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Sex and confidence.

Sex and Confidence!

After having our first threesome, I was laying in bed, wide awake. I got to thinking about confidence. Only because the night before, my nerves were a wreck. Not enough that I wasn’t able to preform, but there was still a confidence issue there. In the end, I was able to take on both the women, our night lasted about three hours.

I still couldn’t sleep though, so I spoke to one of my friends and asked her a question.

“Hey, I see that you’re awake too! I have a random question, as a woman, how important is self-confidence, self-worth when it comes to sex?

Do you think a person can be sexually confident but lack outer confidence? As in I think in amazing in bed, but I still feel ugly. Or does overall confidence play a role, like to be sexually confident, you need to feel physically and emotionally confident first?

And if you’re having an off day, what’s something that makes you change your mind.?What makes you think, hell no girl! You are Wrong! I am absolute fire.

I was Just thinking about writing a little about sex and confidence and trying to figure out where exactly the two meet”

“I think that confidence plays a huge role in sexuality but I also feel like you don’t have to be physically confident to let sexual energy take over in the bedroom.”

( I thought it was an interesting point of view. “Sexual energy.” So essentially what she was saying is that, that energy and raw desire, that sexual energy, the need and want is in itself some form of self-confidence. That once your brain shuts down, and you let your primal-self take over, you just lose yourself in the scheme of it all. That It wouldn’t matter if that day, the moments leading up to it you weren’t confident or feeling particularly good about yourself. Because the sex itself, the energy of the room, can pushed passed those emotions and then you because fully charged. That I kind of agree with also, I was not confident going in to the threesome. However, it was all I could think about the days leading up to it. Somehow, the energy of the two ladies, the energy of the room, completely changed my mind. I fed off the confidence that they both had in that moment. )

I can’t stand my body but when I get into something sexually, I know that I just lose myself and the confidence I lack just seems to go away because that isn’t the goal at hand.

( I feel like this is an important one, because so many women have body issues. Being a more full-figured woman, you are more apt to have these thoughts. Such as my partner, there’s definitely days where all she has is negative thought about herself. Even though she is extremely gorgeous, those thoughts catch up with her sometimes. You can tell a women she is beautiful a million times a day, until your blue in the face. If she doesn’t believe it or feel it for herself, there’s no changing her mind. I think what my friend was saying was, that somebody wanting you as equally as you want them, changes your state of mind. Your focus shifts, it’s no longer about how I “feel or look,” it’s about engaging the other person and making them feel good. All about the “sexual energy,” as I said before.
And letting them make you feel good. I think going in to what we did the other day, really helped with that. My partner got a boost of confidence, there was two people that wanted her, it made her feel empowered. )

I find it plays more into foreplay and the build up if anything. Or that sex can even inspire self confidence. But I do know that if I have a day where I feel I look and feel amazing, it will change how I approach someone sexually. I’m way more likely to initiate it myself if I feel good. As for changing my mind on an off day, someone convincing me I’m actually sexy and turning them on even when I don’t feel like it really helps a lot. Anything that boosts my morale helps. Self pampering, reminding myself of things I’m good at, of things I wanna try and knowing that even on shitty days I am still way more adventurous than a lot of people all that helps a lot!

( I definitely agree that sex can inspire self-confidence. Self-love and care is something that I believe is super important, doing things for yourself, taking care of yourself is such a positive thing. Even I suffer from self-confidence issues, I know some men would never admit that. I just recently got a hair cut, something so simple, made me feel so good. Often my partner and I will relax on a Friday night, do a face mask together, give each other massages, do our nails together. Just little acts of self-care that really go a long way, in terms of boosting your confidence.
The other day we went out and bought Zenith a new lingerie set, I figured she was already on a confidence high, so why not continue it? I picked up something sexy for her. When we got home, I told her to put it on. We had no plans that day, we just sat around and played games, talked about how much fun we had on the weekend. Just something as simple as sitting in the baby-doll style lingerie, all day long changed her attitude. It felt good on her, she felt she looked good, I told her she looked good. That sort of plays in to what my friend said, she felt good, she felt sexy, she was more flirty, more playful.
Having an open mind is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself! Some of our friends think we are absolutely insane, they would never try some of the sexual endeavors, that we have tried or are going to try. That also speaks volumes, the more open and adventurous you are, the more at peace you are with yourself. It takes a confident and self-assured person to put themselves out there and explore all that sex and life has to offer them. That in itself, is something to be proud of. Don’t quote me on all of this, I’m not even saying that I am right. This was just merely thought of a man that was wide awake at 3:00am )

“Her eyes widened as she entered the room, her confidence radiated to the point where it would put my manliness to shame. For she is beautiful, sensual, sexual and ultimately unstoppable. I but a humble man, kiss her feet, kiss her body, worship the goddess inside herself which she has released.”

Silenced Poet.


New year! New blog! First threesome!

We brought in the new year with bang!

Sorry to all the readers out there who have read some of my content repeatedly. I decided to wipe my blog and start over. All content, inlcuding pictures and comments are gone. It was more than a “new years resolution” kind of thing. It just felt juvenile, since starting my blog I’ve grown, matured. We’ve matured, so I thought it would be a good time to restart.
We would talk about threesomes all the time! She always. We would talk about how we wanted to add a third in on all the fun. We did more than talk about it, we would fantasize about it together. Often when we are fucking, Zenith would tell me how she wants another woman, she would tell me exactly how she wanted to be touched, how she wanted me to ravage another woman.
We just had our first threesome the other day. While I am open to adding other men in to the mix, she somehow seemed more apt to have a woman first. And even after the fact, still wants to try more women.
We just thought it was time to throw in the towel and give in to our sinful urges. Almost two years in to our relationship and we felt ready, confident enough in one another. It starts with open communication, I know it’s cliché, however it is the base of every endeavour. Since we talk so openly about everything, this was no difference. I have also talked to couples in the past, close friends who were in to this kind of lifestyle. It was important to know all their stories for perspective, how one action change these couples lives in various different ways.
Most couples usually set rules and boundaries going in to something like this, the most common being, no kissing. Many couples find kissing to be too intamate of a thing, to be shared with someone else. Some believe that, if you aren’t going to kiss, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. That if you don’t allow kissing, you may have some risidual jealousy, which could furthermore turn you off from other experiences. Being jealous and going in to something like this, could possibly devastate a relationship. Some couples take that jealousy and use it in arguments with their partners at later times. There are some that believe you can have threesomes, while still being jealous. That it’s a simple matter of taking the jealousy and putting it in to some other form of sexually charged energy. Now I’m not really sure whether or not it’s true or not, I’m just merely talking for the sake of talking.
In our opinion, kissing is an important part of sex. There’s just something about, having your mouths locked together, muffled moans filling up your airways. It’s just instensly erotic and sexy. I just can’t explain it any other way….
When we first spoke about threesomes, we had the same reservations about kissing. Another rule that we had said was, no play without the other around. When we decided we were ready and went on Tinder to find our unicorn. It seemed that idea had shifted, the things that we said we wouldn’t do, we did. When it came down to the moment, she no longer cared. Neither did I

We found this girl Kate, she was exactly our type, especially mine. I tend to go for the more full-figured women. We all started talking, we let her know what we are looking, hoping she was interested ( she took the bait). So we started up a group chat with Zenith, myself and Kate. It was simple, we let her know who we were as a couple, what we were looking for, what we wanted to try. Kate was receptive to it, she herself had one prior experience like this, just not with a couple.
We spent the whole just talking. The first day was just normal small talk, but the conversation quickly escalated. We started to exchange pictures of ourselves, then the videos came. We sent late videos of us fucking, videos of Zenith sucking my dick. Kate replied to all of that with videos of herself masturbating, sliding a dildo in and out of her pussy. Getting herself off to the things that we had sent her. It was already off the a good start, the conversation was flowing, getting progressively dirtier. Impatient as we are, we invited her over that Friday for dinner and drinks. I said it could be a cool, “no pressure,” meeting and that I had no expectations. But we obviously wanted to fuck her badly!
So Kate came over, I prepared a simple supper. Feeding all of us something light, you know, just incase anything happend. I wouldn’t want to fuck on a full stomach. We sat down in the living room and enjoy a nice sweet glass of white whine, a little conversation goes a long way. We could tell that she was waiting for one of us to make a move, she was undressing us with her with her big blue eyes as we spoke. I knew that Zenith had been wanting to do this for so long, that I let her take charge.
After we took our plates in the kitchen, we stood around talking for a few minutes. When we decided to go back in to the living room, but Zenith couldn’t wait anymore. She grabbed Kate in the middle of the hallway, and went right in for the kill; kissing her deep and wantingly. As Zenith was kissing her, I pushed her hair aside and started kissing her neck, she instantly moaned, filling up Zeniths mouth with her hot breath. My hands squeezed her plump little ass. We must have spent a good ten minutes making out in the hallway together, feeling up her body together, she would kiss me, then she would kiss Zenith. All the shyness and nervousness was gone.
We led her downstairs in to our room, which I like to call our ‘slut cave.’ The name fits because our room, at any time you come in, always smells of perfume and sex. We just cant help it, what do you expect when two sexual deviants are trapped in one room?
Zenith instantly started undressing her, taking time to kiss her after removing an aritcle. She was too far in, there was no slowing down now. I just stood there and watched her, watched her feel up this naked strangers body.
I walked over and threw her on the bed, Zenith instantly got on her knees putting her mouth to work. Kate’s pussy was so wet, you could probably notice from a mile away. She was eager, I just stood there and enjoyed the view of watching my woman eat out another woman. Her cute little moans echoed in the quiet room.
Kate begged for Zenith to sit on her face, so I tapped her out, taking her place. Zenith grabbed my face and gave me a deep kiss, making me taste her pussy on her mouth. Sex is so grossly intoxicating. I licked her sweet tatsing pussy, I could have licked her all night, when it tastes good, it tastes good. It’s an unexplaineble, primal and addictive taste. I stared Zenith in her eyes. I was watching her sit on this cute girls face, gettin her soaking wet pussy licked. She was watching me lick her up and down, from her tight little asshole all the way up. Sucking on her throbbing clit, letting my tongue dance inside her tasteful, tight hole. My face was wet with her juices.
After Zentith couldn’t hold herself up anymore, she got on her back. Kate started licking her pussy mercilessly. Waving her round, fat-ass in the air. I slid my cock inside her. Fuck was she tight! I grabbed on to hips and pounded in to her, watching her ass bounce off my cock. Zenith and I sharing a stare once again, encouraging me.
“yes baby, fuck her good,” asking kate, “does his fucking cock feel good?”
“Fuck yes, his cock feels so damn good!” She replied, with a sexy whining type moan.
It was so hot and exciting, I had to stop myself from cumming many times. At one point, Kate was on her stomach, I slid my fat cock inside her. Wrapping my arm around her neck, ramming it in as deep as it would go. Sucking on Zeniths titties at the same time, Kate fingering her as I fuck her. Our eyes never left eachothers.
We were at it for more than two hours, flip flopping through every position. It just flowed so naturally, we were all concerned with making sure the other two were well pleased. In the end we were. When I couldn’t take anymore, Zenith sucked me off until I came in her beautiful mouth. She instantly turned over to Kate, kissed her with my cum in her mouth.

After It was over, we just chilled in our bed for an hour, just talked. We will definately be doing her again! Next time, I hope to get some pictures.
Zenith and I were way too high on adrenaline, we couldn’t fall asleep right away. So we decided to snuggle in bed and talk about how fun this was. Everyone should experience this at some point in there life. It was very eye-opening, we learned more about ourselves personally and as a couple. There’s just way too many things to try, I could never go back to vanilla sex. Sex is so vastly pleasurable and complicated, so many dark corners and niches to explore.

“Her body twitched and convulsded with feelings she could never have even imagined. Her mind was rampant; twisting and winding roads of selfishness, lust and gluttony. For her hunger of flesh knew no fullness, no end. Like a wild wolf, she would tear in to any sinful prey that came her way.
Lost inside herself, lost inside her body, lost inside every touch. The room was dark but she was ablaze with sexual fire, a heat that would light up darkest of rooms. Every inch touched, every part kissed, set off a reaction insurmountable ectasy ( a womans most beuatiful form ).
When a woman so insatiable indulges herself in lust of the flesh, she becomes one with herfself, one with the room, one with the universe. The absolute Zenith pleausure, there is no coming down from such a high

A silent poet’s dark mind.

Smell. Sight. Undressing.

The walls are spinning, yet my vision is hyper-focused on her eyes; drawing all the attention out of the room.
They shine, they sparkle. They gleam a becon that destroys my insides and brings me back to my existence; weak and fragile, full of selfishness and wanting.
She smells of Midnight mixed in with a swirl of romance on her softest of spots.
The profound scent of Peony with undertones of vannilla and raspberries; flooding my airways with such a lustful aroma. I am drunk, I have smelled the scent of heavens skin. There is no more, there is no other.
Her lips pursed with confidence, a half-cocked smile of concietedness that could only be brought on by her sexiest of outfitts.
Her gaze is devilish; piercing through me with her womanhood, her need is selfish, and rightly so. She gives and she gives, it’s her right to take, take whatever she needs. She may use me for all her sinful needs.
No matter how strong I think I am, my eyes trail back to her lips; plump with softeness, rich in the reddest of reds, there is only so long a man can resist.
Standing there, not moving an inch, it’s a game. How long until I give in? How long until I run across the room and kiss her, stealing as many as I can? Her lips have always been my weakness, how long until my desire gets the best of me? Because I can undress her, quicker than she can blink, that’s what she needs.
The faster my self-control bursts apart and falls on the floor, leaving trails of carefully thought out lingirie. The more exhilerated she feels, for what does a woman want from her man but be needed, be wanted?

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