I ______ hereby am willingly signing myself over to ______. In accordance that she will be my one Mistress. My only Mistress.

By signing in the space above, you ______ agree to be locked up in chastity. Your manhood will no longer belong to you but be the sole property of Mistress ______ (Your Key-holder). 

The date and duration of how long you will remained caged will be at the discretion of Mistress ______ (Who will be addressed as such). Who will allow you out solely for health and grooming purposes.

Failure to address Mistress ______, will result in cruel and unusual punishments to which you have no say in the matter.

I ______ also agree to be subject to constant and daily torture and or teasing and experimentation. It will by my job, possibly in my best interest as a good slave/pet to take care of my Mistress ______.  It will be my duty to not only love, but worship her. Tend to her every need be it sexual or non-sexual.

Failure to comply to these simple conditions will ultimately end up in punishments. In extreme cases of disobedience or disappointment. I Mistress ______ will terminate your chaste myself.

I also agree that my chaste and teasing may be made public. I also agree that my chaste and teasing may be made public. That Mistress ______ reserves the right humiliate and torture me, be it out in public or with friends.

Examples of punishments and non-compliance.

  • Removing the cage without permission.
  • Orgasming without permission.
  • Not orgasming when you are told.
  • Back talk or attitude of any kind. EI, rushing Mistress’s time management.
  • Non-completion of tasks and chores which will be given on a weekly basis.

Examples of punishments.

  • Spanking, floggings, whippings.
  • Pegging or any anal stimulation without the permission to orgasm.
  • Forced to watch to your favorite pornography videos several times over.
  • Longer lock up.
  • Forced to have sex until Mistress reaches multiple orgasms and being put back in the cage afterwards.

Examples of good behavior.

  • Constant worship and adoration of Mistress ______. Without being asked.
  • Completing tasks and orders in a timely fashion.
  • Coming on the spot when you are told to.
  • Pleasing Mistress ______ a sufficient amount of times.

Examples of rewards.

  • Orgasms. ( When Mistress is please with your behavior )
  • Praise
  • Physical attention ( massages, body rubs. )
  • Acting out fantasies.

Date __/__/__.

Signature __________.