I noticed that I am getting a lot of steady views lately. Meaning that some of you are either re-reading posts or re-visiting or even sharing which is great!!
I was just taking some time off to enjoy my first Christmas with my love/pet.

So I thought that I would bring in the new year with some new sexy content.
As well as I will be working on stories. My ultimate goal is to write a few books in time.
I’m sitting here with my new whiskey glass and ice cold whiskeys stones with a a nice cup of gin, I know I know the irony. And I’m just thinking of how I can torture my pet and provide more stuff for all you you degenerates to get off to and vice-versa! Obviously that is said with love!

Stay tuned because after New Years I am going to be put back in my chastity cage.
As well as order a few different other to test them out. All reviews and links to the store I purchased them from will be at the top of my blog marked under the page ( Chastity ).
thank you and stay tuned, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you as well as my torture!

A threesome is in the works with one of my  Zenith and one of my closest friends.
Obviously with a story to go with it and hoperfully pictures for all of you!
She seems to be enammered with her vanity and has expressed to me how she wishes to taste the sweet nectar of another woman. Especially this one who favours a type of rouge lipstick that had my little Zenith drooling over. I dont blame her she as a divine tempting seductress.
Yet she feels a little intimidation and I dont not undersatnd why, my Goddess is just as beautiful and jaw dropping. She will take that unsureness of herself and turn it into raging passion. Once a fantasy is out in the open there is no coming back from it. It will always be there lingering. Better to put it to action, closet fantasies are no fun.
She’s a few years yougner than me and is just now letting all the crazy she pent up now. And shes so young and lust drunk, selfish wanting to take all the pleasure she can take with such a patholagical need to please. I have never had a person spark my fires as she has. So raw. So untapped.


Silent poet & Zenith.