Tonight is new year’s Eve. 

I was supposed to go back in my cage but since it broke. Well my pet will be used in anyway I see fit until I receive my new one.

And every once and a while you can give into a request or two from your pet. 

And tonight she wishes to have her hands tied behind her back, to serve me on her knees. She wishes for me to fuck her face. Shove my dick down her throat with no mercy being rougher than I ever have with her. 

To make her eyes water, drool just dropping off her chin. Isnt that such a beautiful sight? Since she herself is not getting any release I could atleast give her this.

Sometimes I wish she would tell me no. This way I could punish her more.

A few drinks to get us started ( Pornstars. ) Ironically suitable for a slut and his pet.
Lips all plump and Lucious. Wouldn’t you like to suck on them too?
Please choke me Master. PLEASE! Ive been good!
Look at me all pretty and dolled up.
“Here Master I made your drink like you asked me to.” “Good now bring it up to my mouth.” Doesn’t she look succulent?
Just laying here waiting. My mouth is warm and ready, throat relaxed. Oh please will you fuck my slutty little mouth?

Here’s something simple for all you dirty animals to start off the new year.