Day 1:

This is my first day locked up. Under the command of my Queen. And I will only be seeing her Highness in a few days. And I am a weak and feeble man. We are new to this.
We’ve but just started this imprisonment of my manhood and I’ve already broken a rule.

I was supposed to quit energy drinks and I decided to have two of them.  And as I told my Queen that I had broken a rule in the few first hours. She told me.

“Well since you had an energy drink today your punishments will be to touch yourself in front of me until you’re fully hard and dripping wet with pre-cum you filthy slut. Then you’re going to fuck my tight ass until I cum. And then you’re going to get on all four’s so I can play with your sore balls. Then fuck your tight virgin ass with the vibrator while milking your cock. But you do not get to cum”