As I promised her yesterday. Tonight I will give her what she needs.

As she have been craving to be chocked, spanked, whipped and ponytail pulled on. Tonight we are going to start testing limits to all the roughness that she likes. Since the devil is in the details. I want to know exactly how much she can handle. To bring my little slave to that state of sensory overload, to intensify her orgasms as much as possible. While giving her the kind of sex that makes her brain a mess, sore for the next few days.

Soo needy. So willing, it’s the enthusiam that gets to me. Since there ways punishments for disobedience and rewards for compliance. As a reward she requests to hear compliments of her vanity and my desire for her.

She got her wish. Her legs are Shakey and she came for me 9 times. Her bottom is red. The flesh is tingling. And her smile is ever brighter. She just needed an attitude adjustment!