phone vibrates on the nightstand, three text messages. Normally no one speaks to me this early in the morning.  It’s Zenith of course. If it was anyone else I would have launched my phone out the window. 


“Good morning love!” I bet she’s having a good one all smiles and giggles. Always subtle in her condescension.  

“How are you feeling this morning? Because I feel great!” I kind of laughed, what a brat, she is trying to rub it in my face that I had no orgasms last night. I need a good cup of coffee or an energy drink before I play this this game. Screw it let me get dressed and go to the store. 

 “I am sure you damn well know that I did not sleep well!” 

“Aww Muffin! Why not, what was the matter?” That’s what she always said to me ‘Aww muffin,’ when I would complain about anything. And I have to say sometimes I would rather be called ‘little bitch.’ For a more direct insult. How dare she slander muffins! 

“Was it my wet pussy coming all over your face? You not being able to let loose and fill me up?” That was always her favorite thing, I make sure that when I am ready go. I force myself as deep as I can go; exploding in her depths. Often she will orgasm from just that feeling.  

“You know exactly what is was!!” I wonder if she will take that seriously or jokingly? 

“Listen to me, I own your dick now, do not give me any attitude! Because you will pay for that.” That sent the blood rushing to my dick. Which she named ‘T.O.D.D’ it is an acronym for something, I would rather not say. 

“You are right I apologize.” 

“You were right I apologize what?” 


“No you fool, it’s ‘I apologize Mistress Zenith,’ this is how you will address me while you are cage from now on.” 

“I apologize Mistress Zenith.” 


“That’s better.” I really do not know where she is getting all this feistiness from. Normally she is the Submissive one and I am the Dominant one. No matter, this alter ego of hers is insanely sexy. I haven’t been up for more than an hour and I am ready to cut this thing off, run to her work and take her there. In front of everyone. 

“I was looking at a contract before, it made me think. This morning you will write a contract for me. “ 

“A contract that says I own your slutty little ass. Do not reply to this message or talk to me until it is done. I will let you come up with the rules and punishments. Let you have the first draft, I will change it in anyway I see fit.” 

A contract I thought to myself? My breath started shortening. I did not think Zenith would take this so seriously. I’m glad that she is. It’s really fucking hot.  




I ______ hereby am willingly signing myself over to ______. In accordance that she will be my one Mistress. My only Mistress. 

By signing in the space above, you ______ agree to be locked up in chastity. Your manhood will no longer belong to you but be the sole property of Mistress ______ (Your Key-holder).  

The date and duration of how long you will remained caged will be at the discretion of Mistress ______ (Who will be addressed as such). Who will allow you out solely for health and grooming purposes. 

Failure to address Mistress ______, will result in cruel and unusual punishments to which you have no say in the matter.  I ______ also agree to be subject to constant and daily torture and or teasing and experimentation. It will by my job, possibly in my best interest as a good slave/pet to take care of my Mistress ______.  It will be my duty to not only love, but worship her. Tend to her every need be it sexual or non-sexual. 

Failure to comply to these simple conditions will ultimately end up in punishments. In extreme cases of disobedience or disappointment. I Mistress ______ will terminate your chaste myself. 

I also agree that my chaste and teasing may be made public. I also agree that my chaste and teasing may be made public. That Mistress ______ reserves the right humiliate and torture me, be it out in public or with friends. 

Examples of punishments and non-compliance. 

  • Removing the cage without permission. 
  • Orgasming without permission. 
  • Not orgasming when you are told. 
  • Back talk or attitude of any kind. EI, rushing Mistress’s time management. 
  • Non-completion of tasks and chores which will be given on a weekly basis. 

Examples of punishments. 

  • Spanking, floggings, whippings. 
  • Pegging or any anal stimulation without the permission to orgasm. 
  • Forced to watch to your favorite pornography videos several times over. 
  • Longer lock up. 
  • Forced to have sex until Mistress reaches multiple orgasms and being put back in the cage afterwards. 

Examples of good behavior. 

  • Constant worship and adoration of Mistress ______. Without being asked. 
  • Completing tasks and orders in a timely fashion. 
  • Coming on the spot when you are told to. 
  • Pleasing Mistress ______ a sufficient amount of times. 

Examples of rewards. 

  • Orgasms. ( When Mistress is please with your behavior ) 
  • Praise 
  • Physical attention ( massages, body rubs. ) 
  • Acting out fantasies. 


Date //__. 

Signature __________.  

It only took me about twenty minutes to come up with this. 

She seemed to be very pleased with this thing I just threw together.  


I was cooking when I heard the front door open, I was normally home first so I did all the cooking. I was startled by the rough squeeze she gave my bum. I even felt her nails dig in. She kissed me on the back of the neck and said.  

“Good boy.” 

“Hey love, how was the rest of your day?” 

“Long, lonely.” She whispered, kissing the back of my neck again.  

“I can understand that, try not to miss me too much.” 

“No I didn’t miss you, I was just looking forward to your puppy dog face. All backed up and needy.” This time grabbing both of my cheeks with her two hands, placing another kiss on the back of my neck. 

“Are you finished cooking?” 

“Pretty much, yeah.”  


She brought her lips up to the lobe of my ear and whispered again. 

“Turn around and take your pants off now!” I spun around quick and did exactly what she said. I dropped my pants. Zenith just stood there for a moment staring at me.  

“You know at first I thought this was all weird, but seeing you here like this. I like it, I think that cage looks good on your poor little cock.” Zenith got on her knees, taking me into her mouth; her tongue grazing bits of my sensitive skin exposed by the holes. I felt the first few strokes deep in my gut, my knees almost gave out right there.  

Her eyes looked up me, like she usually does when she sucks me off.  I swear  

if this thing was plastic my dick would have busted through this contraption already. When the hell did she become such a good tease? My knees almost gave out a second time. 


Deciding her mouth wasn’t torment enough, her right slowly kneaded my balls. If it wasn’t for her left hand bracing on my stomach, I would have fallen on top of her. 

If she kept at this long enough I would come so much.  

I heard a muffled laugh as my legs started to tremble with her between them. 

“Please god don’t stop baby!” 


Of course that’s exactly what she did. 

“Pull up your pants now, I’m done, you can set the table for supper now love.” 

I just stood there panting in need of more. If the look on my face said anything it would probably be ‘You evil bitch.’ I needed a good two minutes to stop from being dizzy. 

“Did you really think I was going to let you finish, so soon?” 

“How did you know….?” Which was a dumb question. 

“Come on now sweetheart, it is my dick right? I know it better than you do,” zipping up my pants for me and fastening my belt. Wrapping her arms around me and kissing my forehead. If Zenith keeps this up, I will be insane in the next few days.  


“You made a big mistake, oh am I going to have fun with you.” Planting another kiss on my lips.