​Because of last night’s event. It caused me to have my first ever bisexual dream.

I was on top on my queen. Pounding her as hard as she demanded. I was surprised to feel a different set of hands on my back. Followed by a thick wet dick that was forced into my tight virgin asshole. She held me by the neck and told me to.

“Take that cock. That’s it you’re such a good boy.” And then I woke up.

Later that evening. As she promised me on day one. I would be punished.

When I arrived at her place she stopped me at the door. Standing two inches taller than me because of her heels.

I was instructed to strip naked right there in the doorway. She clipped a leash on to my cock cage and gave it a little tug.  

“Get on all fours, you’re going to follow me to the bedroom.”
“Yes Queen Victoria”

“Get on the bed.”


“Okay what!?”

“Okay Queen Victoria”

She wasted no time to start smaking my smooth unmarked bottom. I felt it tingle in my face. 

My Queen released me from my cage while I was still on all fours and slid two wet finger into my ass.
Sliding them in and out slowly. Milking my cock at the same time. 

My Queen thought it would be fun to play the “edging game.” And after almost bringing me to orgasm 5 times we were done”

“You’re big strong arms must be tired from holding yourself up that long. Well don’t worry little slut we are done now. No Cumming for you today. We’re going to watch a movie now and you have one minute to get your cage back on and be fully dressed.”