My Love, my Queen is gone for the next few days. We do not live together so it makes it easier for her to tease me.  After this weekend of us giving in to eachother. It was in my best interest for her to be a little more strict this week.

We put a set of rules in place that could possibly lead to my release. If completed to satisfaction. Since she had left in a hurry for work this morning, there was no time to put me back in herself

Rules for the week:

Monday ( Today ) – “Edge yourself five times in the next hour. And do not dare come a single time. I want to extract as much as possible from you this week.”

And of course fearing my Mistress’s punishment. I will not dissapoint. Atleast to the best of my abilities. I am still fresh in my slave training. 

This was especially difficult. After the third edging myself, I came close to failing the other two.

“One day a week, of my choosing you will get a ‘very short window,’ to bring yourself to orgasm while I watch.
Your chastity cage goes back on whether you succeed or not.” This will be my greatest challenge. Given my high stamina and endurance. For her I must bow and learn to come on demand. As a good slave would do.

Getting creative –
Miss loves my stories and has asked me to write one. Particularly about a man experiences his first chastiy stint. 

Every failed task will be met with punishments. Carried out in whatever devious manor she so desires.

For any time I rush Mistress about her time management or give any slight inclination of attitude. 10 Strikes for each cheek will be owed.

If for some reason I am out of my cage without permission. I will edged
and denied my orgasm. By her hand, be it her warm inviting lady parts. It will be torture nonetheless. And I will thank my Mistress Zenith regardless if my orgasm is denied.