It was a successful first day back locked up in chastity. I am more than ecstatic to be back in here. I have been searching for  a proper fitting cage for a while now and this new one fit perfect and snug; filling up the furthest reaches.

Excuse the quality, my phone isn’t working right. I am content in here. It feels good, almost natural.


The teasing started immediately. She started to get creative, we are in a chat group for local couples and implored them to get in on the teasing. Sharing videos, pictures and stories.On top of all her teasing, this is starting to get really fun. I can see it in her eyes, she is loving it. It’s starting to bring out her dominant side more and more. I can see the love for power in her eyes, it makes her feel confident and alive, feeding her ego.

She teases me with her large bountiful breasts. It is my one true weakness, I drop to my knees and beg to suckle her pillowed body. Feeling then fall between my fingertips. Surrounding my pleading face. I drink her scent in, rapid breaths. It awakens an animal inside me. 



You can see it in her eyes, how much she liked taking that video.
Eyes of innocence? No those are lies, her siren song of the flesh. Here I am listening to every word, gravitating toward her every call.

It is a wonderful journey. It is also a lesson in patience for the both of us.
As I am gluttonous in my desires, constantly gorging, as is she. We are at a point in our relationship where utter infatuation. Carnal desire always takes over, begging for me to fill her aching wetness.  She would have it off of me if I so asked. We can be weak at times.

And most do not understand it. The most common response I get is, “I couldn’t do that I would go crazy, I love sex.” As if I do not, that is the whole point, to became crazy and restless with a need of release. After being denied for a period of time, the reward is much sweeter. A more intense orgasm, a reason to fall apart and come undone in the hands of you holder. Mind you it is not always easy for we are selfish in nature.