A good question to ask yourself would be, what does submission mean to me?  What do ultimately wish to gain from your submission, chaste? Of course a big part of it is the thrill, I knows there’s a much more complex reason to it all. Personally I wish to get out of it, a sense of self-control and discipline I lack in everyday life. What is more humbling than giving away your precious orgasms? As it stand I really need this. I could barely last a week. It is amusing to say the the least.

Last night my desperation was at an all time high. After begging as pitifully as I could. I asked if I could exchange 50 more strikes on my already sore bottom for my release. 

To which she laughed and agreed; devious in her tone with an air of satisfaction, a clear sign that she was in my head. Slowly but surely I am beggining to break. Should I be worried about how fast my descent is?

The first set in camparison were practice hits. After the sad display of my countless pleads. Her wrists motions became more fluid the second time around; with enough force to enduce a pleasurable stings. The mixture of pain with, or for pleasure is such a natural combination. In my mindless self-indulgence I asked for even more than the punishment required.

“An unforgetable malice washed over her emerald eyes. For the sake of context they may have just been red. Discovering herself in my submission”