A weekend being gay.

    Months earlier….
    Zenith has been teasing me for the last thirty minutes, I’m sitting up with my hands tied behind my back. She streams porn right to our TV, I saw the video come up. Two guys fucking, one guy is flat out in his stomach, the other guy who is much larger is towering over him, ramming his tight ass. 

  “Why are you making me watch this.” I asked in annoyance. 

    “You like it Thomas, don’t lie!” she ordered with confidence.

    “No I don’t, it’s not for me.” Even though I couldn’t peel my eyes away.

    “Then why is your cock still rock hard? If you didn’t like it you would soft and limp.” I love it when she uses her stern, mommy type voice. 

    “I know you like cock, don’t think I haven’t found your stash of shemale porn, it’s the same thing. A dick is a dick and you like dick.” Zenith slapped my dick really hard, I knew what that meant. She wants me to say it. I think my shemale fetish started at around fifteen when I stumbled on to some porn.

    “Your right, I love dick, I am sorry.” It was so pleasantly dirty.
    Her hand went back to stroking me, it felt good, but it also felt shamefully good. Zenith put her hand over my mouth, not letting me get a word or moan out. 

    “Shh…. Shh….”

    “Shh…. Baby, baby, it’s okay. Don’t fight it, you like cock too. We’ll find you a nice big cock to suck, how does that sound?” I tried to protest, but her hand was covering my mouth to roughly.

    “It’s okay love, you know you want it.” Zenith kept stroking, I tried to fight it, I tried to fight the build up. It wad was way past my control; my muffled groans echoed in her palm. I let go, I let it all go everywhere.

    “You see, I told you that you love it!”
    It became a regular occurrence, she would cuff me and stroke me ever so softly, telling me that I am a “cock loving slut.” Forcing me to watch man on man porn that I swore I didn’t like, I secretly did and she knew it. She knew I loved it more than I protested in disgust, that she started making clean up my own mess. Licking up all my cum off of her hand, her spitting it all in my mouth after being sucked off. It was “practice for the real thing.”

    Zenith has been talking about me having gay sex for a while now, she is really turned on by the idea. The only girl I’ve ever met that loves the sight of two guys pounding each other, sucking each other off. I guess it’s no different than my love for lesbians, just more uncommon.

    We tried searching on gay hook-up apps. The messages came flooding in, apparently a straight male looking to have his first homosexual experience was sexy. There was a ton of men wanting to ravage me, receiving cock picture after cock pictures, a lot of nice looking ones that I would be willing to jam down my throat. It was an experience to say the least, also very intimidating. Although gay guys are really pushy., I kind of understand how straight girls feel on dating sites now. 

   All of them wanted to fuck right now, and I wanted to take my time, I want to enjoy it, have a sensual experience; explore another man’s body the way Zenith explores mine, touch him the same way. Use everything I know I like and the way I like to be stroked and tended to, see if I cant make a man shiver and shake. 

    There’s this gay bar/terrace where we have been going for food and drinks lately. Nice place, cheap food. We met a couple whom we chatted with on many occasions. Mark and Dave, more the masculine type, my type and in good physical  shape. Extremely handsome, Mark has a full beard and blue eyes, Dave has a clean shaven face and brown eyes. 

    During one of our conversations, we told them about what we were looking to try, told them about our experience on the dating apps. They confirmed that it’s basically just an online whorehouse. They loved the fact that we were open and adventurous, Mark may have let it slip that he thought I was a beautiful piece of candy, and that he would take me around the world. “Would you consider trying a couple for your first time, like us?” Dave asked innocently stirring his gun and cranberry.
    “I would definitely, then I can cross off, gay sex and gay threesome off my list.” I laughed nervously, winked playfully. I found myself really hard and horny, I had dirty thoughts in my head right now. I move my leg in an attempt to reposition myself. Zenith felt my leg twitch and automatically slid her hand over my cock, dragging her nail over my jean shorts, right where my head is. She knew I was thinking about what I could do with these two gorgeous men. 

    “I think Thomas over here really likes the idea of that, he has a raging hard on right now.” They both looked at me and bit their lips. I could tell they where undressing me with their eyes, my virgin throat and asshole excites them. Straight boys are such a turn on for them, I don’t know why. 

    “We have a beautiful cottage up north, big guest room. We are planning to go up next Thursday and come back Sunday evening, if you would like to come join us for the weekend then feel free. There’s absolutely no pressure, if you’re uncomfortable in anyway we don’t have to do anything. We just like you as a couple and would like to invite you anyway.”

    “Sure that sounds like fun!” Zenith answered before I could even get a word out. 

    “Don’t worry big boy, we can take it as slow as you want.” That night when we got home, Zenith tied me up and stroked me rough and aggressively. She asked if we could go with her puppy dog eyes. So I “yes.”
    There’s so many nice houses on the way up, spread out over miles of trees. The GPS says we are about 45 minutes away. We pulled up to a nice old cottage with modern finishes. We were greeted at the door by Dave and Mark who were both in towels, probably Just finished making love or taking a shower. “Come on in, just give us a moment and we’ll go get some clothes on.” We took a seat in what was their living/entertainment room. A nice fireplace in the center on the main wall with a flats-screen TV above the mantle. The décor is very modern and minimalistic. 

After a few drinks….

    Mark and Dave led us to their room, the lights were dim. There was a big vanity in front of the bed. Zenith sat down on the microfiber love seat they have gracing one corner of the room, perfect view for watching. They pulled me on to the bed, I was sitting in between them. Mark on my left, Dave on my right. 

    Mark pulled me over until I was on my side facing him, he kissed me, his long masculine tongue massaging mine, his big hand reached around grabbing a handful on my plump bottom. His tongue was careful and precise, tickling my mouth. 

    Dave’s hand slid up my shirt, rubbing my back and sides while Mark made out with me. I felt his wide body move closer, my neck tingles as he gently kisses it, I feel his hard dick pressed up again my cheeks. 

    Mark breaks from the kiss to undress his self, Dave and I do the same, then move back to the same position. His hand squeezing my ass as we go back to kissing. I reach over and grab his cock, thick and meaty. I start stroking it softy with long full strokes, putting more pressure when it glides over his head that is slick with pre-cum. Hitting that spot that drives all men crazy. His is hot breath moaning in my mouth.

    Dave kisses my neck while his hands rub me down over, I gasp when I feel a wet finger gently graze my asshole. My body jumped with every back and forth movement he did with his big finger. 

    Mark lied down flat on his back, I stayed on my side, wrapping my thigh over his. Still stroking his cock slowly, exploring it, getting accustom to the feel of it. He hasn’t stopped kissing me, so I guess that means I’m good at it. 

    I feel Dave get up and leave for a moment, when he got back behind me. I felt the coldness of lube, then his swollen cock head resting gently against my tight asshole. He starts pushing slowly, inching his big cock in. It hurts, but not enough to make me stop. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, his cock was completely inside of me, slowly moving it in and out. I don’t know if it was the pressure or the feeling but my dick grew even harder, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of me.

    I keep stroking Mark, with full long strokes, rubbing his full balls when I get to the bottom. It didn’t take long before he lost control, his warm seed came flying out, exploding all over my hand like a human volcano. His hot cum dripping down my hands, between my fingers. Desperately squeezing out every last drop. I feel him shake with sensitivity in the aftermath of his orgasm. I kept hammering his dick with my hand until he couldn’t take it anymore and pushed my hand away.

Mark grabbed my cock, his big hand made my big cock look small. Flicking his thumb on my head, I shutter at my sensitivity. I’m sticky, clear pre-cum just oozing out. I love the  sound it makes.                

    My balls tingle with every pump of Dave’s fat cock, he’s still moving in and out slowly, pulling it out only about halfway and shoving it back in, hitting that spot. Fuck this feels so good, I can feel every throbbing vein and spasm, his hands grabbed my hips. Giving him leverage for a deeper thrust. I cant get over the amount of pre-cum just sliding out of me. I thought I was going to have a relaxed weekend, I never thought I would be getting barebacked by two handsome men, that’s for sure. 

    “You’re so damn tight!!” Dave groaned. For a second it felt like his cock was getting bigger, I felt it throbbing fiercely inside me. I felt an intense pressure, he let out a loud war cry type grunt. I bit my lip as his cum filled me up.

    My ass pulsed as he pulled himself out, it still feels likes it’s in there. Seconds later, I feel his release leaking out of me.
    Mark pushed me over on to my back, my legs twitch as my  dick is taken into his mouth, Dave joined him between my legs, sucking my balls. I look over at Zenith who is aggressively pleasing herself and then pay attention to what’s happening down below. My legs started shaking, I made this unholy sound and moan. This feels so good, why would anyone deprive themselves of such indulgences? My hot cream came racing out, Mark swallowed every last little drip.
    We stayed in bed for a while just chatting, then Zenith and I went upstairs to shower together. While they so kindly prepared dinner for us.

    “Did you enjoy that?” Zenith smugly asked while washing my chest, planting a delicate on my lips.

    “I guess that’s a dumb question, I know you love it. I told you that you were a cock hungry whore, why do you think we get along so well.” Tauntingly planting another kiss on me, like usual, my cock sprung up on me. It only takes a small kiss for me to be ready for action. 

    “Oh really? Is there still some left for me?” She teased, knowing damn well there’s always some for her.
    I spun her around, bending her over, face pressed against the cold Crimson Red tiles. Forced my dick inside of her, fucking her like we haven’t fucked in weeks, even though we fuck several times a day. 

    “Yes baby take that pussy.” We fucked until we both came. When we walked in the dining room, Mark looked at us with a big grin, “sounds like you two were having fun up there.”
    A little after dinner….
    It was a little chilly so the fireplace was started up, a little more friendly conversation. Talking about everything from, politics, kink, to good food. It’s my third Gin and cranberry, I really do love this drink. Well I love Gin, I’ll take it any way I can get it. 

    Mark and Dave were sitting on the couch across from us, they were sort of angled in a way that you can talk to the person in front of you, while respectfully looking at the television. 

    Zenith leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “why don’t you get on your knees, crawl over there and suck both of their dicks?” Not in a subtle way, she said it loud enough that they could hear. I know they heard, I can see the excitement stirring in their eyes. 
     “Go on she said, giving me a little nudge.” Smacking my ass as I got on all fours and started crawling towards them, I can see it in their eyes, they’re so turned right now. So am I for that matter. 

    I started rubbing both of them over their jeans, it didn’t take long before they were both solid and ready to burst out of their zippers. I unbuckled Dave who is on my left, pulling his pants and boxers completely off, then Mark. A cock for each hand, I start playing with them both, Dave looks over and Mark and gives him a kiss and says, “we’re being spoiled with hot young ass this weekend, I love you.”

    Mark kisses back, “I love you too.”
    They are both truly thick and long, I have fun stroking them with long full strokes. Squeezing tightly, they’re both moaning like bears. Both of them swaying their hips to meet my movement. I’m loving the feeling of big rigid cock’s in my hands. 

    I put Marks cock in my mouth first, his golf ball sized head barely fits, I manage to get it as for as I can go which is the beginning of my throat. I stick my tongue all the way out, sucking with a little pressure when I come up, moving my hand up and down  at the same time. I keep using that momentum, while stroking Dave’s cock. I lick his shaft down its length, sucking when I get to his engorged head, slobbering all over his balls when I get to the bottom.

     I switch between Mark and Dave, I wouldn’t want any of them to feel left out, even though I’m still stroking the one who isn’t getting sucked. 

    “Are you sure you’ve never done this before, because you’re really fucking good at it.” Dave moaned.
    Dave stood up, then Mark followed. Dave took his cock back in his own hand, pounding it faster and faster, I kneeled there with my mouth wide open. Funny how instinctual it was, I knew it was coming and I was waiting. His hot filling splashed across my face, very little got in my mouth. It’s on my cheek, my forehead. I licked whatever I could off of my lips.

    Mark took over, stepping in front of Dave. Shoving his dick in my mouth, fucking my face. With each thrust, I feel the cum dripping down my cheek. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock down my throat, I choked but kept it in. 

    “Stick out your tongue.” Mark ordered,  I did what I was told, a giant load fills my mouth, and boy was it a mouth mouthful. I gagged as I swallowed it all, I savour the feeling of it making its way down my esophagus. Mark bent over and licked Dave’s load all of off my face. 
    The night was pretty much over, Zenith and I went upstairs to fuck mercilessly and passed out.

The next morning….

I  jumped awake from a tingling on my backside



Our first muscle girl. 

    The best thing about being in a truly honest and open relationship is that there are no secrets. There is not a single fantasy or sexual desire of mine that has not been made known to my partner. Not only are they all out in the open, she knows every single one down to the very last details.

From the day we first started talking on the dating site, “It’s a big sea.” I was forward about my sexuality, that I may be some kind of sexual deviant. I happen to have many fetishes or needs if you will, that are “taboo,” or just downright weird to most. But I never let anyone make me feel weird or ashamed about it. Hell, my openness and honesty is what attracts most women to me in the first place. 

    When Zenith and I met we were both inexperienced, her more so with not having many sexual partners. On my part it was more of all the fantasies and kink ( which I introduced her to ) that went unhinged. At that point I hadn’t met anyone willing to humour or entice such things. Not only was open and willing, but she encouraged it. Zenith came to find out that a lot of the things that made my head spin, would send her off in to a 360° as well. 
    After a long tiring day, I was laying next to Zenith on my side. She looked at me with her big green “what me? I’m innocent” eyes. Biting her plump lips in a mischievous way, she turned around to grab her cellphone and handed it to me. “Here babe, open the browser there’s a surprise for you.” I opened it to an add on a local website just for adults. 

It said:

“looking for one or more sexy muscular women to help fulfill a fantasy for my loving and caring boyfriend Thomas. Thomas has incredible stamina and a big dick, if that can sway you even more. It has always been his greatest fantasy to have sex with and be dominated by big, buff Amazonian type women. I want to see his head being squished between your big muscular thighs. I would like you to make him wrestle with you, of course by you winning and emasculating and pinning his losing ass down and forcefully fucking him. Sitting on his face, I would also enjoy watching him fucking your tight muscular ass. Take control of him, throw him around and make him feel little. Squirt all over him if you can. Make him kiss and worship your hard solid body. If this interests anyone please feel free to message me. I would really love to make this happen.”

“Wow, why would you do that?” I asked in shock and excitement. “Why not? I love you and I want to do everything for you, just like how you take care of me, take care of the house. You are always cooking supper and making me lunches for work. This Is how I show my appreciation, by giving you what you want.”

We just finished our second round of sex since we finished supper. I was so happy and truly surprised, my dick jumped back up to life. Ready for round three it seems. I quickly overpowered her, flipping her plump body on to her stomach, spreading her bouncy ass cheeks and ramming my dick down her unsuspecting pussy. Her tightness clenching my thickness.

“Yes baby.” She cried out, “fucking give it to me.” I think every man has that moment where he just gets inside of his woman and needs to claim that pussy, go full beast. No build up, I just fucking ram into her with every ounce of strength and force you have. I grabbed the headboard with my left hand, my right hand on her hip and lost myself. The sound of my dick slapping in and out of her was way louder than the sound of the headboard smacking off the wall. There’s quite a few paint chips missing.

“Ugh…. Yes…. Yes…. Ba-aby…. That’s your pussy baby…. It’s your pussy.” 

“I just…. I just…. Want to give you everything.”

“You make me feel so…. Damn…. Uh…. Good.” It’s always sexy when she struggles to get her words out.

“That’s it baby…. It’s yours…. You’re such a big boy….” You fucking bet I am

“Please god don’t stop…. I need you….” 

“Imagine fucking a big solid ass like this…. Oh god baby yes…. Imagine your head resting on a big muscular back, bigger than yours…. Fuck yes baby…. Imagine spreading muscular ass cheeks and fucking that buff chick in her asshole…. Yes baby…. Please come inside me!!”

“God yes…. Please fill me up.” Zenith let out the most unladylike growl when my warm load shot up inside her, losing all her juices seconds after. I fell down on top of her and we fell asleep shortly after.

I rolled over to an empty spot in the bed. Thomas and I have different work hours, especially in the summer since he works in landscaping. He’s usually up and gone before I even wake up. I took the chance to sleep in a little bit today, it was 10:30am when I woke up. I understand unlocked my phone to a few notifications from the adult website. 

Three messages from the same person, username: Divine muscle temptresses. “Hello there sweetheart!” “My girlfriend and I came across this post last night and we’re wondering if you are still interested in everything you said you were looking for in your post.” “There’s no pressure, it’s a very sweet thing you want to do for your man. Please feel free to message us anytime.”

I replied back: Good morning! I am sorry it took so long for me to answer. Early night/Late morning. Of course I am very interested and excited. So you are a couple? Is it safe to assume that you are both bisexual?

Divine muscle temptresses: Well good morning gorgeous! We are indeed a couple and both bisexual, together for about 10 years now. What about you two? We have been looking for other couples to explore with, there isn’t a whole lot of couples who are openly seeking women such as us, let alone a big dick with high stamina. That kind of caught our attention.

No bounds couple: Thomas and I have been together for 4 years now. I can imagine, sexy ladies such as yourselves are such a hush, hush kind of niche. Please don’t take any offense to that. We aren’t quiet though, not about anything. We like what we like and we want what we want. Never shy or ashamed. Hehe, yes big dick. Thomas is a solid 7 ½ inches and nice and thick, I have trained him well. He doesn’t come until I tell him too.

Divine muscle temptresses: None taken darling! Well then, with a well trained man like that you must be one happy and satisfied woman. And what about you, if we were to make this fantasy happen, would you be joining in on the fun or just watching? My name is Samantha by the way. I am 6’2 feet tall, 270 pounds. My partner Mila is 5’9  and weighs about the same as I do. We have been training for a long time now

No bounds couple: Extremely happy actually! And damn 6’2, that’s a whole lot of woman!! Thomas is actually 5’9 also, I am an inch or two shorter than him. I would definitely love to join in, after I’ve watched him have his little bit of fun first of course.

Divine muscle temptresses: A lot of woman is one way to put it! That’s pretty surprising, women like us are usually a male fantasy, I like your style!  This may be a little forward but would you like to see us? See if we maybe fit your boyfriend’s taste. We can maybe send you a few pictures or if you are not too busy, we can get on Skype and we can do our little catwalk for you.

No bounds couple: I am not busy at all, what’s your Skype name? 

Divine muscle temptresses: Divine muscle temptresses, it’s the same as our nickname on this site.

No bounds couple: Will do! Logging in now! 

I put down my phone and opened my laptop, searched for their username and sent a request. It was immediately accepted. Not even a few seconds after, my laptop made that weird noise it makes when you get a video call. I clicked on the little phone icon to accept. The screen was blank for a second, the two faces appeared on the screen, stopping at the neck.

“Well aren’t you cute.” The brunette that appeared on the screen said. There was a blonde haired girl next to her. The brunette had hazel eyes, the blonde had a nice green like mine. They both have pretty feminine facial features, not what I would expect from a mass monster of a woman. The blonde has a little more of a square masculine jaw, high cheekbones to match, still very sexy though. The brunette had more of a round soft and baby-faced look

I chuckled and said, “thank you, you are both beautiful.”

“Well thank you kitten.” The brunette said. “I am Samantha, and this gorgeous blonde next to me is Mila.”

“Nice to meet you both.” I gave a warm inviting smile, they gave one back.

“So…. We were about to fool around, so we have no clothes on, that’s why the camera stops at our necks. Can we show you a little more?” Samantha asked. 

“Of course! Please do, show me everything. Flex those muscles for me girls.” The blonde one, Mila her name is turned her head and snuck a kiss from Samantha before the camera angle changed to a nice view of the whole bedroom. 

Samantha came in to view first and damn is she tall. Standing straight up, proudly showing off her physique. Golden tan skin. Cascading her hands up and down her ripped blister pack abs. She started flexing her abs, then her biceps and triceps, which were easily three times bigger than Thomas’s and he’s in shape. Her shoulders popped, they too we’re at least three times the size of Thomas’s. Her breasts are standing there firm with no movement, on top of well defined pecs. Her quads looked like they were dancing each time they flexed, showing off all the muscle fibers and years of hard work. And her calves, oh my god! He would definitely love to have his head squished between those.

I noticed a big swollen clit, bodybuilding women in particular tend to have bigger clits than other girls. It’s part of what makes most men attracted to these type of girls. Then she turned around and started flexing her back. Lifting them up and pulling them back down as if she was doing pulldowns and back rows. Flexing that rock hard squat booty, clenching and unclenching, Thomas would love this girls back.

Mila was next. Her frame was just as impressive, I watched her pose for a good twenty minutes. I am oddly really turned on right now. I’m not sure if it’s because I get to watch Thomas get what he wants or if I find these ladies sexier than I thought I would. Maybe it is a little bit of both.

The camera went all black for a second, then both of their faces showed back up in the view. “So what do you think?” Mila asked with a half-cocked smile.

“I really like you both, I think Thomas would have been hard just at the sight of you two.” Maybe my hand was neatly tucked in my underwear. I was feeling a little naughty.

“If you want to stick around, we would be willing to put on a little show for you, even call out his name as we fuck. We could record it at the same time and send it to you. This way you can show your man when he gets home.” I can’t lie, a little private show sounds really sexy right now. Those two calling out Thomas’s would be another perfect little surprise.

“Oh I’ll definitely stick around.” The camera view switched once again. 

After Thomas and I ate supper, we went up to the bedroom. We both stripped down, our clothes usually come right off at this time of night. “Guess what?” I teased playfully.


“Well I got a reply for the add I put out and a lovely couple responded. I spent the morning speaking with them. They offered to show me themselves on Skype, ‘to see if they were in your sort of taste.’ So they both got on cam and each one spent a good twenty minutes posing for me.”

“Ooh.” Thomas said with intrigue.

“Yeah, and that’s not even the best part. They offered to let me watch them have a little fun, I may have touched myself while they were going at it. That’s not even the best part.” Zenith got up off the bed and opened her laptop and set it down on the dresser in front of our bed. 

“They recorded it at the same time! So now you get to see what I saw.” Zenith clicked play and got in bed next to me, grabbing herself a hand full of cock. It took two full strokes before I had a raging hard on. 

The video started. There was this big buff, sexy brunette just sitting at the end of a bed. Massive thighs completely spread open. A jacked sexy blonde walks in and gets on her knees. Her back muscles twitched as she started rubbing the girls legs. 

“Suck it bitch, suck my fucking clit now.” A raspy, hoarsely voice demanded. 

“The blonde is Mila and Samantha is the one sitting down.” Zenith said with a sound of content. 

My cock is throbbing as I watch Samantha’s biceps flex every time she pushes Mila’s head up and down to lick her huge swollen clit faster. Samantha starts thrusting her pussy deep in to Mila’s face, her six-pack popping with every back and forth thrust. I want to touch them, lick them. You can tell by her forearms that if she didn’t want you to stop licking or sucking, then you aren’t going anywhere until she lets you free.

Fuck I feel the pre-cum just leaking out of me, Zenith is trying to tease me as much as she can, stroking me slowly with a really rough grip. I imagine how rough one of these ladies could manhandle me. 

“That’s a good girl, I’m going squirt all over your face baby,  don’t you fucking dare stop!” Thrusting her hips even faster, she looks straight in to the camera. “Do you want this Thomas? Do you wish this was you right now?” Zenith stroked my big cock faster and faster. “Do you to want me to squirt in your face Thomas? Watch this big boy.” With a big grunt her alpha-female juices spurted all over Mila’s face, marking her as her bitch. Then the screen went dead. 

Zenith stroked my cock even faster, “come you little man slut, come on give it to me Thomas!” I have no clue what that fucking sound I just made was, I just let my whole stressful day loose. Hot and dripping down her fingers, she brings her hand to my face, “clean it up now.” I licked my salty seed off her beautiful hand, sucking it off of each finger. “Good boy, we always clean up our own messes.” I fell asleep shortly after that.

Devine muscle temptresses: Good morning doll! I hope I am not bugging you, how did Thomas like our little show?

No bounds couple: Ha-ha, no you’re not bothering me at all. I’m just sitting at my desk “pretending” to get work done. He was really turned on last night. I stroked his big thick cock slowly while he watched you two. He let out a really big load too. 

Devine muscle temptresses: I like the sound of that. So besides muscle girls, what else are you two in to. If you don’t mind me asking.

No bounds couple: Us? Pretty much everything, BDSM, fantasies, roleplaying, leather and latex, bisexualism, couple swapping and all kinds of other kinks. We are adventurous and like to explore and have fun. Our hard limits would be no blood, scat or urine. Other than that we are open to everything. We are also a “switch couple.” In case you don’t know what that is, we basically both love taking turns being dominate or submissive with each other.

Divine muscle temptresses: That’s awesome! We are pretty much the same. I have a feeling we will get along just nicely and we are familiar with what a “switch” is. So when you feel like being the big boss lady what do you do to show him who’s in charge? Just to give us a few hypothetical ideas of what we can maybe do to him.

No bounds couple: Hmm…. Well when I’m feeling like a bad bitch, one of the things I do is make Thomas clean up his mess. Whether he comes in my hand, mouth or pussy, you can be sure he is licking and swallowing every last drop.

He likes being called a “little bitch” and smacked in his face. And if he’s in the right kind of mood, nice hard slaps on his balls and cock.

My favorite is to tie him up and finger his tight asshole while gently stroking the most sensitive part of his head. He begs me to stop because it’s too intense, yet he spurts like a fountain. 

I also love to squirt my pussy juices all over his face. Thomas has mentioned once before that he would love to be part of a reverse bukakke. 

Every once and a while I’ll throw a cock cage on him and tease the fuck out of him for a good week. 

Put a collar and leash on the good boy and force him to deep-throat my strap on. The future goal is get another nice big cock a force him to deep-throat it. Swallow another man’s load. I think it would be so fucking hot. 

Sometimes I’ll invite my co-workers or friends over and have Thomas fuck all of us. But I don’t let him come, not until he has pleased us all to exhaustion. 

I know there’s way more, I am having a hard time thinking. I just got myself all worked up.

You ladies will have full permission to do whatever you want to my lovely man.

Divine muscle temptresses: I can tell you both have a lot of fun. All of that sounds really fucking sexy. Would you like to met us for coffee or something?

No bounds couple: Coffee? LAME! You ladies are invited over to my place for supper and drinks. I have no expectations so don’t worry, we can keep it a PG night for this time.

Divine muscle temptresses: We don’t really drink but supper sounds nice. Maybe we can just go with the flow.

No bounds couple: Good idea! How about this Friday? 

Divine muscle temptresses: Great! What time? 

No bounds couple: Here’s our address, 7:30 work for you two?

Divine muscle temptresses: See you then!

Friday morning:

My phone vibrated in my pocket, a text from Zenith.

“Good morning love! Do you think you could get off work a little early today? “I’m not sure, why?” “Well…. I kind of invited Samantha and Mila over for a ‘get to know us supper.’ I forgot to tell you…. Hehe. “I work hard, I think I can skip out once. I’ll just tell my boss it’s a emergency of some sort. I should be home around 3:30/4:00. “Yay! Love you, get back to work big boy.” “Love you too.”

I walked in to the kitchen and gave Zenith a quick kiss before running upstairs to shower. It’s ironic how a hot shower feels so good, after I’ve spent the day working outside in the sun and dirt. Like everyday after work, I jack off in the shower.

Since we have guests tonight I’m going to line up and manscape myself. A little dab of cologne, that’s feels so much better. I slip on simple dark black slim fitting jeans and a white t-shirt and make my way back downstairs.

“Mmm…. Babe that smells so good, what are you cooking?”

“Baking chicken parmesan and broccoli with a little steamed asparagus, pasta salad. Something nice and healthy. Something tells me that Samantha and Mila don’t eat too much junk.” Zenith gives me a sarcastic wink and blows me a kiss. I was about to step in and give her a real one but the doorbell rang.

“Do you want to get that love?” 

“Sure.” I walked down the hall way and opened the door, “hello.” 

“Hey come on in! Feel free to leave your shoes on.” Samantha the taller one reached out her hand to shake mine, introducing herself.  My hand met hers. Holy fuck what a grip! Mila who was my height but 3 times and wide did the same thing, a protein shaker in her other hand. They are both massive and gorgeous, they both wore the same purple low cut top that exposed a thick sturdy  neck and large traps to support. Black workout leggings that hugged every inch of their muscular thighs. Definitely intimidating.       

    They both followed me into the kitchen, I pulled out a chair for the two. Zenith walked up and gave them both a hug and did the cheek kissing thing. “Well thank you, what a gentleman.” Mila stated. “That’s why I kept him around.” Zenith teased.

    They made my large table look Small. They both ate a full plate of second helpings. What an appetite! We made our way to the living room after a great dinner and polite conversation. 

    We learned that they run a supplement company alongside a few of their friends. I had figured that they must do something within the fitness industry, bodybuilding is not cheap thing to get into. They complimented me on my shape, told my how I’ve trained well enough to keep my body proportional, even offered me products at bulk prices instead of going to overpriced stores. They are funny couple, very laid back. I get the feeling that Samantha is the one who runs the relationship. 

During our conversation I had a hard time keeping my focus, my eyes kept wandering. Scoping out the two big, rigid women sitting across from us. It’s different seeing girls like them in porn videos than up close and personal. I found myself fixating on one body part, snapping back to the conversation only to find something else to stare at. I think I am being kind of obvious at this point. Once again my eyes drifted down, this time at Mila’s vascular hands and forearms. Naturally I started imagining her jerking my dick.

    “You like them?” Mila asked. Clenching and unclenching her hand into fists to make her veins and muscles pop more. I blushed a little in shyness.

     “I do.”

    “Would you want to come over here and touch them, if that’s okay with the boss lady?” I blushed and chuckled out of nervousness. Zenith tapped my lap.

    “go on baby, don’t be shy. You can’t really hide that anyway.” She already knew that my dick was aching and pulsing. 

    “It seems that Thomas is already a little excited.” 

Mila looked at me with her green eyes, lightly like licking her full lips. In a rough raspy voice she said,

    “come sit down in my lap.” She patted her thighs with both hands, “come on big boy.”

I stood up and walked over to her, my dick was standing up so fiercely that it felt like my jeans were going to tear in two. I turned myself around and sat in her lap. Her hands reached over and settled down on my legs. “There you go, that’s better. Go ahead dear”

Zenith’s eyes watched me as I began to run my hands all over Mila’s forearms, massaging, squeezing, caressing and kissing.  They were hard like steel. Way different than Zenith’s soft plump body. It would take my two hands and then some to cover their width.

    “I’m getting kind of jealous from all the attention she’s getting.” Samantha said. “That looks like it feels good.” 

Zenith stood up, “well why don’t you ladies follow us to the bedroom, this way we can get you both well taken care of.” 

Samantha lifted me off of Mila’s lap like it was nothing and carried me upstairs, throwing me on the king-size bed like I was a fluffy pillow. Zenith sat down in the comfy chair in the corner of the room. 

    Samantha grabbed me by my ankles, pulling me to the edge of the bed and then lifting me back up on my feet, tearing my shirt right off my chest and then pulling my pants and boxers down with one hard swoop. I lost my balance as she lifted up one leg at a time taking off my socks. I don’t think I’ve ever been undressed so violently before.  

    “There we go, let’s get a good look at you.” 


    I stood there naked as the three ladies eye-balled me like a juicy steak. My thick veiny dick bobbed there, standing straight and true, my head a dark pink from the massive rush of blood. 

    “We like what we see.”

Mila stepped forward and started rubbing my chest, making her way to my full aching balls. I am needy, I need release. Samantha’s hand wrapped around my dick, squeezing it with all her grip. Tugging and pulling, squeezing it like it was some chew toy.

    I was picked up and thrown back on the bed, they both undressed themselves almost robotically. Samantha crawled her massive body right beside me, forcing her arm under my  neck and wrapping it around, putting me in a head lock. Her rippling thigh wrapped around mine, locking me in place. I couldn’t get out of this even if I put up my best fight. The force of her tree trunk like body pressed up against mine is exhilarating.  

    “Ahh.” I moaned as my whole body jumped under the tension of Samantha’s full-body grip. Mila’s mouth wrapped around  sensitive pulsing head. “yeah that’s the sweet spot.” Zenith yelled out in amusement from across the room. My body tried to jump once more, I tried to thrust my hips to get my dick in farther. Mila’s hands pushed my hips down in protest, keeping the suction. It’s hitting every nerve in my body and I can’t take it. 

    “ahh…. No…. Please, it’s too much.” My cries go unheard. All I can hear is her slurping on my head, laughing at the same time. “Yes, please.” I moaned as my dick entered the warmness of her mouth, Samantha squeezed with more force, apparently I was moving too much for her liking. 

    “You like that baby?” Mila’s raspy voice demanded. “Princess, why don’t you give him a little taste?” 

    “Oh that sounds like a good .” Samantha’s rough voice exclaimed.” She released her hold on me, leaving my neck and thigh tingling with all the blood rushing back. The mattress sunk in while she was crawling over my face. For a few seconds my view was her tight asshole and clean shaven pussy, before she sat down on my face. Forcing her big clit into my mouth. 

    “Yes bad boy, suck it.” It felt like a really big nipple, I sucked on it like it was my favorite piece of candy. Bringing it in and out of my mouth. My face is covered in my own spit, I can barely breathe with her full body weight pressing down on me. Samantha’s pinning my wrists down, my head sinks in to the mattress with every thrust of her pelvis. Mila’s taking my dick in like a pro, I feel nothing but the back of her slimy throat. 

    “That’s it…. Lick that pussy baby…. It’s been a while since I’ve felt a man’s tongue.” Samantha rode my face even faster, rougher. To the point where I was no longer doing any of the work, my wide tongue just hanging out there for her to use as her toy. 

    “Right there bad boy…. Right there…. I’m going come…. Please don’t stop.” Her grip on my wrists tightened, her pussy was slapping against my face so roughly that it felt like I was being smacked in the face.

    “Oh…. Shit…. OH BABY….” Samantha’s hot sticky come flooded my face, it’s in my mouth, it’s dripping down my chin on to my neck. Samantha got off of me and turned herself around, looking me in the eye’s she said, “you look so good with my pussy juices spread all over.” It took me a minute to catch my breath. 

    Mila stopped sucking and climbed on top of me, her pussy is so wet I slid in with ease. Wow is she ever tight! Her abs flexing as she started rocking back and forth, my hands reach out to feel the blistering six pack. Sliding my fingers between each crevasse. Fuck this is so hot. 

    I grope her muscular thighs as she rides me like she has been cock starved for months. I can feel her squeezing my cock with ever backwards thrust, she’s hitting that sweet spot right under my head. The springs of the bed  creek violently. 

    “Fuck yes…. Your cock feels so good…. Yeah, you are a really good boy….” Leaning forward a little bit, Mila forced her hands under my back, pulling me  about half way to her in a strong bear like hug. Riding me fast and had like a prized racehorse. 

    “Take it…. You wanted to be fucked…. I’ll fuck the hell out of you…. Oh, yes…. Mmm…. Oh god…. Yeah that’s it, right there…. Ahh….” Samantha is laying next to me fingering herself. “Ya…. Ya…. Ya…. God yes…. Ohhh….” Mila’s legs tensed up around my hips, flooding me with her release, at the speed she humping I heard it splash like water hitting the floor. She stayed still and restless for a minute before climbing off. 

     I was so riled up that I turned around and spread Samantha’s legs even wider, throwing them over my shoulder and ramming my dick deep inside her. Her muscular calves, which were bigger than my biceps, squeezed around my neck. I used her well formed oblique’s as handles; sweat dripping down my face. My balls slapping against her hard ass, stroking her clit at the same time. 

    I feel Mila’s hands push my ass, pushing my hips forward with all her force. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled out and came all over her lower abs and V-cut shape. Mila pushed me aside and bent over to lick my come off of her lover. 

I look over in the corner and notice Zenith, naked and masturbating. We caught eye’s and moments after she came herself, and she is a real squirter.

 Round Two:

    We took a ten minute break before I was ready to go again, I made my way to the chair to kiss my princess. In the meantime the ladies were pleasing themselves on the bed. They make my king-size bed look petite. 

    Samantha stood up and walked over to us on the chair. She grabbed Zenith by her face, shoving her tongue deep in her mouth. Cupping her soft fluffy breasts. 

    “why don’t you come join in on the fun?” she asked pulling Zenith off the chair as if she had a choice. I was instantly hard from that little kiss. I watch her curvy voluptuous body get dragged to the bed by a hard-body. I know it seem like two opposites and it really is. All I know is my weaknesses are plus-size women and buff women. The contrast of her pale skin against her tanned skin was a pretty sight.

    Samantha pulled Zenith on top of her, placing one of her knees between her legs, placing her own between Zenith’s. It came so natural, Zenith started rubbing her throbbing clit and wet lips against the rippling quad, Samantha did the same. 

    Mila walked around the bed and gave me a ‘come here’ motion with her finger and bent herself over the bed. I didn’t need to be told twice, I walked over and put my dick in her needy pussy, grabbing on to her traps I went in full force. Her left hand reached around, grabbing a handful of my cheek. 


    “Harder big boy…. Is that all you have?” Her rough voice asked tauntingly. 

    “Harder…. Fuck me like a man….” There’s nothing else that can be said to make a man more primal than that.

    “Yes…. That’s what I’m talking about!!”

    “Come on give it to me.”

    “Fuck yes…. Right there…. Please…. Faster big boy…. Faster….” I gave her everything I got. I can feel the bed moving under me, I have to replace my feet and step closer.
    Mila was in reach of Zenith, so she grabbed her and kissed her as I pounded her pussy like she probably smashed weights together. We caught eye’s once again, biting her lip. She was close to letting herself go all over Samantha’s leg. Keeping my stare she sped up, with this agressive ‘just fucking give it to me’ look.

    Zenith moaned. “Fucking give it to her baby.”

    “Fuck her good big boy…. Ahh fuck yes baby I’m coming…. Fuck her harder…. Please for me….” How could I ignore those cries? I grabbed Mila by her solid hips and just lost my mind. 

    “Oh my god yes….” Zenith came first, screaming and whining.

    “Shit…. Shit… Yes baby….” Samantha came second. Both girls kept grinding themselves on each other, panting furiously. In need of more, can we ever really get enough?

    “It’s your turn Mila, come love, come for me….” Samantha demanded in her Alpha female voice. That’s all it took. Mila’s cunt clenched around my thick pole, letting out waves of orgasms, contracting herself around me. I look down to see her release dripping down her leg.

     I was too hungry, I needed more. I pulled myself out of Mila and crawled over to Zenith, forcing her forward, it’s time for her pussy to be pounded. Soaked and warm, welcoming him back to his home. Zenith’s head rubbed up against Samantha’s hard flat stomach, with each animalistic thrust her body moved forward with the momentum. It was only about two minutes before she let loose all over me. I fucked her raw, with hard and rough strokes that stung, but in a good way. 

    Mila sat her juicy pussy on Samantha’s face, while she was still humping Zenith’s leg. The sound of three women moaning at once is extremely sexy. It’s making it hard to contain myself, I already want to explode again. 

    “Fuck it.” I said out loud for some reason, I gave one last deep thrust, fitting myself as far as I can go. I filled Zenith’s pussy with my huge sticky load. 

    “YES!!” Zenith cried out before coming once again.

    After two hours of fucking, we stopped and had a drink. We chatted for a bit, about how fun this was. Then the ladies went home and Zenith and I jumped in the shower.
Round 3:
    Samantha had called Zenith about two day after to see if we were free the following Friday. 

    “Mila won’t be able to make it but I thought if it was okay, I could maybe come back and have a little more fun?”

    “Of course you can!! Maybe I can pull out the dildos and strap-on, I’d like to see you fuck Thomas’s ass.” 

    “Alright girl…. That sounds like a plan, see you then!”
    I’m laying on my back, holding my ankles and legs wide open like I was told to. Right at the edge of the bed, I am one cheek slip away from falling off. I felt my eyes widen as Samantha slipped her well lubed index and middle finger into my tight asshole. It burns a little, the sensation quickly faded as my eyes rolled into he back of my head. 

    “I think we found the spot.” Samantha said out loud.

    Slowly sliding her fingers in and out, curving them as she pulled out. I forgot how good this feels. It’s something I really enjoy but never seem to think about asking for it. 

    “I think your right, look at all that pre-cum leaking out of his swollen head.” Zenith said tauntingly, “you like that big boy?”

    “Yes love I do, I really do.” I moaned with my sporadic breath. 
    Zenith’s grabbed my cock, squeezing out all the pre-cum she can. I can feel each vein pulsing seperately under the tightness of her hold. It’s just oozing out of me head. Zenith took one hand and wrapped it around the base, pulling my skin down, her other hand doing a corkscrew motion on my overly sensitive frenulum, while Samantha’s fingers fucked my ass. Both sensations all at once leave my body frozen there.

    I whaled when I felt something thicker being forced in my tight asshole. If feels really good, it was just unsuspecting. Then the vibrations started, it was Zenith’s purple vibrater. I usually have a hard time getting that up there on my own. My chest was pounding.

    “Can I come baby? Please?” I was in such ectasy that my moan was anything but manly, I was close. I felt it right there on the cusp breaking through. 

    “Not yet baby, wait a little bit.” Of course she won’t let me finish, she loves to torture. Her hand was still at the base, her other hand was now doing long, rough jerks. I try and match her movements, every time I thrust it sends the vibrater deeper in my ass. It was too good, I couldn’t hold it anymore. My cock became numb as the hot sticky load blasted out, covering her beautiful hand. Dripping down each finger.

    “What was that?” Zenith asked in a firm voice, slapping my cock.
    “I said to wait! Now because you couldn’t control yourself, I am going to keep stroking. I don’t care how sensitive you are.”

    “Actually, Samantha dear, would you mind holding down Thomas’s legs please?”

    “Of course dear.” Her raspy voice sounded amused.


    Samantha took my hands off of my ankles, placing both of my feet on the ground. Spreading them as wide as they can go, the vibrater slipped out and hit the floor. Zenith sat on my chest and started stroking again. I jerked and thrashed under the ladies confinement. I couldn’t break free, I exploded for a second time. Zenith kept stroking, it pulsed through my whole body.

    “Baby please stop…. It’s too much…. I can’t take it.” “Sure I’ll stop, Samantha dear, do you mind taking over?” Zenith’s hand let go and Samantha’s took her place. Her grip was fierce, hard and fast, stroking in a rapid hammering motion. My arms and legs twitched in different directions, I tried my best to push Zenith’s off my chest. I was way too weak to succeed. I let out the most feminine moan before I became a slave to my baser instincts and chased my own release for the third time. 

    The ladies let me relax for a few minutes to bask in the euphoric aftermath of shaking and trembling. The next thing I knew, I was laying face down, flat on my stomach with a strap-on being inched in to my ass. It’s way bigger than anything I’m use to, we were slowly working our way up to it but apparently they decided that it’s going in right now. I arched my head back in ecstasy, my ass tightened around the thick dildo. It’s thicker and longer than anything I’ve ever had in my ass. 

    My cock is at full attention once again, trapped between the mattress and my full body weight. It only took two full strokes before I could feel the pre-cum dribbling out, wetting the bed around me. 

    I feel Samantha’s hard body pressed up against my back, towering over me. Now I understand why Zenith loved this position so much. She fucks me slow and rhythmic for a good ten minutes. In and out, I try to compose myself. Why does this feel so good?  Zenith’s sits at an angle propped up on pillows. Rubbing and caressing my face, comforting me while I have a huge dildo rammed inside me. 


First gay experience part two.

After I had blown Adam on the couch we took a little resting period. 

Now I am at the edge of my bed, holding my ankles as I was told to, my bare asshole exposed to the air. He was very demanding about what he wanted me to do. I’m usually the dominant one, it was sexy being ordered around for a change. 

My arms and legs shuddered as he licked me from me hole to my tip, who knew this felt so good? I wriggled some more after he rubbed the entrance of my tight hole with his head, “look at me while I fuck you,” he demanded. His tone made my cock pulse even harder.

I’ve had toys in there, but nothing this big, he got about halfway. It felt really good to be filled up, it was burning a little but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t take. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as he shoved his last few inches inside of me, gently swaying his hips back and forth, “look at me,” he barked again, “you like having a cock inside.” I was to in awe of the sensation to answer I just nodded my head yes. 

He was taking his time, enjoying the tightness of my virgin asshole. Pulling himself out about halfway and then shoving it back in balls deep. With every thrust my cock bounced up and down, begging to be touched. Pre-cum kept leaking out with every pump of his fat cock. Zenith was right, I am a huge slut. 

He started to fuck me faster, I don’t know what was louder, his moans or the sound of his cock racing in and out of me. Every time my head turned, he’d reach over and pull it back so that I keep looking at him. It’s really intense looking someone in the eyes while they fuck you, it makes you feel more naked than you actually are. 

I felt this tingling sensation building up inside of me, like if never felt before. There goes my eyes rolling in the back of my head again, I can feel it building up, oh my god I am going to cum from this big cock in my ass. He started to pound my ass faster, he could tell from the look in my face that I was about to look at any moment. I tried to get a word out but all I could manage was moans and grunts.  My whole Brody froze up I chased my release, it came shooting out with asteroid like force. A big sticky load shot across my stomach and chest.

It was too much, it felt too good, I wanted to stop him but I really wanted more. He fucked me hard, rough, until I came three times. It shot out so far that some hit me on the could tell he was trying to hold out as long as possible, he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled his giant cock out, stroking it fiercely, unloading his man juice all over my stomach. 

Adam crawled on top of me, licking off the mess he we had made. His half limp cock rubbing against mine. I just layed there surprised and out of breath, I never knew this could feel so damn good.

My body shook, shivered. I was numb and overly sensitive from all of this, him rubbing his cock in mine was just over the top. If I had any energy left I would fight it, fight him off ( once again.) I’m already here, so what the hell, I’ll lose myself in the moment. He kissed my as he moved his hips, the way his cock was sitting in too of mine, pulled back the skin with every up and down stroke. Who knew just having another hard cock pressed against your own would feel this deliciously taboo.

My first gay experience part 1

I never thought I would enjoy the touch of another man, the thought kind of actually repulsed me a little. I’m not saying that im homo-phobic, I have and know many gay people, some are really close friends.

For some reason I felt defensive when my girlfriend had asked me if I would ever make love to a man, while she watched at the other end of the room. It was almost as if my mascunlinity was being questioned, as well as my confidence as a straight male. I will admit that we are an odd couple, with many kinks and fetishes, some normal and others a little out there. We are young and having fun, exploring all the possible niches, devouring one another with insatiating lust. As with everything new that we tried, we spoke about it for quite sometime. Never rushing in to anything, it makes more sense to speak about somethign first, imagine it, fantasize about it together.

Zenith already knew who she wanted to see me with, her friend Adam; a well built specimen, tall and brunette with a tight, not overly muscular body. Ever since I met him, she would always tease me, saying that I’m his  “little man crush.” That he would always tell her how good looking he finds me, that if he was ever alone with me, “he would not be able to keep his hands to himself.” Now that I think about it, that may have been the plan all along, to try and soften me up to the idea with all his flirtatioussness. We were at a stand still on the idea. I told her that I would think about it, to stop bugging me about it. But you know when a woman gets an idea in her head, it is absolulte.

Adam had invited us out to his birthday party, we went to a club to dance and have a few drinks. The party later ended back at at Adams place, the plan was to crash there since the club was a lot closer to his place. I walked in to the kitchen to grab myself a drink, before I could even grab a beer Adam threw himself at me. He grabbed the back of my head and aggressively kissed me, it was so sudden that I just gave in to it. I was enjoying it, until he tried to grab it, which snapped me out of it. I pushed him off me, “What the hell are you doing.”
“I don’t know, Zenith said you were open this,” his voice slurred.
“No, no I’m not,” I yelled as loud and threatining as I could sound, I walked back towards the living room, she already knew by my Devil’s stare, “I’m going home now, I told you that I would think about, you think just because I have a few in me that you can do what you want!?

I woke up to Zenith sucking my cock, pull over the blanket to watch her big green eyes, wide and apologetic, “Is this your way to apologize?” Mhmm hmm she mumbled while taking my cock in deeper, “And you think that this is going to work?” Mhmm hmm she mumbled again, of course she knew would work, it always did! I wasn’t really mad though, well not at her, I enjoyed that kiss a little more than I would like to admit. That’s what upset me the most, had he not have give my junk a little squeeze, who knows how long I would have made out with him. When I stormed out of there my cock was hard.

Later that day, Adam showed up at our apartment, Zentih stepped out to go get us some food. So we were alone and was it ever awkward.

The room was quiet for a few minutes, he was the first to break the silence.
“listen, I didn’t mean to upset you, im sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, all is forgiven.” His face looked remoresful, he has nice nice lips I thought to myself.
“It’s just something that Zenith has been talking about for a while, I was just trying to help a girl out, ya know?” My eyes were fixated on his lips as he spoke, what the hell is my problem today?”
“I know it is, you know how impatient she is though,” he nodded his head, “I never told her no, just to wait until I was ready.”
“So obviously it shocked me a little, you cant just attack a guy like that you know, ask first!” His eyebrowes raised a little.

I can feel his eyes drifting. He’s is totally eye fucking me right now. I can see he’s getting hard through his tight, slim-fit, dark jeans. I feel my face getting flushed, I’m blushing. Not realizing that I was staring, he looked away when I looked back up, changing the subject as if I hadn’t noticed. How could I not, from what I can see he is pretty thick. As we were speaking about whatever random-ass subject any of us can muster up, my eyes kept making their way down to his massive bulge.
At this point he must notice now, “fuck,” I thought to myself, I’m started to get hard too, “What the hell!” I’m screaming at myself on the inside. My mind still wandered, the more I tried to look away, the more I wanted to look.

I interrupted him mid-sentence, “Can I just say admit something?”
“Uh – of course.” he replied with a look of confusion.
“I may have enjoyed that kiss last night, I may have.” I said, trying to brush it off as if it’s nothing, as if I’m not trying to hide the fact the my cock is insanely hard right now; pulsing between my belt and pants.
“Oh, well did you?” his face went from awkward to confident, sporting a cocky half-smile.
“Yes, it was different.” My face was becoming flushed yet again.
“Different in a good way?”
“At this point, I mind as well be honest. Had you have not been so grabby, I may have stood there and made out with you for a little.’
“I was taken by surprise, so much that I wouldn’t have realized who I was kissing, just that it felt good.” My whole face feels like it’s on fire now.

There was another moment of odd silence, my curiosity was getting the better of me. I inched a little closer to him, resting my hand on his leg, “I may not fight back if you try it again.” Within two seconds his lips where on mine, but not with the same aggression as last night. He was soft, careful in his movement, the full lenght of his tongue  dancing on mine.
Our concentration was broken by the sound of the door opening, I look over to see Zenith standing in the doorway.  Adam grabbed my face and pulled it back to his attention, putting a finger on my lips, he whispered, “Shh, you’re mine for now, she’s not even here.” I didn’t give her a second look.
We must have been making out for a good ten to fifteen minutes, before my hand started tracing the outline of his cock, I feel like he was waiting for me to make a move, for me to set the pace. Thats exactly what I did.

In a nervous frenzy my hands tried to carfully unbutton his jeans, took a few tries, it’s really hard to concentrate when someone is kissing your neck; sucking with each kiss, with every flick of his tongue my body shivers, gets a little weaker. No point in trying to fight it now.
Finally after I got the stupid thing undone, it took a little more effort to pull down his zipper, when I say he was big, I mean he had no room left in his pants. I pulled him free, and I wrapped my hand around the first cock I have every touched besides my own. My fingers barely fit around it, there was a good inch and a half between my thumb and index finger. I just sat there with it in my hand for a minute, taking it all in, kissing him. Just feeling its size was exhilerating, solid, thick and heavy. 
I took my time stroking him, getting used to the thickness of his cock, gently teasing it, enjoying the squishing sound of the slick pre-cum in my hand makes as it strokes the full length of him.

“Suck it please,” he begged impatiently. I got on my knees, pulling his pants down to his ankles, his size is a lot more intimidating from this angle. A big ball-sac to go with his length and girth. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I buried my face in his sac, sucking his balls as I stroke his cock. 

Adam desperately pulled my face to his cock, I took him inside my mouth, only his head and an inch or so fit in because he’s really damn thick. I stuck my tongue out as I pulled while sucking, it’s funny how I already know how to do this, I guess I’ve seen Zenith do this enough times. 

I think he was overcome by the idea of a straight inexperienced guy sucking his cock, I could feel him twitching inside my mouth. He grabbed my neck and held me in place as he thrusted harder and faster, I was choking a little, drool and spit leaking down the side of my face. I was not prepared, I felt his cock twitch again and in a second my mouth was feeling up with his hot sticky mess. It kind of felt like the cream inside of a donut, just warmer, saltier and a little bitter. 

There was just so, much, I gagged a little, I couldn’t bring myself to swallow it. Instead I let it drip out of my mouth, I turned to Zenith so she could see my cum covered face. 

Meeting couples.

Life; It never stops.

Hello there friends. 

Ah what a busy life it is! I haven’t been in my cage since I last wrote.

It seems we are still both too infatuated with one another for the self-control and restraint needed to make chastity sucessful.

Who am I to deny a woman in need?

She loves touching me while she is bound.

“The meeting”

We had also met our first couple a while back as I wrote that we would. It was just casual, drinks at my place. Just to talk and get to know one a other, no expectations.

It was a mixture of emotions. It is really different speaking with people who are completely open about sex and lifestyle. No holds barred. I can say that at first it was intimidating, but after about twenty minutes or so. Zenith and I were completely comfortable speaking to this lovely couple, whom have had way more play experience than us.

It was during our talks about “Submission.” The woman of the duo was talking about how she is also a switch like me, how her partner was the submissive one. 

She had said that she loves to be dominated. But it isn’t the same if her partner does it, since she has become accustomed to seeing him in a submissive nature. 

It had me thinking. Will chastity ever work on us? Knowing that my partner seems yo have a more “Submissive” nature. I can always get her pretend, play the part. But would that have the same effect on her as it would if she had wanted to do it on her own accord. As it was said in the conversation with the couple.

“Being dominant or submission is not just playing a part. Within one or the other we have specific needs. And it is amazing if our needs are being met, it doesn’t mean the same if the other is doing it just for your own satisfaction. If I am feeling like being submission and my partner does it just for my benefit, I am not getting the same experience. What’s missing is the arousal, the fire and passion burning in the other person’s eyes. The genuine arousal they feel from commiting the act.”

That is a factor that we will have to fifure out ourselves. Of course through more trial and error. 

Discovering Chastity ( A collection of stories – Day four. )

Day four:

We woke up about two hours after we had fallen asleep on the couch. Our numb bodies making their way upstairs, slipping under the covers in a sex-filled daze. Pulling her soft warm body against me with a crushing grip. I felt myself getting hard again….  Sleep won this round. My heavy eyes gave in to its sleepy demands.

I jumped in panic as I felt something land on me. Opening my eyes to a room full of sunshine and big gorgeous smile drawn across her face.

“Good morning sweetness.”
Zenith cooed with enthusiasm, bouncing playfully on my chest.
“We kind of got carried away last night, didn’t we?” Biting her lip with a half grin.

I chuckled back. “No more than usual.” I sarcastically add.
“You usually are the one to give in first.” It was always true. Zenith loved sex so much that I barely ever had to beg for any sort or release or pleasure. She would take hers, no matter what. Often she said I had no choice in the matter, that she would take her orgasms anyway. You can say she is a little bit of a nymphomaniac.

“Shut up! I cant help it if you fuck me so good all the time….”
“I am a bit of an addict now, it is hard to be cut off.”
“Maybe I need you locked up just as much, maybe this teach me a little self control too.” Chuckling while she was bending over to give me a good morning kiss. No dancing lips, just a warm soft tongue forced deep in my mouth. Sweet too, tasted like juice (berry-pomegranate).

I loved it to be honest. Her constant need and willingness made me feel so good about myself. It fueled the ego, the more she screamed and whaled my name in leg shaking euphoria. The more manly, sexy and confident I felt. Which in turn made me fuck her harder and faster; until a numbness graced her swollen, freshly fucked lips. Begging me to finish with her. Not to mention the bragging rights it gave for her to make her girlfriends jealous.

“What do you say we start over today?”
“Your cage is on the living-room table still.”

I laughed at her. “Try and control yourself this time Miss!” As I tried to lift myself up, her small feminine hands push my chest back down; glaring at me with a stern look.

“I think you are forgetting something here.” She swings her waist around. Grabbing my dick with a grip that was less than pleasurable. Turning herself back around in amusement. Most likely at the fact that I was hard again, at full attention. Every vein a mind of its own. “That is my dick and I will use it when I please.

“It would be wise to watch your attitude with me.” Laying a firm smack on my right cheek. My dick jumped in surprise, it felt so good. Then the left, oh god what is wrong with me? She watches me closely, pleased with herself.
“You enjoyed that…. Yes I bet you did, you like being slapped like a little slut.

“Yes Mistress Zenith.”
“Yes what slut?”
“Yes Mistress Zenith I love being slapped like a little slut!” I said with a pathetic whimper.

Zenith turned her body around. Straddling my torso, facing my big swollen cock. Left with the sight of her round plump ass. The arch of her back mesmerizing and swaying to the conscious with each movement.

I felt her hand aggressively grip the base of my cock, as if she was trying to prove a point. Pulling down the little bit of skin still covering my soft silky head. Her other hand formed a tight fist, twisting and pulling, every nerve stroked. Only lube on me was the insane amount of pre-cum that was trapped between my sensitive head and her closed palm.

I hear her chuckle some more between my leg jerks and uncontrollable grunts. She always loved it when I moaned for her. I feel the wetness seeping out of her beautiful pussy pressed up against my body.

“Shit…. Shit….” Was all I could manage to say, it was building up quick. Her hand glided faster and faster, right over that sweet spot. I don’t think I can hold this one back. I felt the first two contractions before the took her hands off me and stood up.
“No…. No baby please…. That felt so intense.”
“Please finish for me…. Please Mistress Zenith.”

Zenith was pleased with herself. You could see how much she loved to see me desperate for a change. There was no response to my begging. Zenith reached over to give my cock a few smacked. “Down boy,” she uttered with each tap, “Down boy.”

“Follow me.” Zenith looked at me with seriousness. I rose and followed her plump voluptuous ass and wide hips down the stairs, into the living room. Zenith took a seat, crossing her thick delicious thighs.

“Put it back on.” Zenith demanded, placing it in my hands. I fit the cold base are my sore, full balls. The shaft part was even colder for some reason, I joined the two halves. Zenith watched my eyes intently, deciding to take her time putting the lock back on.

We went on with our day. While we were enjoying our supper, she was teasing me under the table with her feet.
“Take off your pants Thomas.” Off they went, resting on my ankles. Using her toes to massage my sore cum sack. I almost choked on my food.

“Darling do me a favor, go upstairs and draw me a nice bubble bath.” “Yes Mistress Zenith.” “I will be up in a moment.”

By the time Zenith came into the bathroom, her warm bubble filled bath was ready. She let herself slide in. I sat on the edge with my feet in the blistering hot water.

After a few minutes of relaxation, Zenith handed me a razor (my razor) to be exact. I think she noticed my confusion and said. “I want you to shave me love, make me all nice and soft. Just how you like it.”

She got up, water splashed on to the floor. “Get in and sit down.” Instructing me like she owns me. Oh wait…. She does!

Standing over me, legs spread wide open. I started on her puffy closed lips, its like there is a surprise hidden in the middle. Gently dragging the blades across. Taking my time, I wouldn’t want to cut her. After I was done and rinsed her off, Zenith swung her leg over my left shoulder, the back of her knee resting on it. Using my body for support

“Now you are going to eat your desert big boy.”
Being called “Big boy,” made me crazy for some reason.
“Start eating now.”

I wasted no time. My wide and ready tongue forced through. Using its full length. Like a dog trying to drink water. Sucking her pulsing clit after each lick; drenched in her juices. Burying my face, leaving little air for myself to breathe.

Her hips worked with me head, thrusting into each one of my movements. Zenith grabbed a handful of my curly dark brown hair. Pushing my head into her thrusts.

“Yes baby!” Zenith screamed
“Yes…. God yes!” Zenith screamed again, panting heavily
“Ye…. Plea…. FUCK!” She yelled even louder. Trying to get a grip on her breathing.

“Oh baby, do you want it?” Zenith asked while in the heat of the moment, held my head so tight, I was no longer doing the work.
“Yes love I want it.” I muffled to the best of my ability.

Her leg became heavy on my shoulder. Gripping on to the shower rod, which I reinforced from prior experiences. Without my usual warning. Zenith’s orgasms busted out of her as if she had just sprung a leak. Her hot and sticky cum just came oozing out of her. Drenching my face, swallowing whatever bit landed in my mouth. I could suck  her all day.

“Good boy.” She mouthed frantically.
“Now go get me a towel so I can dry off.”

I spent the night tossing and turning, desperate to be free; to savagely fulfill her every aching need. Being locked up, I realized I am just as much of a fiend.





The walls are spinning, yet my vision is hyper-focused on her eyes; drawing all the attention out of the room.

They shine, they sparkle. They gleam a becon that destroys my insides and brings me back to my existence; weak and fragile, full of selfishness and wanting.

She smells of Midnight mixed in with a swirl of romance on her softest of spots.
The profound scent of Peony with undertones of vannilla and raspberries; flooding my airways with such a lustful aroma. I am drunk, I have smelled the scent of heavens skin. There no more, there is no other.

Plans for the week.

Time for more conditioning.

After a debaucherous monday night with the Miss, I am now back in my cage. I had bought a new vibrater, one powerful wand to give more leg shaking orgasms. We played with that all night, I fucked her until her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. Now im locked up again, well drained I might add.

 Meeting new people.

This friday coming up we will be meeting a couple. We have been talking to this couple in a swingers chat group for a while now. We thought we would make a night of it and invite them over to our place, have a few drinks and get to know them better. I dont think anything will transpire that night. But you never know. 

And if all goes well they will the first couple that we play with. There have been other couples willing. However we rather like this pair. They are very similar to us, enjoy many of the things we enjoy or look to try. They just have alot more experience than us when it comes to being with other couples. It’s nerving but comforting at the same time.

We made sure to take our time in getting to know people. I know that alot of people have some bad experiences at some point or another. I figured that we could avoid that as much as possible by being dilligent and not rushing into anything. Even though we are eager as we are shy.

Atleast one week please!

I am hoping that this week I will be able to enjoy the nice spring air, amidst the teasing. I wish that Mistress will do everything in her power to make my mind even more of a mess than it was last week, That we can last keeping me in my cage for atleast for a full week.

Starting over.

Starting over:

We decided to leave me out for the rest of the weekend. Starting the whole process over on monday. Hopefully with a little more restraint. Slip my slutty little cock back inside its cage. It just looks and feels so natural.

Intoxicated and numb in our extremities, we devoured one another. Rushed and hurried undressing, frantic breathing of two people losing their inhibitions.
I came first, as she rode me as if we were about to part ways for a while. As my payback for coming without permission the day before, she stayed on top and fucked me until she came herself. I was so sensitive and raw, shaking and moaning; falling apart to the aftermath of my release. 

On too a new week..

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