There’s nothing like a hot and steamy shower with your lover am I right? When she soaps me up and drags her nails across my chest, I know I’m not the only man who gets weak from it. It feels so good, simultaneously sedating yet arousing.

BDSM is fun and all but every once and while you need to get back to a little sensuality, a little softness. I’m still a little sick. But we were laying down in each other’s arms. Just caressing her plump voluptuous body.

Felt her shiver and shake around me. So I continued to caress her back with my arm that was around her, my free hand slid between her legs and I just played with her, kissed her and touched her gently. After she had an orgrasm I held her Shakey frame tightly for a few moments. Then back to trailing my fingers lightly her back while I massage between her beautiful saturated lips she continued to shiver and shake.

It was a simple gesture. Yet it had her moaning loud, using that pre-orgasm death grip on whatever part of my body she could grab. Executed with calmness and every ounce of passion I have for this woman. Now she is fast asleep.

Guys, sometimes you have to sit one out and just pleasure your lady, it’s more than necessary.