​Day 5:

I did as I was ordered to do. While I was out shopping I stopped at Lasenza. 

When the curvaceous store clerk asked me if I needed help. And I said.

“yes I am looking for a pair of purple and pink booty shorts.”
“Are they for your girlfriend”

 I said. “No they are for me. My girlfriend told me to come here and buy myself two pair. Because I’m going to wear them around the house while I do chores.”

She gives me a grin and side steps. She looked at my butt for a second. “You’ll most likely need an XL because you have some junk there and in the front.” And proceeds to say that “I am very manly because most men won’t even go in to buy something for their wife.”

And then my job that night was to please my Queen. 

I gave her multiple orgasms. With her dildo and my tongue. She would let me out my dick inside her but only let me have 5 strokes and then I’m done.

She brought me to the edge five times. After all of this I was so uncontrollably lust drunk that the pre-cum just kept dripping out of me in long strands witch she made me lick off her fingers.

I was shivering and shaking from nothing. And then she left me to go home and locked me back up in my tight little prison.