Oh what a long day of teasing it has been. Between the couples in the chatroom that we are apart of on KIK messenger, plus the newly evil mind of my Master, I have been left drooling and leaking from my sad imprisoned cock all day long.
The group talks about nothing but sex all day. The women of the group finding my locked up cock intriguing, deciding to entice their evil side alongside my love. In sharing absolutely anything to make me hard, in an attempt to give me a pyschotic break.

Here is a little of what has been shared. 

Those three were the courtesy of the lovely couples who joined in on the teasing.

It has been a few hours since I was ordered back in my cage. After detailed teasing, I fill up all reaches of this cage. Bursting out of the seems. Saving me from myself, saving myself for her. As if I had a choice in the matter. I feel it leaking uncontrollably, slick and sensitive…… I desperately wait.

Even though chastity is normally a private matter to most, it enthralls me to have it on exhibition. To be publicly teased and disgrace. Letting the world know that this cock is hers. That my pleasure is hers. It insatiates me to think about being in a room with all of our friends as she dominates my unsuspecting body. Putting my most vulnerable moments live for viewing pleasure. Giving up your control is the ultimate state of self-control.

I lay in pieces, the man I was minutes ago is now dissolving into one hot euphoric mess. My voice trembles, I have yet to be touched and my gaurd, my every restraint falls to her very intruction; as I wait for the discipline in hopes it chases my release.

Silenced Poet.

Fourty strikes became fifty.

My ass is feeling the burn. Im not sure If I am getting my release tonight.