My Queen has had fun teasing me over the last week.
However I could tell that she needed a little TLC.
She wanted orders, she was in the need for punishments, craving a good manhandling.
So I said I would give her what she wants only if she gives me what I want first.

So I told her that after she had gotten back form the gym, showered and ate dinner that she is to touch herself on my command.
I demanded that she put her phone down for thirty minutes and that she take time “herself.”
That she was to sensually caress her whole body, pull her own hair, put her hands on her own neck. As if she was just discovering her body for the first time.
And that she was to take half of an hour to please herself.
And that to prove to me that she was a good little sex slave and did like I asked, to send me a picture of her mess so that she may receive her rewards tomorrow.