​I woke in a little pain. My morning wood decided to go full throttle. So my skin was protruding out the breathing hole.
And I’ve never felt a throbbing in my balls like this before. I’m use to relieving myself 4/5 times a day since I was 13. This is the longest I have went without release. 
I’m pretty close to getting on my knees and begging like a little bitch. The last two days I’ve had to take myself out and edge myself 5 times and go back in. It seems to be my Queens magic number.
Im just dying to get inside her warm dripping pussy. Feel her thick curvy thighs, hold on to  her wide hips. She is my chubby little Goddess.
And it is now that I realized how weak and feeble I am. How much of a little bitch I am.

Mind turned into a complete wreck. 

“Oh how I lust for flesh.
A sweet lullaby.  Sound waves of calming tones, In lightly spoken words hits my ears, Lifts me off my feet. What was that? Say it again……..

Say anything,

I’ll listen, just say anything.

What you call your voice,
I call beautiful with a paralyzing resonance. Soothing to the heart. Mesmerizing to the mind.

As you say hush, quiet. It’s been a long day you look tired.

Tell me about. I’ll light a candle, Is vanilla alright?Within seconds she eases all tension.

With soft lips, a flirtatious grin. As she pulls away from a kiss. It’s what I miss.

The confidence she gets, making my mind a mess. The weak look on my face. It’s a game, knowing I want more.

A taste……………………

A touch…………………..

How long until I beg? Losing all control when she whispers my name,

Tickling my ear. My whole body shakes.

Her closeness seducing my nose, Scents of skin and perfume,vAs I slip off her clothes,

Kisses trailing with each pull. Drunk with lust, No self-control.

She smiles conceitedly, she knows she wins. And now I’m just a mindless fool to flesh soft and smooth.

Holding my head between her chest,

A sigh, A plea, all frustration leaves me. What is a man against a pair of soft pillowed breasts, but powerless.

Grabbing hand fulls of my fair, Kisses on my forehead.
As I inhale deeply, I could do this all night, But my tongue grows restless, To taste her nectar as sweet as her saliva”
 I haven’t received any teasing today. 

But the other day my partner left a sexy pair of heels here. And said the next time she’s over. She will make me worship her feet.

Just seeing them in me shoe rack gives me an instant hard-on. And fills my head with visions of a sexy oiled up footjob.