Have you been naughty this year? Of course you all have! I know I’ve been.

And on behalf of myself ( Silent Poet ) and his Queen/pet. We would love to wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holidays. If you do not celebrate any customs, then atleast enjoy whatever relaxation you can get!

Here is a little something to kick off the holiday spirit.

When your pet doesn’t have to be asked to do anything. She just crawled to me and sucked the first thing she could get her mouth on.

Glasses on because she knows I love them. After all the times she has made me kiss and worship her feet. I think it was about time she worship mine.

This is the face that comes before the begging.

“Please let me suck your cock, please. I promise I’ll be good”

Since she likes being put on display. Next she asked me to make a video of her deepthroating me with a sexy O ring gag on. So that will be coming up soon!

And after a nice night of being treated like a king. I was thoroughly pleased. It can’t all be punishements so I rewarded here with a few really good orgasms. And I let her choose where she wanted me to finish. This is where she chose.

I’ve been getting a tremendous amount of feedback! And I appreciate everyone taking the time to read.

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I look forward to providing more perversions for you all in the new year!