Discovering Chastity.

We have been discussing this for a while now, I had always been taken by the idea of chastity; surrendering your very body in fashion that could not be more intimate. By controlling the one thing I crave most…. Release.

I wanted to be locked up in a cage  so badly. I was willing and ready to sacrifice my orgasms to her. Zenith is my Queen, my absolute lust. A little more on the submissive side but she is doing this my pleasure, her experience. We take care of each-other like that.

After shopping around online we found the perfect one to start with. I was way too impatient, the two week delivery time couldn’t come fast enough.

To most it sounds crazy. People ask why? And I always answer.
“Have you ever laid in bed next to you partner while she gently strokes you; her soft fingers trailing every inch of. Subtle in her motions, teasing and taunting you nerve by nerve. Sending you into a sort of blissful desperation?” That is why I want this. Blissful desperation. Maybe I could also use a little discipline; I am gluttonous in nature, sometimes selfish when it comes to my needs. For the life of me I could not deny any sort of gratification.

Day one:

It finally arrived! Zenith watched me open it in excitement, it came in its own metallic storage box. Well worth the pretty penny I just spent on it. The metal was as smooth as it was cool to the touch. It had a little weight to it too.

I was too eager to get this contraption on that I was told to wait until tonight around bed-time. We would shower together, after washing my body she would lock me up. The mind games began; it was her way of setting the dynamic. Her first attempt at denying me what I want. It is exhilarating and we have yet to tap the surface. I asked kindly.
“Please can you put me in the cage now!?” In the cute voice I usually use to get my way.
“No!” She said, with a little more conviction and authority than I have ever heard Zenith use.
“Please baby?.” I asked again, almost unaware of what was going on here.
“I said no, now do not ask again or I will make you wait until tomorrow.” Her tone set my body on fire.

For a few seconds I felt upset and disappointed. Until I realized that she was putting her foot down. This devilish ferocity glazed over her eyes. The games have begun. I felt my heart palpitating, I want her right now. She left the house, leaving me in lust. Swimming in a pool of curiosity…..
After supper we wasted no time getting into the shower, I was forced up against the cold ceramic tiles as she washed my entire body, Making her way To my cock, soapy hands massaging my balls with a gentle pulling motion.

“Look at me.” Zenith demanded, it was her favorite thing to do, staring into my eyes, passed my soul. Almost as if she was looking directly at my intangible vulnerability. Touching me in ways that hit the very bottom of my depths. She owns me right now, in truth she always had.

Her lips gently pressed up against mine; almost as fluid and delicate as the warm water cascading down our faces. A cold ring wrapped around the base of my balls, following a coldness on my shaft. I twitch at the click of the lock.

“Is this what you wanted?” Pushing me arms length away. Taking this new sight in. Smiling as if I had just made either the worst mistake of my life, or the best decision.

It feels heavy, a noticeable force of gravity that weighs down what I no longer own. Zenith steps closer to me, arms loosely wrapped around my lower back. Pulling away from another taunting kiss on my lips “Is this what you wanted?”

I nod in agreement. I was to pre-occupied with the sensation to say anything clever. All it ever really took was one little kiss to set me off for hours. I feel myself throbbing, filling up as much as the cage would allow. Already out of breath. It has only been a few moments but this feel amazing.

In complete darkness, Zeniths plump naked body slid over top of me. Setting her beautiful wide hips down over mine. I feel every ounce of wetness, the heat radiating from her lips. Rubbing herself against the slick metal imprisoning my poor little cock.

“Fuck my life.” I yelled out loud.
“What’s a matter kitten?” She asked.
“You’re so fucking wet.”
“Yes baby, I’m soaking. You look so good all helpless and needy.”

Zenith moaned as her clit rubbed against the ridges of the cage. I’m hard inside here, as hard is I can get anyway. There is an indescribable pressure; enthralling with comfort, what a way start with the teasing!
“I want to be inside you so badly please!?”
“No.” She said, before moving herself. Planting her warm wet pussy right on my face.
“Stick your tongue out.”

In that moment I did what I was told, I stuck my tongue out for her. She rode my face like it was a second cock. I can’t tell what is louder, my muffled gasping or the squishing sound her lips make as my tongue separates her sticky, juicy lips.
With every back and forth motion my head sinks deep into the mattress, her thighs clamped shut. I swear she could decapitate me if she squeezed any harder. It hit me like a splash of hot water, Zenith just came all over my face. Her hot sticky honey seeping between us. I taste it, I can feel it dripping down my chin on to my chest.  
Zenith rolled over; shaking in the aftermath of her release and quickly fell asleep.
I wont lie, I was really restless after that. I had a hard time falling asleep, that’s probably because I am too comfortable with getting everything I want.
I tossed and turned all night, I was desperate, horny and needy. I guess that is the whole point of all this.