Back here with what's in a fetish. I found very little on this particular one. Given that even in the kink community it's considered bizarre and taboo.

There is no denying the fact that most of us men can be easily distracted by a pair of breasts. The way they move with the body, the subtle bounciness that makes them have a life of their own. Seeing the contours under a modest shirt, or the sight of cleavage cresting out the top. It catches our attention to say the least.
Which brings us to our next fetish ( Breasts ). Some like them big, some like them really big, some like them petite and perky. I personally do not have a preference in size, as long as I have a nipple to put in my mouth and suck on. Well then, I am a happy camper.

There are those who like to be suffocated and held between a beautiful pair. Inhaling the scent of sweat mixed in with perfume.  What about lactating breasts, soft swollen nipples leaking out sweet milk. Do you happen to like the idea of that?

Also known as "Lactophilia or adult nursing ( the sexual arousal of the thought, sight or taste of breast milk."  Lactophilia is part of what is known as a "paraphilia."  A paraphilia is a uncommon or unorthodox arousal, a sub-set of fetishes which are deemed not normal.

I know, I know, it is considered really taboo. I have gotten some odd looks myself whenever I've told people about this particular fetish. Once again I couldn't care less about their reactions, especially if you are going to ask, "tell me the weirdest fetishes you have."  It is often the most cynical that have deepest and darker secrets. So I am always weary of those who are quicker to judge rather than ask for an explanation.

Even the bible talks about breasts, so it seems ever since the beginning. Man's greatest downfall lies in the curvacious bodice of a beautiful seductress.
 Proverbs 5:19 "As a loving hind and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love."

I discovered this niche by accident, well technically. I was on a porn site when I accidentally clicked on the wrong video. What came up was a guy laying down on a bed, his girlfriend was sitting up and leaning over him. Holding his head between her breasts as she gently stroked him with the other hand. Ever since that moment I was hooked on the idea, since then I have never looked at breasts the same way.

Luckily enough my partner entices and encourages anything that plays to my senses. It turns out she likes it just as much as I do. Minus the milk because she is not producing, but loves the idea; stroking my hair gently, caressing my back, as I take her whole breast in my mouth. Sucking on one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Watching her eyes, staring at my own. It's such an intimate, sensual moment between us. She said she liked it for the reason that it made her feel powerful and in complete control, while she watches my hair standing on end in such a vulnerable moment. Shaking and shivering with my release.
 Telling me how one day she wishes to feed me, fulfill every last one of my desires.

The big questions is why?
 There is a few theories as to how this particular desire manifests itself.

Biology - Nursing woman, as well as bigger breasted woman, or larger in size. Suggest fertility, in turn riling up our senses. Causing us to become aroused since scientifically speaking, our goal is to procreate. Which is simple and makes sense.

Psychological - It is also possible it can stem from unresolved mother issues. Maye even the fact that you were never breastfed as a child, searching for a bond that you were not given when you were younger.

Imprinting - Imprinting suggests that at some point in time there was a strong female character in your life. And this person possessed these specific attributes. Somehow manifesting itself into a state or desire or fetishism later on in life. It is believed that almost all fetishes are derived from some kind of imprinting.

The lesser of all ideas is just for the taboo of it all. The shock  value and thrill of something new and different. Whatever it may be, never let any put you down or feel bad about the things you like. Life is too short, like what you like and be proud!

I would love to talk with you, find out what makes you tick. There is no judgement here!

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