Before we decide to “SWITCH,” and I go back inside my cage for a hellish amount of teasing. I decided to give her what she has been begging for.

Such a good little slave. You know that you’ve trained her well when she undresses you with an untapped ferocity. The first thing she does is take me in her soft wet mouth, without even having to ask. Mixing her saliva with my shame; I try not to shake and shudder too much, for is she knew how easily a man could truly fall apart at the skilled mouth of a woman. I would finished. Those eyes of innocence are lies; a siren song of the flesh. She was corrupted long before I got to her and is as sinful as she is adorable.  
Please! put the gag on me! Choke me with all your Thickness Master, I know it pleases to watch the drool leak out of my mouth, all over your sensitive head. Be rough with me, I love feeling the length of you deep in my throat. I look up and watch you with my big green eyes, I love the the things you do to my body.