​Day 4:

This will take some getting used to. 

I think my cock tried to get hard about 12 times. And it’s only 1:30pm, and there’s still the rest of the day. 

It’s easy to notice every little tinge of your cock getting hard.
To add insult to injury I asked my Queen if I could wear my key on a bracelet. So I can walk around with the reminder.

“To display my sluttiness” as she so perfectly described. And that it was my job to come up with list of rules and punishments. And if I did a good job on the list it may be a good week for me.

I also hit up Reddit and other blogs just to get a little reading done on the subject. See how I can be a better “slut and please my Queen.

And for tomorrow, I was also instructed to go to Lasenza and buy a pair of purple booty shorts. I must walk into store and ask the female clerk where I can find a pair. And tell them that my girlfriend sent me there to get a pair for myself and that I would have to wear them.

My orders for the night.