I am weak, as she hones her skills and switches her techiques. I am left there; a lifeless mess, shaking from the afteeshock of a mind numbing orgrasm.

It hasn’t even been a full day since my release before im begging to touched; making myself sound as pitifil as possible. Only my second caged day and soon as we got in to bed. I began to beg.


After a few minutes of imasculating, pouting and pleading Master gave me my release. But not befor she caressed my tight asshole with a small powerful vibrator, which rendered my whole body powerless. While lightly caressing my hyper-senstive head.

What is every Masters weakness? Is it not the weakness and despeeation or their slaves?  As a good slave, this morning decided to let my Master know that I plan to use her weakness of my desperation to ultimately get what I need. Such as last night. Was that foolish?  Yes…. Indeed it was, it was said directly in disobodience, in hopes to be punsihed. My big mouth; it never knows when to silence itself. This is why I need the cage. This is why I need to be out in my place.

To which my Queen replied. “I only let you think that you have power over me. It’s a game of catch and release. I let you have it a few times. Thinking that you have leverage, then the next time when I know that you really need it, well…. you will damnwell just have to wait. Yes your desperation saturates my lips, however own your dick.”

Out of the ashes of her submissive nature, a pheonix rises; standfing strong and proud. Fire in her eyes, heat to her touch. I am burning, burning up with lust. It’s the growing confidence that she discovers this whole new side with. That “candy store face.” It fires right through me.

I wasnt put back in my cage this morning. It was in her interest to tease me with tickling fingers before she left for work. She messages me about an hour later and told me to put my cage back on. I was hard since she had left.”Yes Miss, I will go back in my cage when it decides to go limp.”

To which she replied. “You have until 10:22am to put the cage back on and send me a picture of your big cocked squished in his little home. Every minute your late thats ten smacks on the ass tonight. When my lover gets home, I will be taking 40 disciplinary slaps on my bottom and various places.

I will also tend to the Miss. Zeniths beauty needs tonight. Giving her a pedicure, painting her nails and massaging her beautiful toes. Hopefully she will let me get on my knees, allowing me to kiss them. Apreciate them to the fullest. 

Here I am, freshly shaved and locked up. This is the remdinder that my manhood is not of my own.