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Cuckold Addiction.

Cuckold Addiction.

This is a story about how I became addicted to black cock, even more so than my wife.

As a man, it is no secret that I watch porn, but to the extent? I’ll never tell, what I can say is that when I find a niche of fetish that I like, I become obsessed with it. I fixate on things until I finally try them. The best thing about Zenith is that we’ve tried every idea that I’ve thrown out there. She had never objected to any of my fantasies and so I keep thinking up more things for us to try. Lately, I’ve been hooked on interracial porn. The more that I watch, the more obsessed I become with the idea of her fucking big, black men. The idea of being a cuckold has always intrigued me, watching her fuck other men while I am on the sidelines would really turn me on. Especially cleaning up the mess another man makes inside of her.

I fell off Zenith, pretty much dry-heaving. It was a long stressful 8 of work for the both of us, we needed a few good rounds of sweaty sex to help us relax. I barely took my shoes off before she crept downhallwayhall way, stripping my clothes off before I had the chance to even say hi.
“Would you fuck a BBC if I wanted you to?” I blurted out finally, still dry heaving from a really-rough round of sex.
This is something that I have been fantasizing about for a while now. We recently started exploring sex with other people, well so far, we have only had sex with another woman together. We are looking to try other men, couples. We have a simple view on things, why limit you experiences? We are here for a brief time, why not discover all life, love and sex have to offer? Slowly knocking off one thing form the list at a time. Lately I cannot stop thinking about seeing her with a BBC, I think the fantasy comes from my own obsession. I can’t lie, I have a severe addiction to interracial porn, mainly the sight of big black cock. I need it more than I want it!

“A BBC?” Her eyebrows cocked, “really?”

“Yes baby, a BBC why.”
I can tell she was trying to gauge if I was serious or not.
“You can’t tell me you have never fantasized about a big black cock before?”

“I think every girl has Hun, at some point or another.”

I gave her a big kiss, “so, what do you think?”

“I mean, I guess we can give it a shot if that’s what you really want.”

I saw the grin on her face, she was underplaying the excitement of my offer.

I went online on a few apps that are made specifically this thing, it only took two days for me to find our much. The guys name was Darius, an experienced Bull looking for a new couple to cuckold. He is 6’2, 240 pounds of solid muscle. Not to mention his 10 1/2-inch cock, with the thickness of a baseball bat. When he sent a picture of his beautiful monster cock, I was instantly hard. I wanted it for myself. The good thing is that he is bisexual, but he only allows cucks to blow him and stroke him. Naturally, being the pervert that I am would clean up his cum too. Apparently, “clean up,” is a big part of the cuckold fantasy. Whether it’s for degrading reasons or because you like the taste, I think we can agree that either way, it’s sexy. Anything out of your comfort zone or usual routine ends up being the things that you love the most.
I showed Zenith some pictures of the potential bull I found, she agreed that I found a good one. To be honest, I just picked him because I know he’s what I would have wanted. I know this sounds like its for her, it’s more for me though. To fill up some sick desire in my head, of course she will get pleasure from this.
I gave him Zenith’s cell number. When we fucked our first girl, we all had a group conversation and texted each other back and forth. Sending sexy pictures and speaking about all the trouble the we were going to get in to. I wanted her to do the same with him, have them flirt for a little while, building up excitement. I feel like the transition from text to meeting just flows nicely.
For the next week I watched as Zenith walked around the house grinning, with her phone in hand, being a little tease. Working him up so badly that when he finally gets to fuck her, he will lose his mind.
I practically came from reading the conversations, especially the pictures and videos of his big black cock that he sent. I feel like I was drooling more that she was.

The idea was sexy at first, but then again, everything you fantasize about is sexy. At least until it’s time to go through with it. Right now, I’m having second thoughts. A little jealousy is taking over. If it wasn’t for her excitement and her ear-to-ear grin, I would have called this off. I just don’t have it in my heart to disappoint her. I am a habitual people pleaser. But I think any man would be intimidated by such a well sculpted, godly looking, dark chocolate man.

He was barely in the door and Zenith was already drooling over him, her pussy probably dripping all the same. He voice was deep, his grip crushing, as he shook my hand.

“Darius,” his voice boomed.

His hand completely covering mine as he reached out for a handshake, he didn’t need to squeeze to assert his dominance. I think he knew that If he was here in our house, that I was not in control. At least not today. Would a man in control let his wife fuck a cock almost 4 times his size? Probably not. Then again people do crazy things for entertainment.
His height and muscular frame alone were enough to tell that he was an Alpha black man, strong, that takes no shit and gives men hell.

We brought this beautiful, black beast into the living room for a little wine and conversation. He seemed to be more of a professional bull. He asked a lot of questions about us, our relationship. Curious about our limits, if we were ready for this. He wanted to do this for fun, not to cause any drama between a couple. Because if one of the two has some sort of problem, it can cause relationship issues. His consideration eased my mind a little. This is the first guy I’m letting her fuck since I agreed to be a cuckold. Usually, you work your way up to this. You don’t normally just start with a big black cock, I go hard, or I go home. I mean he is big, I am considered well hung but if you did a side-by-side comparison, he would make me look as small as I make other guys look.

Zenith took his arm and guided him to our blue, micro-suede couch. Sitting down right next to him as I took my seat across from them in the chair. As our conversation went on, her eyes never left his face or big lips. Almost forgetting I’m even in the room. Her hands resting on his leg, leaning her body on his muscular frame. I can see his muscle twitch when he moves his arms, which is exciting me.
She is completely entranced by what he has to say. Like many women, Zenith says that size doesn’t matter. I think that only works up to a certain point. How can a woman not become addicted to a monster like that? Maybe I am just crazy, after all penis size is just a male ego issue
All we’ve seen are pictures of it, my face right now is burning hot with jealousy. Yet my cock is rock-hard. Peaking out of the elastic band on my boxers, around my leg. The only question is, will it excite, more than it will make me jealous.
Zenith was impatient, as usual, taking what she wants when she wants it. It is one of the reasons I fell for her, confidence makes a woman powerful and sexy, damn near unstoppable. She climbed up on his lap, straddling his body like a stripper giving a lap dance. His massive hands cupped her squishy, round ass through her thin black dress. Pulling her up and closer to meet his waist. She is just his type, thick and chubby with a big round ass, most importantly, a craving for big cock. If there is one thing about her, it’s that she is a cock slut, another thing that drives me wild.

I can see her sucking on his tongue through the small space between their lips. Her mouth is everywhere. She wants it too badly. Giving a little moan every time, he gave her plump ass a squeeze. They must have made out for a good twenty-minutes, he couldn’t let go of her ass, I don’t blame him. I’m constantly grabbing myself a handful.
Zenith reached around her back, trying to unzip her dress with a clumsy hand, too caught up in the kiss. I get and walk over to unzip it for her, I don’t know why I did that, it was if I was doing some sort of cuckold duty that just came naturally to me in that moment. She didn’t even acknowledge me, she just kissed him deeper, more aggressively. Only taking a pause to lift her dress off, flinging it to the floor. Her wide hips and fat ass exposed to the air of the moon. Her tits pressed up against his chest, she didn’t want to wear anything underneath, “it was easier that way,” she said.

Darius took one of her tits in his mouth, I don’t blame him. When you have something so soft and squishy that close to your face, you are going to want to put it in your mouth. I must admit though the contrast of his jet-black skin on her pale white body looked amazing! He switched from one to the other, it is like he can’t make up his mind about what one he wanted to suck.
As he was sucking on her nipples, I watched him spread her cheeks, slipping one of his long thick fingers inside her pussy.
“Put a few more in,” Zenith moaned out.

He managed to slide three inside of her, “Fuck yes,” Zenith moaned. In a twitch of pleasure, she grabbed his head, holding it there aggressively. If there’s one thing she loves, it’s having her nipples sucked on.
“Why don’t you get off me and suck this dick!” His deep voice echoing through the room.
“Yes big black daddy!” Zenith replied, she loves being told what to do.
Zenith did as she was told and got on her knees, my body shook with anticipation as she undid the button to his jeans, then the zipper. Pulling down his boxers next, she struggled a little with that, they were tight, and his legs were muscular. I think both our faces had the same reaction when his cock popped out, all I could think to myself was, “and that isn’t even him hard!”
Darius’s hand did a waving motion, “since the cuck wanted this so bad, he gets the first taste. Come on cuck, come make my cock hard for her!”
Zenith turned away, with her eyes lit up, “come on baby, I bet you want to suck it more than I do,” which was probably true. But I wouldn’t admit that to her, at least not now anyway, this is supposed to be a degrading moment for me. However, I don’t find this humiliating because I have always been Bi-curious. Just another experience to add under my belt.

I took my place on my knees, right beside her. I grabbed his cock, trying to get as much as my hand around it, which barely fit. It would take about three of my hands to fit his length. I took hold of it somewhere in the middle. I put my lips on his head which was about the size of a small apple. I just started sucking, unsure of what I was doing.

“That’s it, suck that big black cock dirty cuck boy!”

I could only fit his whole head in my mouth. I’m not use to my jaw being open that wide. How could she take my whole dick in her mouth? Damn she’s a pro! I started sucking his head with a vacuum like suction, I was just copying what I see Zenith do. In less than two minutes his cock was covered in my saliva, I was salivating like a hungry dog. I was enjoying sucking his cock too much, I could feel it pulsing, getting harder my the second.
Darius pushed my head away, immediately grabbing his cock and pointing it in Zenith’s direction. I nearly had an orgasm right there on the spot when she took him in to her mouth. I wasn’t even surprised that she could take more of him down than I can, although I doubt that anyone can unhinge their jaw enough to take him even half-way. The bit that she did have in her mouth she handled very well, stroking the length of his big black shaft with one hand, cupping his big black balls with the other. Trying to force him in the back oh her throat as hard as she can, it’s like the bigger the cock the woman has, the more she tries to force it down their throat.
I can’t tell you a time where my cock has ever been this hard, I mean like an inch and half more than I am usually. When she started sucking on his balls, I lost my mind, the length of his cock was resting on her entire face. Zenith continued sucking his balls while rubbing his cock all over her face.
I stood up and started taking my clothes off.
“I think cuck boy is enjoying this, not bad by the way, still can’t compete with this though!”
I got back on my knees right next to Zenith, I looked at her face covered in spit, mouth filled with big black cock. All I could think is, man I love this woman!
“Come on little snow-bunny, give the cuck a big kiss.” Darius smiled in amusement.
Zenith stopped what she was doing, she grabbed my face with both her hands and kissed me as if I was leaving for a long time. I couldn’t help but moan in her mouth, tasting his cock on her tongue, feeling her spit cover face against mine was probably one of the sexiest things ever. She tried to go back to sucking him, but I was selfish in that moment, I needed another kiss. Tasting another man in her mouth is the hottest thing I have ever experienced.
I was in complete awe, the more drool and spit that leaked down her mouth and all over her face and neck, I needed to see more. Coating his long, thick black cock in a film of spit, like she was a porn-star. Watching it leak down to his balls, I became more entranced in what she was doing. She would stop what she was doing, just to pull it out of her mouth and rub it all over her face, smacking her cheeks and forehead with it. I always knew she was a cock slut, the first night we were together she sucked my cock and swallowed. I think given the chance, almost any woman would be, given the freedom to do whatever they want with another man, if their husband is in the room. Who could say no to that? Just like what man would say no to fucking multiple women?
“let’s go make that bed of yours a mess!” Darius demanded.

“Anything you say, master, you own this pussy tonight!” Zenith teased while grabbing his hand and leading him to our bedroom.

Darius gave Zenith’s ass a tap, she giggled, “can I have more please?”

I followed behind them, my cock never leaving my hand.

“Hey, cuck! I want you to go site up on the bed, at the headboard.” Darius said, making another demand.

I didn’t say a word, I just obeyed what he said. I couldn’t help myself. I would do anything he told me to.

“Now open your legs. And you, get your fat ass on your back, between his legs.”
He gave her another cuff across the ass, she giggled again with excitement. Zenith crawled up on the bed and rested her self between my legs, her head resting on me, about mid-stomach. My body shook with anticipation as he crawled on the bed, placing himself between her thick thighs. He gives me the motivation to work out! The body on him!

Darius began to tease my clit with his monster sized head, I don’t know what has gotten in to my husband, I think he wants this way more than I do. I would do anything to please him, but what if become addicted? What if after this, I can’t get enough of black cock, will he let me do this over and over again? I’ve never really thought about this in depth before, it’s only lately. I would be laying in bed next to him, stroking his cock, he would put on an interracial porn video and tell me how he wishes that was me. Funny thing is, every time he did that, it’s the hardest I’ve ever see him.
My body squirmed between Thomas’s legs, Darius was flicking his cock around my clit in small, sensual circles. I can’t stop squirming, I’m way too easy, any little thing will tease me, I love sex and orgasms. I don’t really care how I get them.
I reach up grabs Thomas’s hand, slipping my fingers between his thick, many hands. I don’t know if it was a sign of comfort for me or him. All I know is that I needed to feel connected to him in such an important moment. I hope this is what he really wants, because you can’t take back something like this once it’s done.
“Please,” I begged as his head danced around my whole and then flicked up and down my sensitive clit.
Everything is hyper-sensitive right now, it’s the taboo of it all. The fact that it is something new and different. This kind of excitement hits you in your core.
“Please,” I begged again.
It wasn’t because he was black or muscular that I was begging. Once you get me going, I need it right away, I do not like to wait.
“Please what?” Darius demanded, knowing exactly what she wanted, he just wanted to hear her say it.
“Please fuck me with that big black cock.”
“Ready you little white slut? Are you ready for your first big black cock?” He smiled.
“Yes daddy, I am ready for your cock!”
Any time I am put in a position of submission, “Daddy,” is the first word that comes to mind.

I squeezed Thomas’s hand as he teased my wet hole with his head. He was holding himself at the base, slowly trying to inch his way in. Holy fuck that thing is impressive, in a freakish kind of way. You never believe cocks this size actually exists until you have one that’s about to be inside of you. Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.
“Slowly!” I moaned and yelled at the same time.
All I can say is that you definitely know it’s there! I was in a wash of emotion, I’m about to have another mans cock inside me. But for some odd reason I need to be closer to my husband. I peered my big green eyes up at Thomas, squeezing his hand even tighter. Giving him the look that drives him wild, the “I’m an innocent girl, so please give me what I want,” look. When his big brown eyes met mine, I gave a whimpering moan, “It’s so fucking big baby, kiss me please!”
Thomas gave me a deep, passionate kiss. I can see him staring at the action, his eyes never leaving Darius’s cock. With every inch of his black cock that filled my insides, his hard cock that was pressed up against my back, just leaked pre-cum as if it was the first time his cock was ever being touched. Feeling the big sticky spot on my lower back makes this all the hotter. He’s not even half way in yet. I look back up at him, “it’s so fucking big love, it hurts but it feels so good so fucking good baby! Thank you!”
I felt Thomas’s cock jump when I thanked him.

His cock is a little more than half way in now….
I never expected this to feel so good, Darius went in for the kill, His cock was fully in as deep as it can go, he gave one full powerful thrust and his cock was balls deep inside of me. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, I swear one almost got stuck. His cock was hitting places, I didn’t even know I had. My pussy is throbbing around his cock, it was almost too big to fit. He just left it there, giving me a minute to take it all in.
The room was quiet, the only sound heard was my wet pussy. When he pulled his cock completely out, then shoved it back in, it sounded like a car splashing through a puddle.
“Do that again!”
Darius gave my pussy soft stroke, going balls deep then completely pulling out. The contrast of being completely stretched out then empty and throbbing was one of the most exciting thing I’ve ever felt. Thomas looked like he was bout to start hyperventilating. As if this felt better for him than it did for me.

I felt another surge of energy flow through my body when Thomas grabbed my tits hard, pinching my nipples with each squeeze.
Darius went from small soft strokes, to pounding my pussy like a jackhammer, there was no in-between. The harder he fucked me, the harder Thomas squeezed my tits. It was the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. My whole body is numb with pleasure.
MY hands grabbed a hold of his big round ass, trying to push him in deeper in to my stretched-out pussy, as if he wasnt deep enough. Maybe he wasn’t, I’ll admit that I am a huge slut, I always want more. I am never truly satisfied, just full enough until I can get more. I spanked his ass a few times, he seemed to enjoy that, he would pound harder with every tap.
I managed to open my eyes, the pleasure being almost to intense, had glued them shut. I can see that he is running out of stamina. He has that look that men get when they are about to blow. That, I’m off to a great battle, war cry kind of face. It was the way he was moving his hips that was making my mind wild. His big ass bouncing in the air, doing a wave-like motion. I can feel it building up, I’m going to cum soon.
You can tell that my tight, white pussy is too much for him to handle. He is trying to hold himself back. But I want to make him lose control. Just as I do with Thomas, I started squeezing my walls, trying to make it even tighter for him. It was easy since he was so thick, I didn’t have to try so hard.
“Oh, fuck I love big black cock,” I cried out with legs shaking around his waist, I know that’s what a big Alpha man like him wants to hear, “I love big block cock!”
“I’m just a dirty, white slut.”
All men are easy, you just need to tell them how good they are, inflate their ego a little bit. And watch them fall apart between your legs. No matter how masculine or dominate, your pussy has all the power.
“I fu-uh-king love,” I couldn’t finish I was saying. My orgasm took control. It came flooding out like an unstoppable force. Pussy juice squirted out of my cunt like a broken fire hydrant. Splashing lower abs, which are cut like god, making them an even shinier black.
It wouldn’t stop, it kept pouring out me, and then I muttered the words that will break any man.
“Cum inside me DADDY, fill my pussy up!”
I dug my nails in to his ass cheeks. Darius grunted as he emptied his balls in me.
“Yes you big fucking bull, fill me up! GIVE ME MORE!”
The feeling of being filled up with a mans hot sticky load is probably the best part of sex. As I felt his massive, insanely thick cock pulsate inside of me, I let out another flood of cum. The bed all around me is soaked. I rubbed his thick muscular thighs as he slowed his strokes down, coming to a complete stop. He tried to pull out but I held him there. I reached up with my weak body and gave him a kiss.
The kiss was too much for Thomas, who was humping my back the whole time. When I kissed Darius, he came all over my back.
Darius was still holding himself up over me, his biceps and triceps fully flexed and solid, he smiled, “I’m not done baby, I still have a few rounds in me, I’m just getting started….”

The confidence of his tone, the expectation of more was too much to handle. His cock was resting inside me, soft now, but still fucking huge. I came again.
His arms finally got tired and he dropped himself down on me, I was trapped between his solid body and my husband, I don’t think anything could be sexier. He started to kiss me neck, sucking every part of me neck, from one side to the other. Thrusting his soft cock back and forth. Her kissed me for a few minutes, then out of no where, he gets back up and grabs my ankles. Pushing my legs so far back that they are practically touching Thomas’s shoulder, I am completely folded in half.
Darius started fucking me like the little slut that I am, his cock kept ramming in to my cunt, like I owed him something. Thomas reached an arm around, rubbing my clit as fast as he could.
“Holy fuck this is hot!” I yelled as I came yet again.
It think I was too much for him to handle because he came again. Respecting our agreement, he picked up his clothes and left without saying a word. I was on some sort of sex high, I really needed m husband right now. I need to feel close and connected to him, I need him inside of me. I rolled over and pulled him by his legs so he slid close to the middle. I climbed on top of Thomas.
“Oh fuck baby,” I moaned in his mouth, as I slid his cock in my cum-filled pussy, “I need your cock baby!”
The face he made was of pure ecstasy, “can you feel that baby, can you feel all his cum inside of me?”
I rode Thomas until his cock couldn’t take anymore, he filled my pussy and I sat on his face, letting all the cum inside my pussy drip out in to his mouth. He sounded like a dog drinking water, he’s enjoying this too much.

I just can’t wait to fuck him again….
I’m addicted now….


Cuckolding, I’m extctied to try it.

I don’t know what’s gotten in to me lately, but the idea of being a cuckold just has me more and more obsessed. The very idea makes me hard instantly. Of course, because it’s something new and exciting, I’m going to dwell on it and constantly think of it. I am the type of person who will think of something, have it in my daily thoughts, until I actually go through with it.

Specifically, I want to be cuckolded by Big black cock. A fit, tall, muscular black man. With a cock built like a bull. I think this partly comes from my Bi-curiosity not to mention that I was always obsessed with interracial porn as a teenager. After a certain point in time, I realized that I wasn’t just watching the porn for the women. I found myself, turned on by the sight of big black cocks, or any freakishly large cock.

I mean look at this cock. How could you not want to give your partner the gift of something this big and beautiful.

Honestly, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. As I’ve been reading online, it’s a very common thing. Plus, it’s been something I’ve been fantasizing about since we started dating. I just thought now is the right time, we are at a good place in our relationship. We starting getting in to the adult swinging life-style.

So far, we have only slept with one girl multiple times. We began our search for other men/couples.

Hypocritically, I had some reservations about adding in extra guys. It’s not that I didn’t want to see this happen. I was just feeling insecure about her fucking guys that were bigger than I was. The funny thing is that I am well hung, so I don’t know why I was feeling this sort of jealousy or insecurity. It just appeared for some reason. As I am sure any partner would do, she assured me that she didn’t care about size, whether a guy was “bigger.” She loves me and that’s what matters most of all and that we always have mind-blowing sex, which is true. What really helped me get over it and made me realize I was being crazy was something she said. The girl we started fucking together has a really tight pussy, what she had said was, “your worry about bigger cocks is equivalent to my worry about tighter pussies. You just assume that it will just feel better. But what did you tell me? That even though her pussy is really tight, mine is the best ad will always be the best, so then I stopped caring and let the fun take over.” She was right, I had never thought about it like that. I think after that conversation, all my jealousy washed away completely.

One night I decided to put on interracial porn while I was touching my partner. I asked her if she would be open to fucking black men for me, to cuckold me. She said “of course, I’m open to whatever you want to do love.” Apparently, she has never thought about being with a well hung black man before. Which is funny because I was under the impression that all women have at least thought about it. But apparently not. My end goal is just t have fun and watch her get as much pleasure as she can. I keep planting the idea more and more in her head, making her watch cuckold porn, send her picture with cuckold captions on them. She is finally starting to want it for herself now. Sometime all you need to is spark the curiosity. If she likes it, I would want it to be a regular thing.

I am naturally dominant. However, I am starting to explore my submissive side. I would call myself a “Switch.” I believe that cuckolding is one of the ultimate forms of submission. I mean, watching your woman take another lover while you sit there and watch, help get him hard for her, maybe even guide his big cock in to her pussy. What says, “I’m not in charge,” more than that? Imagine watching your wife fuck another man then licking his cum off of her pussy or her face. I think that is the part of cuckolding I am most excited for, to be fed cum by a big bull.

When I found this picture online, it drove me crazy. This is where I see myself, licking up multiple loads of cum that where pumped in to my girlfriends pussy.

It just goes to show how needed open communication is, sometimes we get jealous for nothing. The most important part is that whenever one of us has a fantasy, we fantasize about it together. I spent the last few weeks, telling her everything I want to see, whispering everything I want big black bulls to do to her while we we’re fucking. Telling her how much I want to see her with other men just turns her on even more, makes her cum faster. Not to mention that I have never seen my cock as hard as it is when I am telling her about how I? want other men to fuck her like the little slut that she knows she is.

Imagine your partner trying to swallow something this big? She will do her best to try and get every inch down. The more she can take, the harder you will be.

If anyone out there has tips and advice for an amateur couple like us, Please share!

So, the next step for us is to find a potential Bull!

Wish us luck!

Bucket list.

Sex bucket list.

In light of the beginning of our new sexual adventures. I came up with a list of things that we both wanted to try. I am sure there is way more, but I get way too horny and distracted when thinking. I lose focus right away. I am always open to more suggestions.

  1. Pick up a random guy at a bar and watch her give him head. Swallowing his load like a dirty whore. In a bar bathroom.
  2. Swap with another couple, watch each other fuck other people.
  3. Swap with another couple, but fuck in a separate room.
  4. Have a threesome with a girl.
  5. Have a threesome with a guy.
  6. Have foursome with two girls.
  7. Have a foursome with two guys.
  8. Tie her up to a chair and force her to watch me fuck another woman, with a vibrator stuck in her pussy.
  9. Be caged for a few weeks.
  10. Be a caged cuckold, cleaning up cum that other guys leave in her pussy.
  11. Be a caged cuckold and watch her fuck a BBC.
  12. Tie her up and force her to cum with a body wand for two hours straight.
  13. Be caged and cuckolded by another woman. Tied up and caged, watching her fuck a girl without me being allowed to participate.
  14. Have a gang-bang.
  15. Fuck in public.
  16. Find a black girl and have interracial lesbian sex.
  17. Have a well-hung guy stretch out my asshole.
  18. Go to a sex club.
  19. Spend a whole month caged.
  20. Role play schoolgirl/principle.
  21. Meet a random couple at a bar and fuck them.
  22. Fuck a shemale together.
  23. Go get erotic massages together.
  24. Get gangbanged buy a bunch of gay guys.
  25. Go to strip club and watch her get a striptease.
  26. Seduce Amanda and Vicky.
  27. Get fucked with a strap-on until I have multiple orgasms.
  28. Fuck a muscular girl together.
  29. Have an orgy with BBW’s
  30. Find a sexy Lebanese guy for her to fuck
  31. Both of us have dates and fuck someone else and come home and tell each other about it as we fuck.
  32. Have a bukkake orgy.
  33. Take a rope and knot class.
  34. Take a pole dancing class.
  35. Fuck on cam.

Our heads our fuzzy. The room smells of champagne swirling around the aroma of your perfume….
We took our clothes off, laughing and giggling in our lightheadedness. I pushed you up against the wall to kiss you, I couldn’t help myself. I need you right now! The glass of champagne you were holding, spilled on your perfect pillowy breasts….
The champagne glistened on her chest, making me thirsty once again. I begin to drink it off of her body. There was no special occasion, we just wanted an ice cold glass to celebrate lust and love….
It turned me on so much that I grabbed the empty glass out of her hand, pouring the rest of it on her chest. She laughed and screamed out loud. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it as the champagne flowed down her flesh and right in to my mouth. Tasting both her skin and the sweet, sweet bubbles at the same time….
It’s been a long week, we haven’t let loose like this in a long time. Sometimes we take life too literal and serious. A little drunken romance was long overdue….
You trailed off in to the room, I know exactly what you need, and your not one to be kept waiting. But I had to run back and grab the rest of the bottle. I wasn’t finished drinking this of your body. I wanted to make every part of you sticky and sweet.
When I entered the room, you were just as I thought you would be, laying on your back with your legs as wide open as they will go, waiting. Your hand of course, wandering between your lips, you could never wait for pleasure. It’s one of the things that attracted me to you, you’re so indulgent, as I am….
I stumbled over to her, half-drunk, but careful not to spill any. I pushed your hand away in a display of dominance. I want what is mine right now! You have all the time in the world to touch yourself when I’m not around. Right now, I want to be selfish. Yes I want to please you, in this moment I am doing it for my own selfish reasons, my ego….
My tongue has been restless all night. I moan and breathe my hot breath on to you as I taste your excitement. Slick with fluids, a taste that would make any man feel primal, with a sudden rush to devour you, your fluids dripping off his chin….
I bring the bottle of champagne close to your freshly shaved pubic area, tilting the bottle gently. Allowing only a few cold drops to escape at once, you wriggle and kick at the coldness. Nevertheless, you like it, it excites you. I watch the drops trail down lips, licking them off as they reach your clit….
I have never tasted a better combination in my life. I keep giving you strokes of my, wet tongue. No, I don’t want to fuck, I just want to stay between your legs, taste you all night.

I get careless, pouring the rest over your stomach, hips and pussy lips. Kissing your wet sticky body, licking up the champagne as I delicately suck your skin, turning your from a pale colour to a blush red.

You lay there in awe, losing a yourself in your pleasure. You are a hot mess and I love you that way.

I cant fight the urge to stroke myself, with the same rhythm as my tongue flicks you’re swollen clit.

A soft kiss. Erotic poem based on a random picture.

I think you out of all should understand….

I think you should understand my need to explore, to try new things. Cant you tell how excited I am? There’s no worries love, she means nothing. I know you’re a little disappointed because you cant participate, maybe next time, sometimes a girl just has to have a girls night. I wont lie to you, I want this experience all for myself. You wouldn’t deny me my first time would you? Most men would do anything for the view you’re about to see….

Why dont you sit back on the chair un the corner and relax? Enjoy the sight of my body pressed against another womans, watch me explore. Watch me taste and drink her in. I’m going to lose myself in her skin. You wouldn’t deny my such a pleasure, would you darling? Surely a big strong aplha-male such as yourself is not threatened by the likes of her.This is so amateur, so taboo, that alone should drive you crazy. Touch yourself baby, touch yourself while I make love to this temptress, be my little voyeur. I promise it will be worth every second….

I saw your cock jump when I kissed her, your lip twitched and you licked it a little. I knew you would agree, you want me to kiss her more. You like watching, so don’t take your eyes off me for a second….

My hearts racing with excitement, my panties are soaked right through. I’m slick and sticky with my wetness, all from one simple kiss. But what a first kiss! I’m addicted already. I think I am im trouble….

I licked my lips as she undressed herself. Then she undressed me slowly, trailing her hands along the freshly exposed skin. My hair stood on end. Her hands were delicate, her touch soft like cotton….

Standing behind me, she arched my head back to kiss me once again. Her hands explored my body, not forgetting a curve or dimple. She brought herself closer, her plump breasts pressed against my back. Her mouth breathing her hot, excited breath on my neck…..

I tilt my head to the side, I need more kisses. I musy say, it’s different kissing a woman. Much more softer and delicate, passionate and sensual. The kind of softness only a woman could give to another woman…..

Her hands slid down my stomach, over my hip bones, sneaking their way between my thighs. She spread my lips with one hand, her other hand teased my most sensitive spot….

I watched my lover grow restless in his chair, he washed with excitement. I smile at him as I moan from a womens touch. I give him that look that tells him I want him, that he’s next. For now, this kitten is going to be selfish…..

I let her take me, I became a slave to her flesh. I’m addicted to anything that brings me pleasure, I just found another habit that I will never be able to break….

A wet little kiss. Erotic poem.

It’s not degrading as some childish women think, it is not disgusting. This does not mean that he is putting me in my place, it is quite the opposite.

This is how you handle a wild man, this is how you control his every emotion, all his wavering thoughts. Keeping his mind only on you, yes sometimes it wanders, every so often you need to bring him back. Letting him quiver in his release.

You are a goddess, empress, princess. Kneeling down before him, only because you please to. Because his body begs, his mind aches and it takes so little to arouse all of his senses. You give in to his need now and then. What women does not like seeing a big and strong, rugged man, losing what last bit of self-control he has? If he has any at all….

It’s all in the preperation. Painting your lips an irresistible red, covering your bust in the sweet scents that drown his notrils with your skin, the only smell he smells….

You get on you knees, peering your innocent eyes up at him; with the most devious of intent. Watching how he twitches as you undo his button, trailing his zipper down slowly as possible, watching his pants fall to his knees. Knowing he’s too desperate to kick them off to the side….

You’re fingers trace the edges of his underwear, watching him grow underneath the thin fabric. He’s so desperate for your hand, desperate for your mouth…..

When he’s finally free, a sigh escapes his lips. His manhood exposed to the cold air of the house, standing tall and proud. Watching patiently as your purse your lips, your mouth close enough that he can feel your breath….

When you finally wrap your luscious lips around his head, his arms flail in sudden rush of his most sensitive nerves being struck….

As you take him in your mouth, every movement of lips is calculated. Every flick of the tongue masterfully placed. When he reaches the furthest depths of your throat and you look up at him. He is in awe, he is in ectasy. Unaware of his surroundings….

Look at this man, so strong, so fierce. All that testorone flowing through him. Yet you have him in shambles, his mind shattered in millions of pleasurable pieces. As he gets close, reaches his edge. His manly grunts become whiny, womanly moans….

Pulling him out at the last second, letting that orgasm he so desperately needed, paint across your face. He looks down on you with his chest hammering, his breath short. He smiles, he loves seeing you dirty, full of his mess. Like he was marking his territory…..

Little does he know, I own him. I own his pleasure and his pain. I control his ego, his sex, with my mind and body. I will always win, sometimes you have to let him have his moment. But I always win….

Her little show.

In a moment he lost me to something greater than himself. He lost me to curiosity, the most dangerous of adventures.

I was so unsure, but he encouraged and encourage me. At first she thought, “this can’t be normal.” But as with everything else he did, normalcy was not a word he understood. Confident in his masculinity, trust and the utmost faith in our relationship. For he knew. He would always be my number one. And in his trust and faith, he asked. No he begged of me, to become a little courtesan, a harlot. Not just for him but for others.

My body shivered and shook with overwhelming excitement as I caught my lovers wide eyes. How patiently he has waited for this moment.

He watches carefully and closely, with the hawk-like precision. His eyes never leaving mine, not out of jealousy, but worry. He wants nothing more than my utmost pleasure, that who ever I am with, fills my hunger as if it were their only purpose in life. Like he has countless times before. For me to be taken to the top, the absolute Zenith that I could reach.

I saw how much it insatiated him to watch me climb on top of another man. I took my time, teasing him, his look of desperation told me that he needed this, wanted this more than an I did. Not realizing how soaked with nectar my intimate hive was, until I grabbed a hold of this strangers large manhood. Guiding the tip of his sex to my entrance. The sound it made as I kept teasing him with a sample of my warmth to come. Peaking his head in and out.

Impatiently, he walked around the bed, taking a hold of my love handles, he pushed me on to his manhood. I gasped. There is no coming back from this moment, the length and width my inner walls are now being filled with this beautiful stranger. Stretching to form myself around his rugged shape.

He walks back around, practically watering from the mouth. Our eyes catch eachothers in the most intensive stare I have ever felt. His look pierced my body, so much that I released myself already.

My hips began to sway, moans escaped my breath, unable to control my volume. My hips and stomach; flowing in a wave like motion, back arching to balance my wreckless need. A need I never knew I possessed, what has he created?

His warm wet mouth wrapped aroud mine. Plunging his wanting tongue as far as his would reach. With every orgasm at the hands of this other man, he kissed me deeper. More aggressively. Whispering, “I love you princess,” In my ear.

“Take it kitten.” He muttered, his breath is short, matching mine. I cried out for him, as the man underneath me could not longer compose himself. He drained himself, as if he had never been saddled as such, maybe I felt too enticing? My confidence took over. But this was never for him, I put on a show for my lover. I’m his little starlet.

Secret kitten part one.

I can’t believe I just cheated on my boyfriend! I was out at the bar, the next thing I knew, I was getting naked with a women. I thought only men did tried to pick up random people….

I have so much to learn….

She was an older lady, like old enough to be my mature aunt. She was hot; jet black hair, with piercing brown eyes. Her body was tight and toned like a twenty year olds. Nice golden colored skin, with baby soft features. She has an innocent, house-mom look about her. Well that was my first impression of her, but I was wrong, she was wild and crazy, with way more energy than I have.
I’m laying my head on her breasts, panting from the orgasms I just had. We walked in to her place and she just attacked me. She must be a double-d. They are so soft and squish, I understand why Thomas likes this now, it brings a certain comfort.
She pulled me on top of her, enough that that my face was sitting right on top of both her giant tits. I examined her face.
“What’s a matter kitten?” She asked with a soft, comforting smile, “thinking about your boyfriend?”
I just nodded my head.
“Don’t worry about it sweetheart, sometimes girls need their own playtime, it’s not cheating.” I think i believed her because her smile was soft and comforting, plus she smelled like flowers and candy. A little sophisticated mixed with a little sluttiness.
She ran her hands through my hair and gently stroked my face. I feel ashamed, but not as much as I should. I mean, she is a woman after all, its not like I fucked another man. I think he would be more upset that I did it without him there to watch.
I couldn’t help but smell her, she must of sprayed her perfume right betweens her tits. As I was smelling, I lost self-control again. I started gently kissing her. All around her breasts, she seemed to be especially ticklish underneath. I kissed it, softly, doing a full cirlce around. Then I switched to the other one, doing the same thing. Then my circles got smaller until I was kissing the skin around her areolas.
“Thats it kitten,” she moaned with excitement, “suck on mommies nipple.”
Something about the way she called herself “mommie” instantly fired me up. I was once again a soaking wet mess down there. I think she saw my eyes light up.
“You like that eh kitten? You like sucking in mommies titties?”
I just nodded my head yes because I didn’t want to stop sucking. I even like being called kitten. There’s something outrageously sexy about it.
“Look at you,” she whispered lightly, with her hands caressing my face, “all young and perky, still so much exploration and experiences to go through.”
I felt a shiver go through my body, I jolted becuase I felt her hand slide bewteen our touching bodies, I jolted when she stroked my unsuspecting clit.
“Mmm.” I moaned, with her nipple still in my mouth.
“Thats is kitten, let mommy take care of you!”
“Yes please mommie.” I managed to moan, taking a second away from sucking. This gets addicting! No wonder Thomas ways wants my tits in his mouth.
“That’s it, you’re an eager little kitten!”
I could feel that her hand was completely flat, I was grinding my pussy against it. I was eager, I was desperate for more.
Her free hand pulled my face from her chest.
Her beautiful mouth planted so softest, most sensual kiss I have ever felt. I came almost as soon as her tongue started massaging mine.
We repositioned our bodies, I was still on top, but in a way that allowed are pussies to rub together. I think she called it “tribbing.”
This is so hot! It’s different, having your wet pussy rubbing against another wet pussy. Its like the sexier version of dry humping. Feels better than her hand, thats forsure.
She grabbed on to my ass, spreading round fat cheeks apart, giving it a couple of smacks. She grabbed herself two big handfuls, with bo intebtion letting go. She was pushing and pulling me on to her. With every back and forth motion, my clit tingled and burned. Making my whole body weak.tingled
“YES, THAT’S IT KITTEN!” She let go of my ass and grabbed my face, kissing me desperately. It feels like she’s been starved for sex.
“Don’t be afraid, let it all out,” her hands went backto forcing my hips back and forth faster and more aggressive, “give it to mommmie.”
“Yes,” I moaned, “anything for you.”
“Good girl, now cum for mommie,” which sounded more like she was begging than demanding, “cum for mommie, please.”
The way she kissed me after begging me to cum, felt like she needed my release to get herself off.
I couldn’t hold it anymore, “yes mommie im going to cum for you!”
In a second I squirted all over her, just like I do to Thomas’s cock. I held nothing back, I let it all loose. I can hear my cunt juices squishing between our bodies.
She grabbed my face for one last kiss, but i wasn’t done. It just kept pouring out of me, it was really hard to tell if it was me are her cumming. There was so much stickiness, so much wetness between us.

We cuddled for a little while. On my way out she said, “any time you need a girls night, you call me kitten.” I left there with a goodbye kiss that Ill be thinking about for days.

I am so intimidated yet enamored with her….

My boyfriend’s best friend…..

A wild one who never apologizes for being who she is. A style all her own. She frightens me but I want to be like her, I want to be under her and please her in the most unimaginable ways. Sparking a fire inside me that feels so right and shameful at the same time.
Oh god, I cant stop fantasizing about her, she brings out the lesbian in me. When she’s around I watch her speak, stare at her pretty mouth. Hoping that Thomas doesn’t notice. Oh my! What would he say, what would he do if he knew I was here drooling over her. I know that he wants to see me with another woman but this feels different somehow. I just want to get her alone and by myself, be selfish and indulge myself in this bisexual fantasy. Sometimes I feel like she’s flirting with me. There’s a lot of hidden sexual innuendo in our conversations, hidden by vague sarcasm and compliments. I haven’t known her for too long, but we can go on about anything; our talks hold no bounds we get lost in the thick of it all, I get lost in her thick lips and thighs. Now I know that most women would have a hard time dealing with this, such a gorgeous female, bestfriends with your man. Even if they have been friends forever, deep down it would still bug most on the inside. Jealousy fills and consumes so easily, just as easily as it is to conceal. Truthfully I don’t care. I mean I did at first but after getting to know her well I would trust her in a room butt-naked with my man. Haha, but I wouldn’t trust myself though. She has class, mixed with a little edge, which within my generation is fading and fading fast. I often wonder why they have never fucked, well at least that’s what he tells me, I think he has and he’s just trying to spare my feelings. I mean they are super close, who knows what happened on drunken night or two. I keep telling him that I wouldn’t be mad, I could care less about what he did when he was single.
Now I’m in the bathroom, because I have no self-control. I need to take care of myself right now, if I’m going to make it through the night, before I soak through my jeans with my wetness. I can’t sit there staring at her beautiful rouge lips and do nothing about it.
I put my back against the door, just In case any one wants to come in. I unbutton my jeans letting my pants drop to my ankles and slide my fingers around my needy clit. Holy shit am I wet! I pull my fingers out just for a second to see, my fingers were covered in a slick sticky film. I look down, watching my fingers rub my clit furiously. All I’m picturing is Ashley on her knees, rouge colored lips kissing and licking me until I can’t take anymore. I call out her name, “Ashley.”
“Oh Ashley baby, I need you.” I have a quick and sudden orgasm, a kind of messy one, my pussy juice was dripping down my leg. It wouldn’t be until another day that I find out I was moaning her name so loud that they both heard me. Little did I know, that’s where this whole taboo plot came to be. If it wasn’t for that weak moment of selfish ecstasy, I would have never had one of the best experiences of my life.
I took a few minutes to gather my composure before I left the bathroom and went back in the living room to join them. I sat on the chair that was facing the couch. Ashley was sitting next to Thomas, who just told a funny joke, Ashley smacked his leg out of a laughing fit. It sent a jolt to my pussy. Great, now I’m sitting across from her and all I can think about is Thomas fucking her, this cant be normal! To be honest I lost track of the conversation we were all having, my mind started to wander. All I could picture was Thomas spreading her legs open on this couch, slipping her panties down her skirt, leaving on nothing but her skirt and the black stockings she’s wearing now. Watching him dive in to her deeply, while I hold one of her ankles up for her, maybe stand behind him and squeeze his tight ass. Maybe make out with her as he fucks he doggy. “Babe are you okay?” Thomas asked, He broke my concentration, I could feel my face getting red. “Uh, yeah, just daydreaming.” Thomas gave me a wicked grin, as if he knew I was thinking of something, he probably does. Ugh, what is wrong with me, I’m so wet at the thought of him fucking her that I need to go to the bathroom again and wipe myself off. Later that night after Ashley left, Thomas cornered me in the kitchen to give me a kiss.
“So do you want to tell what you were thinking about before?” My face was red with embarrassment again, “it was nothing, really.” “Nothing eh?” I squealed when Thomas slipped his hand down my pants, between my lips. “You’re so wet that my hand is shiny.” I was trying my best to avoid the question. “It’s Ashley, isn’t it?” “No!” I protested, but I have no poker face, it gives me away every time. “I just find her attractive that’s all.” Hoping that he would just leave it at that. “Does someone have a little lesbian crush, tell me so I can set it up.” “Shut up!” I yelled, giving him a little push. “What? I’m serious! Sometimes a girl just has to explore, and I fully support it!” “Of course you would you pig.”
“What? She would be down and she’s told me numerous times that she thinks you’re a total babe. Not to mention that she’s bisexual.”
“It would be weird wouldn’t it?”
“Haha, only if you make it weird.” He laughed as he walked out the room.

Little did she know, Ashley and I heard her masturbating in the bathroom, she called her name a lot louder than she probably meant to. I’ve known for quite a while now that she’s attracted to her, so has Ashley for that matter. Once I heard her moan her name while she was dreaming, she’d be to embarrassed to admit her sex dream to me. Ashley and I were close, maybe a little too close. It was in that moment where we heard her name echo through the house that we hatched a plan for her to seduce Zenith. I had no ulterior motives, I didn’t want to screw her, or even watch for that matter. The idea alone was enough for me, I just wanted her to have this experience, experiment with no audience. At least for the first time anyway. Experimenting is important to understand yourself as a sexual being. I wanted it to be in such a way that she thinks she’s cheating on me with her, then one time while they are getting all hot and heavy, I show up and make her fuck her in front of me. Telling her that I knew all along and I was the one who set it up.
A few days later I was bored at home so I decided to crack open a bottle of wine, by the end of the bottle I was even lonelier. It’s Friday night and I’m all alone and in need of desperate release. Not to mention Thomas was texting me dirty things while he’s at work all night, doing everything thing in his power to drive me crazy. And guess what? It was working! I have nothing else to do, I guess I’ll just open up the second bottle. He suggested I invite Ashley over for a girls night, it wasn’t a terrible idea. So I texted her, she’ll be here in about 20 minutes,

After a bottle of wine Zenith gets very horny and very touchy-feely, a little more and you may as well throw her inhibitions out the window. It’s the perfect time for a ‘girls night’. Ashley sent me a picture of the lingerie she was going to wear, it felt so wrong getting a smutty picture from someone besides Zenith. But Damon does she look fucking hot tonight! She will have Zenith foaming at the mouth.

“Hey girl!” I shouted as she opened the door, “my god you look so good I could kiss you.” I hugged her and squeezed her tight, shamefully I inhale whatever scent she is wearing that pairs so well with her skin. And inhale even more as she turns around and walks into the living room, expecting me to follow. And with what she’s wearing, I would follow her anywhere. What she was wearing was simple, yet she made it look so damn good! She owned her chubbiness with a confidence I never could. Strutting in here with jet black jeans that hugged her really wide hips perfectly, a jet black band t-shirt on which looks like she made it in to her own V-neck. Her shirt exposing the strap and a little of the lace of her dark red bra, showing what little cleavage she had, her bust was petite but I would still suck on them. Glitter sparkled on her chest, the perfect girly touch to a rebellious look. Her eyes were heavily darkened with eyeliner and just a light Smokey eyeshadow. There’s something about that rouge on her lips; a classy color on a devious girl. The mere sight of it makes my panties wet and tonight is no different.
I take a seat on the chocolate-brown couch, offering her a glass of wine. We clicked our glasses together and toasted. She looked at me and smiled while placing her hair behind her ear; A shutter went through my chest, oddly, I feel nervous and a bit aroused. Normally I am but the vibe just felt different tonight. Like I wouldn’t trust myself alone with her kind of different, not that I would ever do anything without Thomas watching.
We talked for a while, every time she laughed she put her hand on my lap, lightly smacking it in a laughing fit. My pussy was wetter with each light tap, I hope that my flinching wasn’t noticeable. The night went on and we talked a little bit about everything. Naturally the conversation ended up on sex, I talked about all the crazy wild sex that Thomas and I have, maybe even bragging a little. I told her all the things that I’ve wanted to try, she even said that she would be open to a three some with us, I blushed at the very mention of it.
“No need to be shy about it honey!” She taps my leg once more. Ashley’s eye contact was so intense that my clit throbbed and I drenched myself even more, which I can’t believe is even humanly possible. These piercing blue eyes kept my attention in a way that made me think she was trying to send me a message. I just laughed and blushed once more and stayed awkwardly quiet for a moment. Ashley broke the silence, “so about what you said earlier.”
“What did I say?” Because we spoke a lot about personal things.
“That you wanted to kiss me, why?” Her stare was devilish and her grin deceitful, I swallowed with embarrassment.
“It was a joke, like you look so good I could eat you up you know?” I can’t believe I just said something so lame but her look was a little more serious. I feel like I was just caught in a lie.
“Then why is your face so red?” There was no backing out of this one.
“I don’t…. I don’t know it’s just something I’ve always wanted to experience. And I just trust you, and I just think…. You’re gorgeous.”
“Thank you!” She laughed and blushed making me feel even more embarrassed. She reaches over to hand me a glass, “drink up.”
“And your lips, their just so beautiful.” They really were, not to thin, not too thick.
Ashley gently took the wine glass out of my hand and set it on the table, setting her hand on my face, “you know sweetheart you’re always welcome to try them out, anytime you want.”
I tried to look away out of nervousness but her hand pulled my face back, forcing me to look her in the eyes. Ashley leans forward and grabs the back of my head, I didn’t have time to process what she was about to do. Her lips touched mine, giving me a few gentle kisses, sucking on my bottom lip. My hands flailed a bit, unsure of what to do with them. I was awestruck. My body tingled everywhere, kind of like when you sit on your leg to long and then get up and all the blood comes rushing back. That’s what it felt like in every part of me.
I barely had any time to get used to the feeling of our lips being pressed together, within seconds her tongue was massaging mine. Every possible thought of Thomas was far away. Sometimes you just need a woman’s touch right? I can’t believe I am doing this.
She’s sucking and nibbling on my tongue, we went back and forth doing it to each other. Such a simple thing, yet it had my legs quivering and I know that I am so wet that I’ve soaked through my jeans now.
We made out for a long time. In an instant I went from sinfully sedated to sexually aggressive, pulling her on top of me. Kissing her back as hard as she’s kissing me now. We are now fighting for each others tongue. The full weight of her pressed up against me, sitting on top of me, I am in heaven… The sound of our lips sliding off each others echoed through the room or at least I felt like it was, we were breathing heavy.
My attention is completely on her. When she made her way down to my neck my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I swear they almost got stuck. She makes me feel sexy and unstoppable, if both Thomas and Ashley want me I must be sexy. Call me crazy but I think this was the confidence boost I needed.
I ripped off her shirt faster than I’ve ever torn off any my own. I buried my head in between her small perky breasts, Inhaling once again a sweet perfume that hits the brain like a snort of cocaine. I can feel my eyes widening and my heart racing, fuck she smells good! I rub my hands all over her back as I kiss around the edges of her satin red bra. Simultaneously she’s gripping the back of my head, making a mess of my straight hair. Her heavy breathing and need is waking something animalistic in me. I didn’t bother with undoing the strap in back.
I slipped my hand underneath, grazing her pierced nipples as I just forced it upwards and off her body. I felt like I had broken it, I didn’t care enough to stop and take a look. I savagely took her nipples in my mouth, sucking, biting, tonguing the barbell of her piercings, moving them side to side. I didn’t know she had these but man are they sexy.
Ashley tore my shirt off and threw in behind the couch. I feel like we were having this little “who’s the alpha female” bout. She seemed to match my roughness, then again maybe girls really aren’t all that gentler than men. She ripped off each strap with both of her hands. I know she saw the clip in the front. She could have easily unhooked it. Instead she pulled it apart roughly, bending the golden little hook beyond repair. Alright then, message received! She’s wins, she takes charge, I’m just a little reckless virgin lesbian. And she didn’t stop there, she unbuttoned my jeans and started to yank them off my full hips. With even more fierceness. They make such a distinct sound when they hit the floor. I didn’t even get the chance to tears hers off, before she started doing it herself. Jumping back on top of me, forcing that soft velvet tongue as far as she can get it to go down my throat.
I was hoping that she would suck on my tits too. Instead she pushed me over until I was completely lying down. Without warning shoving her freshly manicured nails right in my tight pussy. It was a combination of pain and pleasure, I screamed out in her ear, the taboo of it all was exhilarating. She was kissing me and fingering me, I wanted it to go on forever. I’ve been thinking of this so much that I was pretty much already there, ready to come all over her hand. And without much warning that’s exactly what I did, I could feel it seeping out, covering her hand. Ashley had cocky look on her face as if she knew that she was good at what she was doing. “There, now you are broken in.”
I just lied there lifeless for a moment, trying to soak it all in. Before I could even begin to coherently comprehend what just happened. Her mouth mounted over the top of my lips. Hot breath sending tingles up my spine, face flushed with what felt like all the blood in my body. Oh god does it feel good to be fucked by a girl, she knows what she wants and she fucking takes it. Like a magician between my legs, is sleight of tongue such a thing? I feel myself getting louder and louder. I’m moving into her as much as I can. “Give me it, give me it all pleeeeease!” The room is fading in and out, head is swinging in every direction with no control, my moan is heavy and rapid to match my breathing; each body part trying to move in a different direction. A mind of their own and normally I know when I am about go. This time it came with no warning once again, there was no long build up. My brain exploded just like my pussy. Drowning her beautiful mouth in a sweet nectar of my own.
My head is spinning, there’s no strength left in me to move. I compose my self and look down at her. She knows what she has just done, every ounce of sin inside her escapes her eyes. Lord knows I’m a bad girl. Ashley stood up and led me to my room, pushing me stomach first on the bed. I screamed because I felt her warm wet tongue force itself between the spaces of my toes, sucking on each one, the sensation shot up through my spine. Ashley kissed her way up my legs, placing gentle ones in the dimples of my back. That’s all I remember that from that night. I walked in after work to find Zenith laying on the bed naked, blankets and pillows were thrown about the room, hair a complete mess. She snores and sleeps heavy, the deep sleep of a satisfied woman. The room smells like a concoction of shame, sex and sweat with a little perfume. I sniff the air like a dog looking for meat, other would probably think it stinks, I think it smells fucking good. I just want to roll around in it. I crawl in bed with her and wrap my arms around her, I see lipstick marks trailing up her back and legs, even on her neck. I would bet anything that she’ll wake up and run to the shower to try and hide any evidence of it. I can’t take the excitement anymore, I’m way too riled up, so I get naked and wrap my arms around her, slowly sliding my cock inside her. Zenith was still soaking wet from the aftermath of her little lesbian endeavor, so wet that my cock slid in with very little force; fitting the contours of her aching, needing hole. I give a few light strokes before she moans herself half-awake and placed her hand on mine, which is cupping her big beautiful breasts. She must still be sensitive from her night, it takes no time at all for her to flood my cock with her warm juices, I filled her up with about two days worth of come. I didn’t move, I just stayed there inside her until I fell asleep.

Secons encounter.

“I’m really turned on by this whole ordeal, I’m going to meet Zenith for some shopping later. Taking her to buy some new sexy lingerie for Thomas, probably feeling guilty. Even I feel guilty, she thinks she cheated on the love of her life, but with the guilt comes great pleasure. Im going to corner her in the dressing room and have my way with her.”

I’m going to tell her that this can never happen again! We had a little to much and things got out of hand. My mind hurts with regret but my pussy aches for more, it’s all so confusing. Even now, I’m soaking through my panties as I walk through the mall to go meet Sarah.
Sarah asked me in to the changing room to ask my opinion on this nice charcoal gray bra and panty set, well charcoal grey with black lace around the ridges. She gave me the full 360°, showing me the front and back. She looked so good!
I took a step towards her, I was about to tell her how much of a mistake the other night was. My inner instincts, my base desires flooded my brain and what came out was, “I want more.”
The next thing I knew I was throwing myself at her, shoving her against the changing room mirror. My hands slipped under, the booty style shorts she was trying on; grabbing a hand full of her soft round ass, squeezing each cheek with a hungry aggression. Letting go, then grabbing them harder as I forcibly shove my tongue down her throat this time. She let out a moan when I started sucking on her neck, it was really loud, I’m sure someone heard it. I can hear our breaths echo in here.
I get on my knees, pushing her panties to the side, taking my first first taste pussy. It waters in my mouth, if all girls tasted like this I’d have one every night. Is this what I taste like? I look her in her eyes, she watches mine, she watches my mouth sucking on all her tasty wetness. I switch between licking and sucking her tasty cunt, I almost want to bite it off. My lips, my cheeks, my chin are all coated in saliva mixed with pussy juices.
I can’t help but think about how wrong and shameful this is, and in my shame I slip my hand under my skirt and start fingering myself with the same rhythm I lick her with. I orgasm three times before she even has one.
We both jumped when we heard a knock on the door, “is everything okay in there.” One of the store clerks asked, we both shouted “yes!” She got dressed in a hurry and we leave the super bright changing room, you know the kind of really bright, white light that almost makes you feel like you’re in heaven. I may as well have been. She left the wet panties on floor, we walked out of here as fast as we could. Once we made it on the other side of the mall, we just started laughing, oh man was my heart racing.
I gave Sarah a ride home, she gave me a sensuous goodbye kiss before hoping out and running up her stairs.

It was all a game.

“I’m really turned on by this whole ordeal, I’m going to meet Zenith for some shopping later. Taking her to buy some new sexy lingerie for Thomas, probably feeling guilty. Even I feel guilty, she thinks she cheated on the love of her life, but with the guilt comes great pleasure. Im going to corner her in the dressing room and have my way with her.”

I’m going to tell her that this can never happen again! We had a little to much and things got out of hand. My mind hurts with regret but my pussy aches for more, it’s all so confusing. Even now, I’m soaking through my panties as I walk through the mall to go meet Sarah.
Sarah asked me in to the changing room to ask my opinion on this nice charcoal gray bra and panty set, well charcoal grey with black lace around the ridges. She gave me the full 360°, showing me the front and back. She looked so good!
I took a step towards her, I was about to tell her how much of a mistake the other night was. My inner instincts, my base desires flooded my brain and what came out was, “I want more.”
The next thing I knew I was throwing myself at her, shoving her against the changing room mirror. My hands slipped under, the booty style shorts she was trying on; grabbing a hand full of her soft round ass, squeezing each cheek with a hungry aggression. Letting go, then grabbing them harder as I forcibly shove my tongue down her throat this time. She let out a moan when I started sucking on her neck, it was really loud, I’m sure someone heard it. I can hear our breaths echo in here.
I get on my knees, pushing her panties to the side, taking my first first taste pussy. It waters in my mouth, if all girls tasted like this I’d have one every night. Is this what I taste like? I look her in her eyes, she watches mine, she watches my mouth sucking on all her tasty wetness. I switch between licking and sucking her tasty cunt, I almost want to bite it off. My lips, my cheeks, my chin are all coated in saliva mixed with pussy juices.
I can’t help but think about how wrong and shameful this is, and in my shame I slip my hand under my skirt and start fingering myself with the same rhythm I lick her with. I orgasm three times before she even has one.
We both jumped when we heard a knock on the door, “is everything okay in there.” One of the store clerks asked, we both shouted “yes!” She got dressed in a hurry and we leave the super bright changing room, you know the kind of really bright, white light that almost makes you feel like you’re in heaven. I may as well have been. She left the wet panties on floor, we walked out of here as fast as we could. Once we made it on the other side of the mall, we just started laughing, oh man was my heart racing.
I gave Sarah a ride home, she gave me a sensuous goodbye kiss before hoping out and running up her stairs.

To be continued….

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